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"When I was a child

I had a fever,

my hands felt just like 2 balloons..."

from Comfortably Numb

Pink Floyd



Most of my family & friends know my favorite times are spent in the followings topics. Bridges, (I actually taught a class for some time on building bridges; including writing a manual currently used for such purpose by one of my counterparts) Horses, ranching (I can talk about horses-ranching day and night but I wouldn’t) and last but not least by any measure; woodworking. A skill taught and developed by my maternal grandfather who I consider an amazing furniture builder. I enjoyed very much, spending time with him and grandma; they were my extended root system in a rock solid world I thought would last forever. Spending time with grandpa, going out to select lumber was an adventure I looked forward to every time. Grandpa would almost drive crazy Mr. Phillips at the lumber yard in search of just the right type of materials for one of his projects. Later, he’d make his way back home and begin the process by checking every single piece of lumber one more time for color matching; for grain-texture, for things almost impossible to consider to my young perspective (In my mind, I thought a piece of 1X8X12 was just like the next piece till I discover for myself the aroma generated by a beautiful piece of oak or white pine as I learned to plane under my grandpa's watchful eye) he’d place a piece of lumber next to his ear as if he was listening for something while I asked: What’s wrong grandpa? He’d smile, pat me on the head and continue his search for who knows what…little did I know; how all these things were shaping my persona.


When he passed away my world collapsed terribly! I had such a hard time dealing with the passing of each grandparent for they were what gave me strength and perspective about the future.


Later mom told me one day: “Grandpa left his entire woodworking tool collection to you son” I didn’t know what to do…his collection of tools; some made by his very own hands had been in his shop for many years. I didn’t want to disturb the reverence I felt for his shop. I felt irreverent to just walk in…years passed before I was able to collect all his tools now part of my own shop. Sometimes as I work-use one of his planes; I can almost hear the soft voice saying: Work with the grain son; listen to what the lumber is saying…there’s been many a time my wife has come down with some tea and cookies while I work on some small project to find me just sitting there talking to grandpa’s tools and the lumber.

(Additional note For Ryan: My Paternal grandfather who was the rancher in the family gave me my first set of tools and my very first tool box when I was 8 years old after; he made sure I could ride a horse and round up cattle right alongside him one day; he knew how much I loved both grandparents) It keeps a special place in my woodworking shop right next to all the many tools provided by my maternal grandparents.


Such is the power of having lived under the influence of my extended family…


These are part of my family summer 2017 series at the request of my nephew Ryan who seems to have taken special interest in keeping-maintaining our family history for other generations to enjoy. See it in slideshow Some photos were taken by myself or family members to share with each other at various places/times. ♪♪♪♪ Depicting our travels, daily life, chores, working times or captures about our daily routine ♪♪♪♪ Hope you'll enjoy! ♪♪♪♪




Realistic doll house furniture set. Hand woven fixtures. Wicker with love.

hand stitched mustaches

vintage, hand dyed slips

holiday update! post here

This “room to go” is all hand made by me. Furniture is made out of wood, fabric, nails, paper, acrylic, and cushions. This complete set is for sale if any one is intrested (FM me if you are). I must make a way to get Kenneth his Hummer! Its very comfortable ( The girls told me so!), and oversized.

Included in this set:

1 Sofa

1 Chair

1 Accent chair

1 Coffee table

2 End Tables

2 Lamps

1 Rug

1 Plant Box

1 Book

1 Wall Art

Not Included are walls, floors, and doll.

The blinds in my bedroom cast a shadow on the curtains in the morning.

Project: 365 Photography

Selfportrait, tonight 2009/Texture courtesy of Skeletal Mess (love your textures J.)

(View Large and On Black)


Thanks to Bob for the superb Testimonial he just wrote.



(Hello in there..)


