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After messing around in the dark with lasers fine tuning the direction and pose for an hour, to achieve some dramatic light, we packed up. Drawing the black felt, light-absorbing curtain back revealed the other half of the room which our fog had invaded and these spectacular rays - laid on for free. The scene put me in mind of The Bradbury, the apartment block where JF Sebastian lived in Bladerunner, and the setting for the final battle between Deckard and Batty.

Floor from the Pantheon in Rome, wall from a few streets away..

This is Gareth from the band "The Possible truth" - together with Jenny Paul & Richard they agreed to stand in one of our HCCC photoshoots. Thanks guys.

Title: Medicina mentis : sive, Artis inveniendi praecepta generalia

Identifier: medicinamentissi00tsch

Year: 1695 (1690s)

Authors: Tschirnhaus, Ehrenfried Walther von, 1651-1708

Subjects: Logic Knowledge, Theory of Hygiene Logic Knowledge Hygiene

Publisher: Lipsiae : Apud J. Thomam Fritsch


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Text Appearing Before Image:

n ufu didicere, errores inde tantumoriri, aliud alibi quamvis ftatuerint, quod pauci bene di-ftinguantj unde illud : qui bene diftinguit, bene docet,quod utique cum traditis hifce abfolutd confentit. Qui e-him bene diftiriguit, hoc eft, ea, quae fu^ natura diverfa.^funt, bene a fe invicem difcernere novit, & proinde interfe nonconfundit, ille &proprios & aliorum errores faciledeteget, atque ita alios mehora haud difficulter, hoc eft,bene docebit. . Verum ne quis arlytretur, fimilia Mathematicis non-»^*^*^^**contingere, adeoque hanc univerfalem errorum non cffc^originem, itidem hccc exemplis confirmabo. CAVAUeritain {m^mdilDifibUium Geometrik fic radocinatur : Sint dusepa-rallck AF & DG,& parallelogramma ABCD, EFGH, bafinhabeant aequalem : duda line^ IM parallela ipfi AF, facild tunc oftenditur IK ac-quari LM, & quia pun-dum I ad libitum cftfumptum, idem eritverum de omnibus,quae fic poffunt conci-pi j adeoquc omnesIK, hoc eft, parallelo-grammum ABCD, -«-qualc


Text Appearing After Image:

i^Q Medicin^b Mentis qiMioimiaQtraaibCis, LM y Ih&aBfty i parallel<>grammo EFGH.l(hv\uoi^2imkK^uc/k/e erat notum, fed hon sequc fecile detmonftratum. iraque oim obfervaret Ci^lffaUeruii, hoc (Sc a-lia pleraque tara quoad fuperfieies planas, quam quoad ipfafolida, in quibusalii admodumfu&re prolixi,liac facild me-thodo poffe deraonftrari, eam valde excoUiit, aliique poftipfum* Interim tamen iftam fequendo raethodum permatgna abfurda hinc fequi obfervabantur in fuperficiebus mx%vis corporum, aut etiam hneis redis vel curvis. Si enimde fuperioribus in figura /o. dicas , pundum I squaturpunclo L, & ita nbique;, ergo oninia puiiclal, lioc eft^^re-da AD sequajis erit omnibus-pundisii, Jioc eft^jrec^te&Hferit haec conclufio ma^oub 53ii|Lg^ ^i3niiiqt>n&-> Jil %Lrp ^ liinifefte falia.. ^..Ita-vquor^ijj^n^fi^aiTfdiH 6i->v :r.ii^: r^^nv^iw-qiMS ;^iexindeii-poteritconcludl y p fiiperficies?^parallelepipedorum ■ ABCD & EFGH efle in-ter fe asquales 5 quodtam


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Another beautiful young lady who came to our studio last Sunday to model for us - she was fantastic and extremely patient.

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