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The previous image would not be complete without a picture of the actual crab traps to go with the lines.

This image was taken a little later in the evening ... the setting sun was closer to the horizon and shedding a warm, orangey glow.

To keep it authentic, I've included the mast of the fish boat moored directly behind the nets.


Steveston, Richmond



I watched this Gull diving for small crabs. He would land on shore and try to open the Crab's shell and when it could not, he would fly up about 25 feet and drop the crab to break it's shell. Sometimes it would do this two or three times until the shell cracked so it could eat the Crab meat inside. It then started the cycle over again.

A good year for crab spiders - I have yet to id this one so any suggestions are very welcome. These little creatures are under 1cm long and a bit of a challenge to get in focus but their details are exquisite - I guess that's in the eye of the beholder.

Crab spider (Misumena vati)

I generally don't bother photographing spiders. They invariably run away and I'm rubbish when it comes to identification. This one was on a fence post though, sitting still and nicely aligned with the grain lines. It was just asking to be photographed.


Two images "blended" in PSE.

A male channel clinging crab hides in a crevice. The right eye is plainly visible on the upper, right side of the crab (I recommend highest resolution), and mouthparts are a bit further to the right and lower. Coralline algae and encrusting sponges provide distractions that make the crab harder to see. Guanaja, Honduras.

Olympus digital camera

13065 passing Burrs Country Park on a Heywood - Rawtenstall service,01/02/2015

Puerto Egas, Santiago Island, Galapagos, Ecuador

Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve

KWVR - 3P20 Charter with Crab 13065 @ Haworth Loop (DSC 4120)

Crab spider waiting on the daisy to ambush an unsuspecting visitor.

Crab spider (sp?) on umbellifera flower


Crab War is basically, a very polished clicker game so highly rated that it was awarded Google Play’s “Best 2016 Games” award. In this unique title you raise up a fearless army of crabs, ready to drive of any foul creatures in their territory. Surely the idea behind this game sounds very...

13065 passing Burrs Country Park on a Heywood - Rawtenstall service,01/02/2015

Crab spider in aggressive pose - you have to admire their bottle.

Morning around Mobile Bay.

A little crab in a tank. See a closeup of him here.


Built for my Iron Builder competition with Bruce Lowell using the dark red fez piece.


Follow me:



Attended our company Crab Feast today down along the water in Middle River (nice to be near home, and no better setting to eat crabs than along the shore of the Chesapeake Bay).


After eating a good dozen of heavy big crabs I pulled the lens out. Before my daughter dug into another batch of them we configured them nicely on the table and I added in my cup of beer next to them ...


Then we had the make crabs not look completely defenseless there on the table :)


Temperatures in the upper 70's, sunny, crabs and beer ... great combination here in Maryland.


More festive captures to come from this fun day ;)

Crabbing off the pier - excursion planned.


Met a crab on the beach.




Crabbing trip cancelled.

Found in partially dry riverbed near Epta Piges

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