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Microsoft Mountain View Halo 3 Launch Party. Sallie in the Media Room at the salt and pepper chess board.

Microsoft Mountain View Halo 3 Launch Party. Feels just like being home to me.

Microsoft Mountain View Halo 3 Launch Party. Sallie at the Windows Live (Hotmail) mailbox.

I guess Microsoft likes coffee too!

i had to TEAR eddie away to tape a GETV episode; his replacement was one of the kids with a camera

The line had begun to take shape some time before midnight at the GameStop in Cupertino, CA.

Microsoft Mountain View Halo 3 Launch Party.

The guy there was checking his GMAIL from within the Microsoft campus. Tsk Tsk. :-)

Had a nice chat with Guy about Nikon camera's. I still think you should have kept the D200 even if it is a lot more weight to carry around. :-)

Fiyin and I in front of the Halo 3 banner.

Dan Fernandez of Microsoft on the right hand side was our demo jockey for Popfly.

About half the line to get into Microsoft's SVC Building 1 in Mountain View, California. I was at the front :)

After the tournament, they gave away four Xbox 360 Elite systems. Alas, I was not one of the winners.

Irina Slutsky interviewed both me and my friend Fiyin, as well as several other people at the Halo 3 launch party, where we made it to the semifinals in the tournament. Sorry if I sound incoherent... they had free beer!

Video here:

Starting to jump...

Example of a Whack-a-mole mashup, between Flickr feeds and a Popfly whack-a-mole engine. In this case, we're playing whack-a-Ahmedinejad with feeds featuring the fruitca, er, guy who thinks the holocaust never happened.

My teammates for the 4x4 Halo 3 tournament. We were 2-1 and made it to the semifinals!

A room full of 50" plasma screens and projected Halo 3, each with an Xbox 360 Elite and four controllers, and four nerds attached. Good times.

Clearly, Microsoft went all out for this event.

They had hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos... oh, and did I mention beer?

...died down later in the evening. Much less hectic than when we arrived.

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