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A good family friend, Mimeme Houghton, handmade this smocked dress for Jessamyn. Mimeme and her husband ran an orphanage in France.

Taken sitting in a chair at the West grandparents' home.

Jessamyn was holding a toy that rolled along the ground, tossing little wooden balls around the inside of a plastic dome.

Not every picture I like is a smiley one. Jessamyn was dressed up for something here, in a grey flannel jumper. I love the hands.

Rusty, Cherry and I just wanted to wish my Flickr pal Jess a very happy 15th birthday! Jess, I hope you had a fantastic day, and hopefully you feel great being 15 now!

I cannot for the life of me figure out whether that's a carrot or a candle, but I bet Jess will recognize everything else in this picture.

I love the birthdays of my kids, because I love my kids and because I love birthdays. Today is the birthday of my firstborn daughter. For the last few years, I've put up pictures of her early years on flickr. This year is no exception.


Happy birthday, Jess!

Imagine being the mother of someone who is known by only her first name? I imagine this is what Cher's mom feels like. Flickr has more than 2500 images tagged "jessamyn," and except for a cute kitty and baby, most show the little one above all grown up.


This is Jessamyn's first birthday. She was a really cute kid and has grown into a lovely woman. I'm glad I got to watch. Happy birthday, Jess!


By the way, to see previous years photos, search for "happybirthdayjess."

it's my sisters birthday today, and i hope that she has a good one!

Do a tag search--


She always did love orange.

happy 40th, jessamyn, from kate and ned!

Taken shortly after we moved here, when the stairs to the second floor had a door, and the fir flooring and the old wallpaper were still in place.

Your little half-smile started young.

Search for "happybirthdayjess" (without quotes) to see earlier years.

My Aunt Horty hosts a family get-together every year. This was one that Jess attended as a teen.


Actually, if you did this:





You could get it all in one line, but it isn't nearly as elegant looking.

Bonus points if you discover the cheat.

Much luff from The BradLands and points beyond.

Taken in front of the Kellogg-Hubbard Library in Montpelier, Vermont. Closed for Labor Day, naturally.

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