.I wish I never had it,

If I could just throw it away,

Then somebody else might find it,

And that would be a big mistake,

Watch it shine in all it's glory,

How it weighs so heavily,

It's my precious little Jewel,

And it's staying here with me,

I noticed how its changing,

It's got this sickly glow,

It's growin, It's strangling me,

But it's so hot I can't let go,

Gonna sew my lips together,

Move my furniture around,

Put some big shades on my window,

Hope nobody hears a sound,

It's my precious little Jewel, Jewel,

I promised not to tell,

My precious little Jewel,

Gonna keep it hidden well,

Oh Yeah,

Gonna keep it hidden well,

I noticed how it's changing,

It's got this sickly glow,

it's growin, It's strangling me,

But it's so hot I can't let go,

My precious little Jewel,

I promised not to tell,

My precious little jewel, jewel,

Gonna keep it hidden well


(Marcella Detroit)


(bummer! another song I can't musical world on the web is getting tight I might start uploading some stuff myself. ... The only version found is a little complicated to reach but I know you can make it)

75 cm dia x 70 cm table and two stools.

Slate, distressed stained glass tesserae on galvanised wrought iron bases.

This picture is as a stockphoto available at

If you are interested, please follow this link:

I've just finished up my first ever full furniture and accessories set! It was loads of fun to design everything and work out what decor to pair with it.


Everything besides the little Eiffel tower and copper bowls was hand made by myself.


My favorite parts are all the perfect little books and the yellow piping on the couch. :)


The roombox was also made by myself but is not included with the set. It was my girlfriend's christmas present this year.


The set is available in my etsy shop listing here:


Malaya is a tan Wake Up Momoko doll.

Hand cart in Istanbul

Saturday January 22, 2011:


Decided that it's time to rearrange the furnitures and live in a new year by making my room brighter than it was before...

Our ceramic chickens are hand made, They are detailed with numerous hand-formed terracotta feathers. They each have an opening on top and can be used for storing trinkets. As the women employed in this community take great care in creating their products, even giving each chicken its own personality

I was tagged by Doreen Kilfeather. sorry for delaying my list. I spend a few days to think about what to write :) I do not really know about the rules here so I just pretended there are no any rules. Here it goes some facts about me:


Things that make me happy (in no particular order)


1. Seeing my kids healthy, happy and playing together. Somebody saying something sweet about my kids, even being it a big cliché my heart fills up with unmeasurable happiness.

2. Having some time for my own favorite things (photo taking, photo editing, reading, quiet cup of coffee, etc.)

3. summer (warmth and flowers, being able to go out without taking on lots of layers of clothes)

4. something new that I like, be it a good book, earrings or something for home décor.


Smells I like (in no particular order)


1. a good dinner, especially made by someone else, cake/cookies baking in an oven.

2. vanilla, cinnamon, coffee

3. clean dry laundry after drying outside

4. rain, fresh air


Places I like to shop (in no particular order)


1. Clothes shops (have no particular brand or name favourite, so I tend to look for a reasonable price/style/quality combination). shop also online.

2. Book stores (I like real book stores, big and small but I also like libraries and shop also online)

3. Girly stuff, shoes.

4. Home interior, furniture (do not shop so stuff like that often, it is more like looking and planning to buy “some day”)


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If you want, join and write 4-list about yoursef, if you do not want, just ignore it! If you’ve been tagged before, forgive me for not noticing!


Hand-drawn and inked animation background.

Processed with VSCOcam with m6 preset

Car park, Nottingham – a slightly different perspective on an image I uploaded last year. © All rights reserved 2013


This image must not be used on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit written permission - failure to do so may incur copyright infringement notices/publication fees.

Made it using the pattern that comes with the DollyBird 13. Didn't have a ribbon to decorate the from but used a little Firefly instead, looks good.


The little Chanel No.5 bottle makes it classy xD

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The Four Seasons Hotel Denver is a new addition to AAA’s list of Five Diamond Hotels.(Photo: Four Seasons Denver)


AAA has added 14 restaurants and hotels to its annual list of Five Diamond establishments, the travel...

#Furniture - Complete the elegance and class of your antique bedroom with vintage queen headboard. French style does awesome in featuring unique carvings. Antique French headboard has finishes from old world. The carvings look really stylish at high hand craft value. Colors from light to dark can be chosen...

