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(Indianapolis, Indiana - IN, USA)


This is the calm after the storm, if you look at the next picture in my stream. That was taken in the storm which was the evening before this morning shot !!!

You cannot see on this image, but around the back of the lighthouse in a cradle near the top are the painters !

Nikon d200

3 exposure HDR, and a grad filter.

Sigma 10 mm Focal.


Point of Ayre.

Isle of Man.


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Situated in Kalabaka, Thessaly, Greece !

Thanks all my dear friends , hope this weekend will bring you all peace and good health !!!!

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Not a legitimate HDR, but close. It was Jpeg, one image ran the same one three times with different exposures, I came up with this!

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Camera - Nikon

Lens - Samyang 8mm

Focal Length -

Shutter Speed - 1/100 sec.

Aperture - 1.0

ISO/Film - 200

Exposure - EV 1.2.0.-1.-2 (5 File RAW)

Took some pictures during the blue hour. I used 5 exposures to put them together as HDR.

I know its not perfect and have tooo many faults but something new playing and learning.

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This photo won in the group of Andromeda "50 "


I made an HDR from one of my old favorites.

another crazy hdr ;)

This picture has been taken with my Nikon D5100 camera.


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Trabajos en hdr


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henley bridge river thames

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