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Halloween Hall

Dress : *GF* - Elwyn – chestnut. At Mystic Realms.

Boots : Pure Poison – Vintage Cowgirl Boots. Soon at Vintage Fair.

Hair : Truth – Thalia. At Mystic Realms.

Skin : Glam Affair – Penny Viva la Noce – Jamaica. Fifty Linden Friday.

Tattoos by Hiatus and Sleepy Bozer.

Décor : Boudoir – Halloween Fall Venue. This beautiful hall with stained glass windows is huge ! Comes with a rezzer, so it is super quick and easy to put up or derezz.


I know this is late... but I had computer issues it ended up in the shop all day... I hope you all had a wonderful and safe Halloween.


Picture taken on Black Kite.

ella's creative moments with a red lipwand

happy Sunday to you all

its a grey drizzly day at the river

I am translating

This year is being very difficult for me, and until now I almost couldn't see my friends. I'm missing them so much! ;___; But this week I had two opportunities to go out and invited Açu to take Halloween photos! It was so good to spend a time with her! I hope we can meet again soon! <3




Esse ano tem sido bem difícil para mim, e eu quase não pude ver minhas amigas. Sinto tanta falta delas! ;___; Mas essa semana pude sair duas vezes e encontrei a Açu para tirar fotos de Halloween. Foi muito bom passar um tempo com ela, espero que não demore para nos encontrarmos de novo! <3

Hello my smexies!

Guess whos back.

Yep, it's me.

I have been away for so long, that even i don't remember how long. But, i'm super happy to be back and this is something i just finished few minutes ago it approx. took me 1 hour so yeah, bit of a speedy work as i would like to say, but yeah hope you like it and halloween is near so i wanted to make halloween inspired picture.


Many hugs and kisses!

Cornelia xx

OK, thought I would have some fun. The dark image is actually a photo of a statue in Las Vegas of a Cirque Soliel character. This is a combination of five photos.


My thanks to Ghostbones for his textures!


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Halloween, detta anticamente “All Hallow even”, (ovvero la vigilia di tutti i Santi) non è solo una festa da associarsi al mondo anglosassone e al consumismo, ma al contrario ha origini antichissime anche in Europa e nel nostro paese.

Le tradizioni legate a questa ricorrenza risalgono a tempi lontani: in Italia si trovano le sue origini nella festa romana dedicata a Pomona (dea dei frutti e dei semi) e in quella dei morti chiamata Parentalia, mentre nell’arcipelago britannico nella celebrazione celtica di Samhain. Tuttavia è una credenza comune che l’arrivo dell’inverno - visto come la morte e la successiva rinascita della terra per le società rurali - permettesse al mondo dei morti di entrare in contatto con quello dei vivi.


Halloween is the best!


Happy window Wednesday too.

It was difficult to take good photos at night without flash or tripod, but I liked the experience a lot and I wanna try again (maybe with my tripod, hehe)! The illumination of the place helped me and created interesting shadows! *-*




Foi um pouco difícil tirar fotos legais à noite sem flash ou tripé, mas gostei muito da experiência e pretendo tentar de novo (talvez levando meu tripé, para garantir mais fotos legais, hehe). A iluminação do lugar ajudou bastante, e achei que criou sombras interessantes. *-*


Halloween Pennant Dragonfly taken at the pond in Kardon Park


2014_07_10_EOS 7D_9883 v1



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An Halloween version for this wonderful station :)

Tradizionalmente il Capodanno Celtico si celebra a partire dal tramonto del sole, tra il 30 ottobre e il 1° novembre. Questo era il momento più solenne e importante dell’antico: rappresentava il rinnovamento dell’anno, la fine e l’inizio di un ciclo in natura, nella vita quotidiana e nella sfera più intima e profonda della vita stessa, la spiritualità. Questo Capodanno segnava la fine dell’estate e l’inizio dell’inverno, la notte era più lunga del giorno e l’anno nuovo si raffreddava gradualmente nella sua metà oscura e sotterranea.


... it's halloween again?

(a free postcard)

Halloween joinup with my homeboy Honk.


Peep the fulljoin up:

Halloween scene. An image for All Hallows in memory of all who are gone before us.


Eternal rest give unto them, dear Lord and let perpetual light shine upon them,

May they rest in peace,


A Halloween decorated house in Heislerville, NJ.

A little Spooky, as Halloween can be....

Have a Spooktacular Halloween dear friends.


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Others found on Google Image


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Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!

Dog Face merged into the Pumpkin for Halloween.

Halloween Pennant.


This was taken today so based on their name these beautiful butterfly like dragonflies, have hatched far too early - but the book say that they fly from June to October. The pink veins and wing spots are indicative of a mature adult.


Please view this in large size, to see detail possible with a telephoto lens and extension tubes.


2014_06_28_EOS 7D_8788 v1

Halloween scene. An image for All Hallows in memory of all who are gone before us.


Eternal rest give unto them, dear Lord and let perpetual light shine upon them,

May they rest in peace,


We’ve just received this magic Halloween Card!

Lassie is thrilled after reading what’s written in it!


I think I love this Holyday, finally I am not the only one weird and I'm almost in disguise: a real witch among fake witches and plastic monsters…no one will never catch me in this time of the year!


Unluckily here this is not a very popular holiday and there are not so many fake witches…especially in the middle of the "forest" in the park late in the evening when we go out to face real monsters in our creepy adventures….


Am I going nuts?

Maybe, it’s the Halloween atmosphere, just let me cast a spell for you, to make your coming weekend magic!

In the meantime, have a cool Thursday my friends!





Strobist: WhiteLightning X1600 into parabolic reflector above model @f/5.6.


Trick or Treat? I wish you a happy Halloween ! Bua ha ha ha haaaaaa


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This was taken on a spur of the moment decision to go on a walk up to Chanctonbury Ring, near Steyning in West Sussex.


Driving there, the sky was perfect, great clouds and great light...I felt sure of getting some lovely evening sunset shots of Chanctonbury Ring....wrong!!


Upon reching the top, the fog had decended and the trees which form Chanctonbury Ring were nowhere to be seen. As we got closer, the trees began to appear through the fog. With it being Halloween, the fog certainly added to the atmosphere and the spookiness!


It was obviously a popular place to visit on this day as we saw plenty of people there, several of which looked like they were planning on having some Halloween celebrations!

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