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Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship

My take on a small corner of the NHS is being exhibited online at Camera Infinita. Be lovely if you can drop by...


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SA Health Super Clinic in Adelaide southern suburb


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Turkish Style - No Scaffold - No Safety Harness - No Hard Hat - No Shoes the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth,

faithfulness the best relationship.



Thanks to Lenabem Anna for texture


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At the top of Redburn Country Park, the roots of a tree act as natural steps down to a small bridge.

Happy New Year to you and your family. Blessings of health, happiness and peace in 2008!

Thank you for your comments in the past year.

Live at Forbidden Fruit, Saturday 1st June, 2013

7DWF: Miércoles - macro/close up


11/100x: flowers on white background


Organic Health Planet is a Organic food blog which give latest information about uses & benefits of organic food for healthy body and weight loss.

The connection between emotional and also physical healthMost people are aware of the mind-body connection; how your mental processes can impact your physical state. A frightening experience could cause you to faint, an upset personality could prompt back discomfort, a favorable mindset could ...

Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.



This is why you wear glasses and pay attention to what your doing. Graeme & myself had no idea this happened until we looked back at the shots afterwards. It only takes a split second for firebreathing to go wrong so best leave it to the experts!

When a person looks at all the top health products, they all have one thing in common. People are generally buying them because they work.


There’s a reason why everyone wants to get products such as at home weights. They are looking for affordable work-out acce programs that give...

Health and Wellness series 2 of 4





Health is not valued till sickness comes.

~ Thomas Fuller


Abandoned hospital Leeds.


This week for Macro Mondays we are interpreting the theme "Good health". I take cod liver oil for my ageing joints.

Can not believe this: took this photo on Monday afternoon 6th January 2014 and by Friday morning 10th Jan it has had 7,085 views! Made 25,000 by May 2018. First ever of my photos to reach this milestone.

Seen while waiting for husband to pick me up in the lobby of UHS Walk-In Health clinic. It's a virus, and I got RX cough medicine. Just need some more rest. Taken and posted for 2018: One Photo each day. 2-20-18

A view from a window on the upper floor of an abandoned health spa.

Those who think they don't have the time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness. ~Edward Stanley


No Photoshop

Saturation and Contrast only


Vintage magazine, September 1940 (thanks brichi1). I found a whole stack of these today and am not 100%sure where they are from but I think it's Egypt (with thanks to Epicharmus!)

Fresh apricots are in season from Might with August in North The U.S.A., as well as for lots of their bright shade as well as flavor recollect the sunny days of summer.Apricots are rock fruits in the very same family members as peaches, though they're more fleshy than juicy when compared with...

...taken at the Vaci Street...


Budapest, Hungary...



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If you like to stay fit - toughen your body! ....Soviet advertising.

Snow presents a slipping hazard, which perhaps explains why it has been fenced off with cones and tape.

Even in the most heated combat, there's always time for a health potion.

Organic Health Planet is a Organic food blog which give latest information about uses &

benefits of organic food for healthy body and weight loss.

Most people look for the next revolutionary healing methods. Little did they know that the "revolutionary" methods lies in the basic principles of life. The best kind of treatments always goes back to proper food and all the goodness nature has to offer:

Nikon D800, Nikon AF-S Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8 G ED, tripod, long exposure, PP in PS 5.1


Former AOK building at Hans-Böckler-Allee / pferdeturm, Hannover.

"AOK" is a statuatory health insurance (company). It's former Hannover administration center (erected in 1977) had already been abandoned since 2008. In November 2013, it was demolished to clear the property / give way for new investors, i.e., a new construction / building.


Another version:


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The top knot is Health, the bottom knot is Love and the center is Happiness..common symbols in Confucianism. Taken at Confucius Temple in Beijing, China


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Day 117~365.2015


ODC ~ Health Care for 04.27.15

Yeah, It's a scene of health ! They are a lady and three gentlemen that was making walking in park on any sunday ..I believe they are making it always , keeping of health !

On this plaque is going out steam for refresh the people because the weather was hot here on this day ..

It's cool, the steam and keep of health !

Oh, on the other corner another gentleman is selling some snacks , are delicious but nothing healthy , well, he is working , is cool too ..


I wish a wonderful carnival to everyone!

Here, the carnival is starting with rain and cold weather , is stranger ...


Is better .. View On Black ... try ! Thank you !


This photo is here too .. ... Thanks !

ODC2 - Health and fitness




Another topic that I wasn't overly pleased I wish I had had a better "stick" to poke through the apples. And also I don't think I've ever posted a shot this quick after seeing what the challenge was


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Health, Motel Mozaïque Watt 11-04-2009

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