Isabelo Tampinco (1850-1933)


dated 1909

Narra, Lanite and Rattan

H:103” x L:88 1/2” x W:48 1/2”

(262 cm x 225 cm x 123 cm)


Opening bid: P 1,400,000



Dr. Maximo Viola, thence by descent


Lot 63 of the Leon Gallery Auction on 10 June 2017. Please see for more information.


IsabeloTampinco y Lacandola, while taking courses at the Academia de Dibujo y Pintura, Manila’s art academy, drew the admiration of Jose Rizal for his work in a Modeling Class, wherein they were classmates. Later hailed as one of the most outstanding sculptors of his time, Tampinco garnered many awards and prizes in local and international exhibitions in Philadelphia, St. Louis, Madrid and Barcelona.


Tampinco was principally known as a laborista, a carver of ornament, because of the doors, altars, ceilings and other decorations he made for the Manila Cathedral and the churches of Sto. Domingo and San Ignacio in Intramuros. He also did decorative carvings for private homes like transoms, picture frames and even furniture. Later, he made statues of saints and angels in wood, plaster of Paris, concrete and marble. At the turn-of-the-20th century, when Art Noveau became fashionable, he created a uniquely Filipino style by incorporating native flora and fauna designs in his calado or pierced transoms. His sinuous openwork and whiplash outlines in woodcarving abounded with the anahaw, areca palm, gabi or taro leaves and bamboo. It came to a point that any frame or piece furniture decorated with these was instantly labeled as by ‘Tampinco’.


In the early 20th century, Tampinco often worked in conjuction with Emilio Alvero, an architect who was the most popular interior designer of the day and the foremost exponent of Art Nouveau in the Philippines. The two artists collaborated on many major works, the Bautista-Tanjosoy House in Malolos and the Villavicencio-Marella House in Taal, among them. In both these houses, Alvero designed the furniture and Tampinco executed them. On the other hand, Máximo Sison Viola of San Miguel, Bulacan was studying medicine in the University of Barcelona, when he met Jose Rizal and became his best friend in Europe. They both became involved in the Propaganda Movement and when Viola learned that Rizal was having difficulty in publishing the ‘Noli Me Tangere’ due to the delay of his allowance, Viola sought Rizal and offered to lend him the money needed to have the book published. When Rizal finally received his allowance from Manila, the P1,000 sent by his brother, Paciano, not only enabled him to repay Viola, but also invite him on a tour across Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Switzerland from May to June 1887. Soon after, Viola returned to the Philippines to practice his profession as a doctor.


Viola met Rizal briefly in Manila in 1892 and returned home to find that his home had been searched by the Spaniards who suspected him of having links with the secessionist movement. When the Philippine Revolution broke out, he joined the Katipuneros in Biak-na-Bato. After the Philippine-American War, he was imprisoned in a military prison in Manila by the Americans and later transferred to Olongapo. There, Viola was freed by Dr. Fresnell, an American doctor who asked for Viola's assistance in treating American soldiers who had tropical diseases, which he did not know how to treat.


Viola’s hobby of making furniture from kamagong in his later years garnered him an award in an exposition in Manila in 1920. This bed is a collaborative work between IsabeloTampinco and Emilio Alvero, who undoubtedly designed the footboard and the diamond-shaped cartouche incised with the date ‘1909’ on its reverse side. The bed stands on feet carved in the shape of an inverted and truncated trunk of an arecaor bonga palm emanating from a quadrant at each corner carved with a spray of anahaw leaves.


The bed frame, in the form of a corona of an entablature, is carved with a serrated frieze of joined, upended triangles incised with diamond-shaped depressions that give an impression of stylized anahaw leaves. A boss is carved below the junction of each triangle, while a cymatium molding decorates the upper edge of the bedframe. The mattress support is caned in one piece. The footposts, carved in the shape of a short areca palm, has a crownshaft terminating in a stylized ionic capital consisting of a small anahaw leaf on a thorny stem at the center flanked by an ionic scroll. The posts flank a wide narra plank forming the footboard that is carved with a central design of a diamond-shaped frame consisting of four bamboo canes tied together with rattan strips. A garland of sampaguitas and ylang-ylang is entwined and hangs from the upper canes. Surrounding the bamboo frame are whiplash vines bearing camote leaves and flowers, while small anahaw leaf quadrants are carved at the corners.


