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tomorrow is a travel day.. off to bed for an early flight, will catch up as I can.


HFF and Happy Friday!

thought this was the perfect fence for this week.. the rainbow theme just seems to work :)



another tale of a friday fence...


back on solid ground, will catch up soon. HFF EVERYONE.. Happy Weekend!

stopped by Fort Union just north of Las Vegas, NM


Happy Fence Friday, Everyone!!

OK - So I'm not going to lie about this, this shot is for my good friend Chars (see people in this photo). She's one of the most gracious contacts I have and every so often she gives me a nudge. She commented on yesterday's Teasel shot that Teasel should never be considered a weed. Well I'm pretty sure she saw the first Teasel shot for the "Dead Weed Series" so I humbly apologize and present this as a peace offering. :)


Texture by Cat Hair Studios


Happy Fence Friday HFF!

Happy Fence Friday .. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

already that time again!! Another Fence Friday.. hoping for some kind of adventure this weekend.. Hope everyone has a fantastic fence friday...and a great weekend!



... when there are no dramatic clouds to set off a charming sunset, it sometimes pays to look through the fence :)

Great textures by Friendbrook Meadows & swimming in the ether


♡Happy Fence Friday♡

and I wish you all have a relax weekend!!




Queen Victoria Building, Sydney

Amazing architecture, great shopping centre!

One of my favourite buildings.


Happy Fence Friday!

It's finally Friday! I'm sure you are all as happy about that as I am! I have lots of thrilling things planned like washing my car, doing laundry, cleaning my house, and of course, studying. Oh, and let's not forget, and I have to finally do my taxes! I know you're all jealous of the exciting life I lead... But, I am headed on a short vacation at the end of next week, so that gives me something to look forward to!


Even though I finished my year of fences last week, I guess I just can't resist them :-)


HFF and have a wonderful weekend!


Texture by Kim Klassen

Happy friday

Thanks for visit, comments and awards

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Happy Fence Friday!


Thank you for taking the time to visit, comment, fave or invite. I really appreciate them all.


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Photos and textures used are my own.


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A quick review of my work on Flickr:




I was kind of surprised how much I like this one myself. There is a chance that no one else may like it, but I am pleased. Happy Fence Friday to all my friendly flickeroos.

happy fence friday!


have a bright and colorful weekend folks, and thanks as always.


press L to enjoy it more :)

Please see three more images below. Thanks!


Happy Fence Friday!

:copyright: WJP Productions 2017

I do love people who don't paint their fences! Seen near the River Dodder in south Dublin.


I have now removed all my photographs from the Creative Commons

Attribute Sharealike licence as I am unhappy with the way it has worked out.


All my photographs have been relicensed with full copyright to

me and All Rights Reserved.


Bloggers are welcome to use this photo provided they put in a link to my site.


I took this earlier in the summer and think it's appropriate to share as summer draws to a an end. This is completely SOOC with the exception of the cropping.


The effects of bokeh bubbles...

Fence along the walkway leading to the Sydney Opera House.

Image in old camera style.


Glad it's Friday! Looking forward to the weekend, looks like beautiful sunny weather in Sydney.

Have a great weekend everyone!

HFF !! Part of a rusty fence beside the River Dodder in south Dublin.

I know that you are more likely to achieve the perfect bird shot when you research your subject, plan your composition, study the light, stage the shot ... pursuit of perfection is done to quite an extreme by some bird photographers and it certainly shows in their images. However, I must say that in many cases, like this one, being out there at the right time at the right place i.e. "pure luck" is the major element of the shot. I was trying to get a photo of that yellow warbler singing when, unexpectedly, this violet green swallow landed right beside me. I only saw its shadow and I was not even sure what kind of bird it was. I slowly turned around and just hoped that I would be able to get the shot before the bird disappears and, that the exposure would be ok ... it is so often not the case. Now if that is not luck, I don't know what luck is. So very far from the perfect shot but .... these natural occurrences and circumstances are the ones as an amateur photographer that bring me a lot of pleasure and satisfaction. Capturing simple and natural bird life, just as it happens. HFF and have a great weekend everybody!

A view over the beautiful Hallingskarvet in Norway.


Happy Fence Friday!


Well, this week was so busy I didn't even have time to take ONE picture! I'll be so glad when life settles down some! So, all I have for today is this shot from last summer that I reworked for today. This is the fence near my sister's house again from a different angle... I miss those warm days!


HFF Fellow Flickrers!



Hope you all have a great weekend!

A remake of an old image for "Happy Fence Friday". Taken in the Red Rock region in Nevada. Processed with Topaz Texture Effects 2 and a texture from Liz West. You may find the texture here. Hopy you enjoy. To all who stop by to view, leave comments, give awards and to fav, I thank you. All are truly treasured and appreciated. Have a good weekend my flickr friends.

A wonderful bird is the pelican

His bill can hold more than his belican.

He can take in his beak

Food enough for a week;

But I'm damned if I see how the helican.

~ Dixon Lanier Merritt

... on a fall day ... it's spring now, and yet here is one from a few months ago. ... perhaps a bit too much bokeh for some, but it's so much fun to experiment with dof, and I was pleased to get that one person in the frame before he disappeared.




Bev Clark All Rights Reserved - No Usage Allowed Including Copying Or Sharing Without Written Permission


OK, this could be my last shot of the river walk in San Antonio..:)..Or not.

I have been doing a lot of driving in the last few days. Drove almost 5 hours to go visit my sister in north Texas above Dallas, than drove almost 3 hours to go visit my daughter in east Texas. Turned out that she had to work so we had lunch and I drove 5 hours home.


Country life is slow and relaxing in the winter. I like the easy morning atmosphere of Russian village. Again, Uspenskoe, Kirov region, Russia, Zenith MC Zenitar-C Canon 16 mm F/2.8 Fisheye, HDR.


Thank you for all the comments and favs, my friends.



bald ist alles wieder grün ....

En arrière de l'Auberge Le Flores, en Mauricie, QC, Canada


Champ de canola, les foins sont faits....


♪Happy weekend ♪

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