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From my archive. This shot was taken last summer in Noblesville, IN.


This was a handheld point-shoot-and-run shot because I was approached by the guard riding a segway and told me I cannot take pictures of anything within the mall vicinity. :)


Just have to run some right back :)


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Dripping Spring, Texas


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The summer time and the joys of warm weather.

Hamilton Square in Birkenhead, Wirral,England is a town square surrounded by Georgian terraces. No two sides of the square are identical. It was built beginning in 1826 and to the design of Edinburgh architect James Gillespie Graham. It is second only to Trafalgar Square in London for having the most Grade I listed buildings in one place in England.

Hamilton Massachusetts. This is one of those "drive by" spots. I saw this view and stopped to snap a photo. I just thought it looked pretty!


the high level entrance to Hamilton Ontario

my first HDR PANO

this took me a while tonight ... spent a longtime shooting this and editing this ... pano of 12 images , brought into Photomatix Pro and tonemapped into 4 . Then used CS3 for the Photomerge


This image was taken this morning at 27F. You can see the icicles hanging from the ceiling of the cave. Cold...

Took this just after the sun had gone dow but there was some bits of light left in the sky!

I've been wanting to shoot from this location for several years. This past Friday I finally managed to make it up to Hamilton Park. It was a freezing cold night up on the bluff overlooking the Hudson and Midtown Manhattan.


I would have been happier with more layers, gloves, and also a longer lens. This shot was taken with my 24-70 racked all the way out.



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Slippery rails and a heavy train for Montreal required CP 142 to have the Hamilton 'Helper Set' tacked on the rear for a push up the hill to Waterdown. Other than in Hamilton, you won't find too many places where you can see a pair of GP20C-ECOs regularly assisting ailing stack trains.

Hands down one of the coolest places I've been in Texas.

Hamilton Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Mass upload of the rest of the shots that I really like from the Hamilton Airshow last weekend.


As mentioned with my last upload, I was quite impressed with the presentation - the Warplane Heritage Museum did a wonderful job. That being said, I'm still disappointed that "Rock You Like Hurricane " by the Scorpions wasn't played once?!?! COME ON..... not even a snippet when the Hawker Hurricane took off..... it was RIGHT THERE for you?!?! ;)

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Thirty miles W of Austin. The falls are much more dramatic/extensive when the region is not suffering from drought.

Marin County has a seemingly endless supply of striking vignettes to photograph. I visited the new Hamilton wildlife area this morning, but became sidetracked by the fabulous reflections in the old hangars from the former Air Force base. This image is of Hanger No. 7 reflected in the windows of Hanger No 5, which you can see is itself reflected back into the image. I was instantly drawn to the abstract blue and red lines that all of the reflections formed.


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HDR 7 exposures (+3 to -3) stops with Photomatix 4.0, Viveza and Dfine treatments.

Why I don't mind walking to the post office. On the way to my town's "downtown" I must cross the bridge over Hamilton Creek. Not a bad way to go.

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!

BNSF 746 which still wears the iconic Santa Fe 'warbonnet' scheme, pauses momentarily in Stuart Street Yard as CN 331 prepares to complete it's work. This is undoubtedly my favourite paint scheme; shooting one leading for the first time in my home town was a real treat!

hoping for more of this again soon.

maybe tomorrow, but today, it is almost 60 degrees!

view this one on black.


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Jonckheere SHV

Volvo B12B

Year 2008


Date taken: 19/05/10

Location: Terminal 3, Camberley Road, London Heathrow Airport, Greater London, UK

Building of the Square dates from 1826 to the design of Edinburgh architect James Gillespie Graham. It is second only to Trafalgar Square in London for having the most Grade I listed buildings in one place in England.

When the square was originally planned, space was made available for the siting of a town hall, work on which did not commence until 1883.

The private gardens within the square were acquired by the local council in 1903 and were subsequently opened to the public.


Wirral Birkenhead 2013 01 034 HDR


Explore 30th January 2013 #143

In Brisbane's early history, Hamilton was the home to many aristocrats and clergy. This suburb is known for being an "old wealth" suburb compared to "new wealth" suburbs in Brisbane such as Paddington, Toowong and Indooroopilly. Many of Brisbane's iconic mansions are found in Hamilton, mainly because the exclusive suburb boasts spectacular views of the entire central business district and other surrounding suburbs.

Hamilton Greenbelt is a new one for me. My friends have been trying to get me there for over a year. I didn't have a problem driving out to the lake, but they always wanted to get started early on a weekday, and the morning traffic just to crazy to deal with. Anyway, today they said 10 am. That I can do. It was a pretty hike and worth the drive.The weather was perfect and so was the company. Plus, I got some new fence and bench shots..:))

Leading a hike tomorrow on go old Barton Creek Greenbelt. I'm going to be getting started a later than usual. Hope it doesn't get to hot.

How's your weekend going

Yesterday, I went with my friend, Chritsy Miers and I was teaching her how to do with HDR shot. We had fun there.


More pictures coming soon

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