The entire ground of the footboard is stippled. An entablature above the posts and footboard is carved with a small anahaw leaf with a thorny stalk on the block above the post and a frieze of a coconut frond, a banana leaf and bamboo twigs tied at the center with a ribbon, both on an entirely stippled ground. The cymatium molding above the corona is topped with a beveled edge.


The tall bedpost supporting the headboard and the tester is shaped like a full-grown areca palm trunk supporting a stylized ionic capital like that on the bedpost at the foot. The headboard, consisting of an extremely wide narra plank, is framed by a pilaster with molded vertical edges and a capital in the form of an inverted anahaw leaf. The former is carved with a central cartouche in the form of a scroll following the outline of a gabi or taro leaf enclosing an inverted clump of miniature traveler’s palm leaves emanating from an anahaw leaf at the top.


At the bottom of the panel, beneath the cartouche, is carved a bird’s nest with a pair of eggs. Leafy, intertwined branches abloom with Chinese roses meander on either side of the cartouche to fill the headboard. A pair of doves are perched on the vines, that on the left holding a ribbon tied in a lover’s knot in its beak, while the one on the right has a wide band inscribed with ‘Felicidades’ or ‘Congratulations’. These symbols indicate that the bed was most probably a gift to Maximo Viola on the occasion of a wedding anniversary.


An entablature similar to that at the foot is surmounted by a wide crest consisting of a large spray of roses realistically carved in the round and topped by an acroterion superimposed with an anahaw leaf. Symmetrically arranged on either side are realistically carved jungle ferns, coconut fronds and banana leaves. Above the pilaster at either end is an acroterion in the form of a palmette carved with a small anahaw leaf with a thorny stalk inside its scrolled outline. At the top of the headpost is a half-tester supported by a carved console in the shape of a banana leaf. The frame of the tester is in the form of an entablature running around three sides, all carved with like those of the head and footboards with a frieze of a coconut frond, a banana leaf and bamboo twigs tied at the center with a ribbon on an entirely stippled ground. The latticed tester or canopy is carved with an anahaw leaf at each intersection. Instead of the usual fabric covering the top of the tester, rattan caning is used, an unusual and unique innovation.


-Martin I. Tinio, Jr.

About 250 years ago New England was in its infancy. The people who settled our country were undaunted by the task of establishing themselves as a solid working society. Woods such as Oak, White Pine, Yellow Pine and many others became the building materials that supported these colonial settlements. Present Day… While some of the Homes and Barns that were constructed all those years ago are still standing as a reminder of early Americana, others have been dismantled for various reasons. Now, some "waste not, want not" New Englanders have made plans for materials to be 'reclaimed' from these historical buildings. This is recycling at its best. Not only have these materials withstood the test of time, but they are rich in story and character. Imagine trees being cut down with two man saws, hauled to the site by horses and in some cases hand planed into boards, then built into the dwellings of the period. Having lived full lives these elemental structures are now being disassembled, lightly reprocessed and finally re-introduced as…


Explore the Homestead Sideboard and other reclaimed products at


Lyndon Furniture

Lyndonville, VT

All finished. I love how the quilting 'settles' a quilt. I'd like to name it, any suggestions? Blogged

Hand built by a single craftsman, with 76 genuine Swarovski crystal buttons. Precise hand-folded diamond tufts and pleats on the arm curls. Double piping all around beautifully follows the frame and hides an extra row of reinforcement. Fabric is "Bijou Silver", a satin-finish fabric with fine black crosshatching and a surprisingly soft, silky hand.



Berlin, Germany 2012

Hand Carved One-of-a-kind Loveseat

African Mahogany

Currently Available

Created for YSE #21. Collage of books.

Are you new to woodworking and looking for free woodworking projects, plans, tips, ideas & more? Look no further! We have hand-selected some of the greatest guides and woodworking tutorials to getting started and even advancing your woodworking skills!

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