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Wünsche allen einen guten Tag heute.

Thought the original looks a little bit boring! :-)



Town hall of Hannover.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II, CS4, ColorEfexPro



Room 2012 - Haunted

Danke liebe Berti, für diesen sehr schönen Tag :-))

Nachdem der Regen nachließ, fuhren wir mit dem Bogenaufzug auf die Rathauskuppel unseres Neuen Rathauses und hatten einen wundervollen Blick über Hannover mit einer erstaunlichen Fernsicht.

ink, wax crayon, sketchbook A5

26. Dezember 2014

It's been some time that I've posted something here on Flickr. I was busy with different things and my motivation was a little bit gone. Now it should be go on again:)


New Townhall in Hannover at the blue hour.

ei pessoal.. eu resolvi variar um pouco as fotos da minha viagem pro Chile.. pra deixar claro essa foto não é minha , é do meu amigo Rodrigo que está passando um tempo na Alemanha. e eu vendo essa foto eu só pensei " caramba, eu preciso mostrar essa foto no flickr ". eu achei ela simplesmente PERFEITA. fiquei muito tempo olhando ela, e ainda estou encantada ! O rodrigo tirou fotos maravilhosas de lá, ele tem uma visão de fotografia muuito boa mesmo ! fiquei chocada , surpresa.. e amei *-*


e eu PRECISO desse DVD, assim que lançar , e espero que lance no BRASIL *----------*

nach Feierabend in der List, Hannover

Houses of the old city in Hannover, Germany reflected in a rain puddle.


Gear: Nikon D800, Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8 (@14mm), tripod


Processing: manual blending from 3 exposures (8s, 15s, 30s at f5.6 and ISO100) using painted masks, mainly to recover the highlights. Followed by minor color and contrast adjustments in Adobe Lightroom.


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The almost 2 km long alley was built in 1726 as a connection between the city and the castle. Four rows of lime trees form three parallel walkways, the one in the middle was reserved for carriages, one for riders and one for pedestrians. As a focal point at the west end of the alley, a pavilion was built from 1817 to 1819, designed by Laves.

During World War II, the alley was heavily damaged and completely restored by planting 1 300 lime trees between 1972 and 1974.

Thanks for all your views, *** and (critical) kind review :))

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It's not time to make a change,

Just relax, take it easy

You're still young, that's your fault,

There's so much you have to know

Find a girl, settle down, if you want you can marry

Look at me, I am old but I'm happy

- Cat Stevens


I wish all my contacts a great and sunny Sunday!



Seen at the zoo in Hannover. Sometimes the things around are more interesting than the animals! :-)

Canon EOS 5D Mark II, CS4, ColorEfexPro



Cat Stevens - Father and Son

some minutes waiting for the bus

The new town hall at Hannover, Germany.


My photos on FLUIDR


Once again I was tagged.


Normally 1 of 5 facts is false…

So this is the "Zeisy-extension-version"… 2 of 10 facts are false!

I wonder if you can imagine which one... let me know what you think. :-)


Two of these ten facts are FALSE. Which one?

1. I burned down a house when I was 14 years old.

2. When I was a child I stayed in hospital for nearly 5 years.

3. I don't eat eggs.

4. On my left shoulder I have a tattoo (the coyote from the roadrunner cartoon).

5. I worked for the same company for more than 30 years.

6. I wrote a MIDI-programme for the german band Alphaville in 1985 (Big in Japan).

7. I drove a Porsche 911 for nearly 2 years.

8. It's only three years ago that I've made my first photo (2007).

9. I had 7 cats in my life.

10. When I was 25 I had one of the largest Beatles collection in Germany. More than 3000 records from all over the world, more than 200 books ...


Everyone who like the game feel free to join... :-)


Will tell you the answer tomorrow.



Self portrait after being tagged again. :-)

Canon EOS 5D Mark II, CS4, Color Efex Pro



The Primates - I Go Ape


Hannover architecture, the New Town Hall, this massive eclectic style building is perhaps the most iconic building in Hanover Germany. Lower Saxony, Germany. Sony A6000

in the footsteps of Paul Klee

View On Black


On tour with:



Thanks for the great evening!!!

Berggarten -- a part of the royal gardens of Herrenhausen. This building whose author is G. L. F. Laves is one of the survivers from the bombing of the 2nd world war. The palace disappeared almost completely and is supposed to be rebuild quite soon.

ink, watercolor on paper.


20. Dezember 2014

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