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Saw this at the store yesterday, fell in love with the tiny leaf.


Why do you keep comin' around

Playing with my heart?

Why don't you get out of my life

When seeing you only breaks my heart again?


And there ain't nothing

I can do about it

It doesn't take a lot of strength to hang on. It takes a lot of strength to let go. ♥



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---- For a new year without wars ----


None of my photos are HDR or blended images, they are taken from just one shot


Sony A900 + Sigma105


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3200 ISO, and just a bit of Lightroom noise reduction..

Greater spotted woodpecker..(Male)

The Hanging Tree located in front of the decayed 17th century Hacienda. Maya who disobeyed their Spanish/Mexican masters or the Inquistional Catholic Priests were systematically hung. The Maya were enslaved from the early 17th century to 1912 when the Revolution brought constitutional freedom .... theoretically. In fact, the Conquest against the Maya Indigenous continued into the early 1990's. The last documented war between the Maya and the Mexican in the Yucatan occurred 1973. The war in the Guatemala has been documented into the 1980's (Victor Montejo "The Death of a Village") and then there was the Chiapan Maya Revolt in 1992-94 under Commander Marcos. The Yucatan Maya have only been permitted to learn and speak their own language within the past 15 years following the election of a part Maya Governor don Cervera Pacheco. Their children have only been allowed to enter universities in Merida within the last 10.


Created for Award Tree ...

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bigger is better


If you're still hanging onto a dead dream of yesterday, laying flowers on its grave by the hour, you cannot be planting the seeds for a new dream to grow today. Joyce Chapman

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Thank you for checking out my picture. Here is another shot from one of my photowalks. I hope you like it. Please leave a comment and view in Lightbox.

dạo này Cyn ít có onl fl lắm chỉ up hình thôi nên k có thời gian rep cm, sr so much nhé, thông cảm nha, đừng nghĩ Cyn này nọ nhé, iu iu cả nhà so much :* :X

While camping in Tobermory, Ontario I saw this snail. Love the colour and detail in the shell

I met some family members at Ellis Creek yesterday to let them view the birds feasting at one of the ponds they've drained. They do this to let the birds eat the bull frogs and tadpoles that are infesting the area and eating baby birds and soon to be extinct red-legged frogs...that's what I was told!


While waiting and taking picture of a wren this wonderful flock of little Bushtits came in to feed on the fennel plants that have gone to seed. I just love watching them 'hanging on' to the plants and flitting about!


Ghost spider...

Lente invertida


This is another shot I captured yesterday. I am obsessed the brown tones and the crinkled leaves which is the opposite of the vibrant colors I have previously posted.


The title comes from a song by Active Child, "Handing On".


I just can't keep hanging on

To you and me

I just don't what is wrong

With you and me


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This is a scanned photograph which I took nearly 30 years ago with an Olympus OM2. It was shot from the top of Killiney Hill in Co. Dublin and you can just see the summit of Bray Head in the distance across the sea.


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Close up of a butterfly which was hanging of my brothers jacket. This butterfly was hugs, the wing span must have been at least 15cm.


Bit disappointed with the was the best I could do because my brother was jumping up and down.

Es fascinante como estos pequeños artefactos se convierte en un tema de culto en la fotografía. No hay un solo día que no consiga alguna foto de ellos en algún grupo. Como homenaje a esta extraña costumbre, aquí está mi versión del asunto


It´s fascinating how those little artifacts are a cult theme in photography. There is not a single day when I cannot find one photo of them. As a tribute to this weird costum, here is my own version of the subject.

Droplets and samara hanging on after a cool winter rain


Nice day to do the laundry...with flypaper textures.

So proud it was chosen for front page of In the Memories Book" Thank you!


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I am dedicating this photograph to two of my Flickr friends.... Ann (Annmaxine) in Australia and Lonnie (lonniejean3484) in California. When I looked at this photograph, my first reaction wass "Hang On!" as one of the fluffy, white seeds dangled precariously. Both Ann and Lonnie are having some health problems, so I ask you all to please send prayers or good thoughts their way to help speed their recovery. Hang in there, dear friends! Get well soon!


I don't do this often... but I was TAGGED by my friend Cindy (SLRCindy (Queen Bee Baking Company) .... and so I will oblige by boring you with 10 things about me [below].


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This fellow was really trying to hang onto the flower and get a bite to eat at the same time.

if i had more i would hang them the entire length of the washline. oh yes i would.

spring. still waiting.

Despite rain and wind this lone apple refuses to fall.

A system suspended lamps over the bowling green for night time play at the Underdale Bowling Club.

What do you see says the Lord, for the withering fruits of the world has blended in with those that faint, the ones that follow the wide road, for strength comes from My words that live for all that seek them. As with the rising of the sun, those that hang on, those that have enough faith, those that see the coming of the new days light, will surely be brought to a new relationship with My Son, for He speaks of the good things from above. It is time for the withering vines to be replenished through a new season, for those that believed, that hung on, to be brought to their proper places in My kingdom. Hold fast, be strong, for the light has come, and your rewards are at hand.


DT 32:10 In a desert land he found him, in a barren and howling waste. He shielded him and cared for him; he guarded him as the apple of his eye.


Picture taken near Harrisburg, Oregon yesterday.


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Was a great day at the beach Saturday...watched and took pic down in Huntington Beach "Surf City" they had the Surf competitions amongst other things going..there was like a million people down there...and just a gorgeous day weather-wise...Here is one of the surfers hanging ten...;-D Well..I can see I will need to practice a bit more getting surfer shots..he was dark and the background was perfect..I lightened him a little bit and tried to sharpen..and then just generally played around with this..I like the dreamy look and the colors..but still find myself wishing the surfer had more clarity...was not sure whether to post it or not..but what the heck...spent a lot of time messing with might as well post...hope you like it okay...anyone with any help as far as how to get a good sharp shot of a surfer in motion against bright light and water..let me know! I was using my circular polarize filter too since it was so bright out..


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Found: a very tiny snail at a flower near the beach.

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Branches courtesy of:

PVK Stock.

House courtesy of:

Hanratty Stock.

Hanging body from the net.

Final processing, digital painting, processing and textures by me.


Portland's most amusingly named Chinese restaurant for many years. Chinatown, Portland, Oregon.

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