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Harbor seal at National Zoo - Smithsonian Institution. Washington DC

Oh for the life of a then relax..........

Entspannt im Seetang.

Relaxing in the seaweed.

Harbor Seals in the North American Mammal Hall


"Rare Animals, Original Environments

The hall’s habitat dioramas, among the finest in the world, recreate the realistic natural environments in which these animals were found over 75 years ago. Showcasing a range of habitats — from desert to rainforest, these thorough recreations include the trees, plants and birds that lived alongside the featured animals. Sadly, due to human encroachment, many of these animals are extremely rare and their original environments no longer exist.


Artful Dioramas

Make sure you take note of the exquisite backdrop paintings that add drama and a sense of place to the dioramas. Created by prominent artists such as Charles Abel Corwin, Hanson Duvall Puthuff, Duncan Alanson Spencer, Florence MacKenzie and Frank J. MacKenzie, and Robert Reid; the backdrops themselves are considered noteworthy pieces of fine art."


This exhibit crawl began here:

Where Russian River meets Pacific Ocean. There are dozens of Pacific harbor seals on a sand spit at the river’s mouth.

We cruised by this Mother Harbor Seal and her pup not far from the Calving Glacier in Alaska

Harbor Seal; Phoca vitulina; Southeast Alaska

Here are a few more photos taken at the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward, Alaska. It is a fabulous place to visit to see marine life and sea birds of the Arctic. Since I won't ride in boats or swim in the frigid water, there is no way I could have enjoyed these wonderful creatures without a visit to the SeaLife Center.


The Harbor Seals were so silvery and pretty. They always had cute expressions when their heads would stick up out of the water. They were fun to watch from the under water viewing area.


This photo was taken at Sachuest Point in Rhode Island!

Dozens of Pacific harbor seals on a sand spit at the Russian Riverâs mouth

This particular gravel bar appeared recently in the Rogue River, and it was the first time I saw a group of seals using it as a haul-out. It allowed Blanca to get a pretty close view (and sniff) of them! The main channel of the river is on the far side of the gravel bar.

Kids and the things they say!


My husband took Jackie out for a bike ride (well, he rode. Jackie ran, as she's a dog and her paws can't reach the pedals) this morning. They came back quite quickly because they spotted this seal and knew I'd want to see it too. So, thanks, Honey!


I think I had seen this seal months ago, but it had been swimming in the lagoon. This is within our community of Redwood Shores, less than a mile from where we live. There are some people who could've looked out their kitchen window to see this!


The comment came from a young boy who was out with his dad and grandmother looking at this seal. Silly kid.


Cuter when Viewed Large

I found these Harbor Seals at low tide in Moss Cove of Point Lobos State Reserve at the edge of the ocean on large rocks relaxing and napping.

St. Mary's Island, Whitley Bay

Early January had amazing diving conditions and the harbor seals were very interactive. This time, I came prepared with the WA lens.

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Point Lobos State Park, CA

Watching the harbor seals at the New England Aquarium is free and lots of fun... watching the kids watching the seals, is also free and so much fun!

Fort Ross State Historic Park

Another shot of the sweet little seal pup.


I've since been back to the same spot, just for my own peace of mind, to ascertain that the baby is no longer there, alive or otherwise ... and it wasn't there, so presumably all is well.

Harbor Seals at La Jolla, San Diego, California

I seem to have caught the attention of the most alert of these big lazy sunbathers!! I was really excited to see these guys, although they didn't put on much of a show... haha! Took this somewhere on the Oregon coast north of Yachats where we stopped to hunt for agate.

Harbor Seal at Barnegat Lighthouse State Park, NJ. I was all the way at the end of the jetty and on my way back to the parking lot when I spotted this seal sitting on the rocks about half way back.


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does not look like the other!

Harbor Seals and an Otter show up at the Wharf when the people show up with fish bits in hand! The seal in the back was really waving to anyone who would pay attention too it! Fisherman's wharf, Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

The harbor was soon to be filled with visitors and the seal would be out hunting.

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