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Opa und Enkel, Hand in Hand

To see a world in a grain of sand,

And a heaven in a wild flower,

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,

An eternity in an hour.


~ William Blake:


Again from my visit to the crafters last Sunday with Barbara (Barbric). This crafter as you will see below was polishing his carved spoon with shoe polish.

week 2


That's not the concept I had in mind but oh well. Inspired by the amazing Joel Robinson.

Hope you had a great week. Be blessed.



These are the hands of Peter and my little princess, who grows up so fast that I can only wonder where life is gonna take her. I wish I could keep her safe and protect her against the pain of the world!


And I'm never gonna let go...

marta's hands and feet.



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che ogni tanto succede

che due si innamorano veramente

e che si vede dai piccoli gesti teneri

e allora ci si sente meglio, cosi in generale

perche' e' vero...allora

che ogni tanto succede.




sometimes it happens

Two hands really fall in love

and you can see it in the small and tender gestures

and then you feel better, too.....

because's true then ...

sometimes it happens.




Some said that two of the most beautiful parts of our body are our hands. Hands do not only hold, throw, give and receive things, but also have great ability to express our subtle feelings to others.


Scan your archives, make your choice, and tweet it to @Flickr, adding #TwitterTuesday #Hands. We'll showcase the best ones on the Flickr Blog tomorrow.


Photo CC-BY from Daniela Vladimirova (

this is a copy of a shot i had seen on the net a while back -

Multiple Exposure : 5 shots

© All rights reserved. Do not use without written permission from photographer.


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Моя рука. Свет от монитора. Тёмный фон - сам монитор.

First time I've done a hand in charcoal. Used a variety of Generals pencils as well as some powdered charcoal applied with a small brush.

About 10"x8" on Strathmore 400 Series medium drawing paper.


I like how the four fingers worked out but am not very happy with the rest - I'll just have to keep practicing!


- more inside -

Me and shots of hands - an eternal lovestory :)

November 2013

Film : agfa 200

i'll let you borrow it, but only for today.

"Tu pensa a un pianoforte. I tasti iniziano. I tasti finiscono. Tu lo sai che sono 88 e su questo nessuno può fregarti. Non sono infiniti, loro. Tu sei infinito, e dentro quegli 88 tasti la musica che puoi fare è infinita.

Questo a me piace. In questo posso vivere.

Ma se io salgo su quella scaletta, e davanti a me si srotola una tastiera di milioni di tasti, milioni e miliardi di tasti, che non fi...

niscono mai, e questa è la verità, che non finiscono mai... Quella tastiera è infinita.

Ma se quella tastiera è infinita allora su quella tastiera non c'è musica che puoi suonare. E sei seduto sul seggiolino sbagliato: quello è il pianoforte su cui suona Dio.

Cristo, ma le vedevi le strade?

Anche soltanto le strade, ce n'erano a migliaia! Ma dimmelo, come fate voialtri laggiù a sceglierne una.

A scegliere una donna. Una casa, una terra che sia la vostra, un paesaggio da guardare, un modo di morire.

Tutto quel mondo addosso che nemmeno sai dove finisce, e quanto ce n'è.

Non avete mai paura, voi, di finire in mille pezzi solo a pensarla, quell'enormità, solo a pensarla?"

If everything was easy you wouldn't realise how much u needed/wanted it..

Keeping Busy...


After the morning meeting today, there was nothing really to do in the shop. We have been trying to get the bathroom cleaned up all this week - and today.... the buck stopped with us.


I made a quick trip over to the Station Maintenance Bldg, picked up a pressure washer (gasoline powered) and went to town. Cleaned all the tiles, all the grout, all the stalls, all the urinals, all the sinks, and all the concrete... Looks decent now - to be honest nothing is going to save it now aside from a new coat of paint...


I digress


Feels pretty nice to get a teensy bit-o manual labor in. That coupled with Myrtle having a broken window (which I needed to expediently repair on the account of it was raining...)


Working Hands...

I rustled up a little tute on hands. I'm far from perfect at hands, infact I hate doing them so take my advice with a grain of salt!


Download tute here


Download brushes from my skin tute.

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