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Westminster Bridge is probably the premier location in London for light trails bearing in mind the backdrop. My buddy for the night Noel Hannan and I stood there for some time waiting for a London Bus to come along so we could trip our shutters. As you might expect there was nothing for an age then two came along at once!


My intention was to produce an hdr of the scene and try and capture a separate light trail to merge with it later. For various reasons this proved to be somewhat hit and miss or rather miss altogether. I resorted to using the long single exposure and creating a pseudo hdr from it in adobe camera raw & photoshop. This is the result. I've got to say I spent an age messing around with the image: this is the sixth version I came up with! I'm still not entirely happy with it but my skills will have to improve before the image does :-)


Tripod mounted hdr created off a single raw shot +3 to -3 in 1ev steps. PP in acr, photomatix and photoshop with various topaz plugins. Nikon D700 with Nikon 24-70 f 2.8 @ 27mm, f11, ISO 100, exposure 4 seconds.


View On Black Another stop along the D&R Canal yesterday.

A silhouette of a tree against an hdr-d moody sky... all sepia-dy large

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Taken in Smithville Park - HDR from a single RAW. It was supposed to rain all day Saturday...guess what? It turned out to be a beautiful spring day so I took the dog to the park.

View On Black Another one of the trails in Smithville Park.


THANK YOU all so much for your comments/awards/faves. I an overwhelmed at the response this image received. I am trying to go to all of your photostreams and comment, please be patient.

View On Black Blondie wanted to take the wide angle lens to Long Bridge Park for a change. I'm thinking I may have to create a set for this park too...

View On Black Another one from Ocean City. HDR from single RAW.

A wee shot I stumbled upon from the Lakes last month. It was ok but quite like it spiced up as HDR-from-single-RAW.

Another beautiful spring day today...82 degrees!!! View On Black


View On Black No blue skies today...but Blondie wanted to go to the park anyway :)

View On Black You guys are right, the wide-angle lens novelty is not gonna wear off. I'm reluctant to take if off the camera. :)

Jack Point - 3 (of 31) - Canon EOS Rebel 300D with Vivitar 55 mm 1:2.8 Auto Macro Prime (Fotodiox OM-EOS Adapter) - Photographer Russell McNeil PhD (Physics) lives in Nanaimo, British Columbia where he works also as a writer and a personal trainer.

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Old cranberry bog at Whitesbog Village. Taken in January before the wide angle lens >:[ ...I'm stuck inside, going through the archives again.

More HDR from single RAW, then some layer work in PSE5. View On Black

View On Black Going through the archives again...this is another shot of the Boathouse at Cooper River Park. In addition to my usual HDR from single RAW, etc, I used the flood filter on this one to make the water look prettier.


Yay it's FRIDAY!!!

Where are all the fishermen?? Please View On Black

More PSE experiments. HDR from single RAW - various filters and effects applied.


Hornby Island - Sony A-200 with Sony 18-70 mm Zoom - Photographer Russell McNeil PhD (Physics) lives in Nanaimo, British Columbia where he works also as a writer and a personal trainer.

Caught this guy starting off on his bike, down this rather charming side street in Alcudia old town, Mallorca Spain.

Made a faux HDR from a single RAW to bring out some extra details by using luminance HDR software with matlock tone mapping. Then final tone mapping in Lr to add the Sepia effect. Added some motion blur to the cyclist in Ps.





I've just got back from a week in Rhodes and am currently transferring about 5gb worth of photos onto my PC - therefore, I'm warning you that the next three or four dozen uploads - assuming any are any good - will be my holiday snaps (that is unless I play with some from my archive while I'm waiting... it looks like being a long wait!)


It was a wonderful holiday (our first abroad for five years) and Rhodes is stunning.


This is a bit of a play I did before I went away... first time I've really used textures and I kinda like it! Feel free to buy it from Redbubble ;-)


Wetlands in Lantzville - Sony A200 with Sony DT 55-200 mm 1:4.0-5.6 Zoom (A mount) - Photographer Russell McNeil PhD (Physics) lives in Nanaimo, British Columbia where he works also as a writer and a personal trainer.

Pretty creative title, don't ya think? View On Black

This park is Blondie's all-time favorite place. Been playing with the new wide-angle lens...I'm sure the novelty will wear off...someday. View On Black


Update: cropped at the suggestion of Canonshot Mole. Thanks Wayne.

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On tour with my road bike from Kochel (Kochelsee) to Urfeld (Walchensee), Wallgau, Vorderiss (Isar), Fall (Sylvenstein), Langeneck, Jachenau, Niedernach (Walchensee) and back to Kochel. Top tour in the Bavarian Alps!

The river name is Loisach, the name of the lake is Kochesee and the mountain in the back is called Herzogstand.


If you like the style of this picture, you can find more of them (from the same tour) in my photostream. Thank you for your comments!!!

Sombre II - Kodak Easyshare Z980 - Photographer Russell McNeil PhD (Physics) lives in Nanaimo, British Columbia where he works also as a writer and a personal trainer.

View On Black I know you all have been missing the Smithville Park pictures, so here's ANOTHER one.

View On Black Another one from Boundary looks like winter, but it felt like spring. HDR from single RAW.


Shot in the harbour of Breskens, Zeeland, The Netherlands. I created four files with different exposures from the RAW file and processed these in Photomatix Pro using the Exposure Blending feature. Further processing was done in Lightroom 3. Original shooting data: ISO 400, 10mm, F/10, 1/20s.

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Well yes I am dreaming about the sea almost once on a month. If I born one more time, I would like to live somewhere close to the sea, ocean,...

This year sea for us won't be... but next year I am hoping that we will return on Vis :o) in which I fall in love ;o) .


Luminance HDR 2.2.1 tonemapping parameters:

Operator: Mantiuk06


Contrast Mapping factor: 0.1

Saturation Factor: 0.8

Detail Factor: 1


PreGamma: 1

Vøringsfossen, one of the big waterfalls thundering down from the Hardangervidda plateau, has a total drop of 182 m of which 163 m are vertically down. It is one of the easier accessible waterfalls, having a hotel nearby and a large parking lot at the top. Therefore I chose the more exciting route, by foot into the gorge! :-)



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A return - probably brief - to my recent visit to the Lakes. This shot has rarity value in that you can see a tiny amount of blue sky behind the tree.

View On Black Another one from Atlantic City last Saturday. HDR from single RAW...again.

View On Black Taken at Beltzville State Park. HDR from single RAW. OH NO!!! When you view large you can see sensor dust!!! I'm gonna have to replace this one!

Wet heathland, part of national park Dwingelderveld.



A bit hackneyed maybe, but I like it.


Shameless self-promotion alert: This image is now for sale at (without the frame)

Single exposure HDR shot of the White Lion pub in Chepstow.

The wet night made for some cracking reflections, and all the I think I prefer this mild HDR version of the shot.

Away for the weekend...

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