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Was going through some old stuff and found this little gem this is The Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul.

Thanks to Zuugnap for all the fun as i was processing this :D

Something very different from me. This is 3 shots, One for the mountains, one for the sky and one for the church, all edited in Photoshop, lets see who can guess the mountain range in the background,

Have a great weekend everyone.


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Woodbrook Cemetery, Woburn MA

"And you're rushing headlong you've got a new goal

And you're rushing headlong out of control

And you think you're so strong

But there ain't no stopping and there's nothin'

You can do about it".


It's been a cracking 3 days. I'm home but I still feel like I'm rushing 'Headlong' after a whistle-stop tour of the Peak District. This is Headstone Tunnel (Monsal Dale) which leads out onto the disused Headstone Railway Viaduct. The place has a cool, calming ambience but, despite ceiling lights is very dimly lit so I opted for a few zoom twists along with some standard handheld shots (to follow).


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Source image courtesy of skagitrenee. Link to source:

St. Francis Cemetery - Mount Kisco, NY


Challenge 61 - YELLOW, ORANGE & GOLD (Art from 2014)

Headstone Viaduct reflected in the cold waters of the River Wye in Monsal Dale.

In Trowbridge Cemetery.


Thanks to SkeletalMess for the Texture

Just in case Ozzy or Black Sabbath are looking for artwork for their next release. :)

One of the oldest gravestones that I've come across in my time photographing churches and traipsing through the church yards. This one is from 1735 for a 9 year old Robert Durham, or Dyrham. Notice the spelling of 'pritty' and the use of 'lyeth'. This is in the church yard of St Peter & St Paul in the Lincolnshire village of Stallingborough.

Olympus E-P1.

Panasonic 20 mm F1.7 ASPH. lens


explore Aug 3, 2013 #172


Lichens grow on a headstone at the First Street Cemetery in Waco, Texas.



The only way I could shoot these with my current lenses was to do it in two parts. The 50mm f/1.4 is good in low light, but tight in closed spaces. The first shot was in Jan. of this year, and the second was from Feb.


Tejas Lens

Blanko Noir Film

No Flash


Earlham Cemetery

Norwich, Norfolk, England, UK

Fulbeck, Lincolnshire, England.

I was walking trough the forrest today, and came across a burial site from the times of the Vikings.

30" x 24"

Acrylic on burlap



This piece didn't make the cut to be exhibited this year.

Taken at the Anglican Cathederal liverpool,this tunnel lined with headstones leads you to the cemetary at the back of the cathederal.....BEST LARGE.

Hólskirkja, Bolungarvik, Iceland

Granary Burial Grounds, 2007

Lou my partner - took a headstone shot from the local graveyard and I did a bit of HDR.. ( with her permission :-) )

When noone is looking, headstones love to lean in close and share the latest gossip....

Collinsville, Oklahoma.


One from the archives; we had a good snowfall in December of '06. I decided to take some time on my day off and do some exploring around town.


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"Nature and silence go better together." ~Astrid Alauda


From Wikipedia


The local landmark is the Headstone Viaduct, built by the Midland Railway, over the

River Wye, immediately after the 533-yard (487 m) Headstone Tunnel, travelling north from Great Longstone. The viaduct, usually incorrectly called Monsal Dale Viaduct, is 300 feet (91 m) long, with five 50-foot (15 m) span arches, some forty feet high at the centre.


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Johnstown Colonial Cemetery, Johnstown, NY.

A celtic design headstone in the Parish Church of St Andrew in Ashburton. Taken with Cosmicar 25mm TV lens mounted on Lumix G2.

Monsal Dale. The Headstone Viaduct once carried the Midland Railway mainline through the Peak District to Manchester. The line was closed in 1968 and reopened in 1981 as the Monsal Trail. The trail is open to walkers, horse riders and cyclists and is very popular.

Disused railway tunnel at Monsal Head in the Peak District. My lovely girlfriend was kind enough to stand there while I took this, and I'm glad she did, it worked quite well.

The green lights on the ground are obviously the florescents above, but my O-level physics was years ago, and I'm not sure why my lens has made them quite like that.

Haverthwaite, 28/12/14, 13:29

The headstone tunnel on the monsal trail in the peak district.

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