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Graffiti game bag of skittles. Seoul, Korea funk.

For MFIMC-Split Canvas


Don't ya just love that flap of skin hanging off?


I had fun with this one. Right when I saw the challenge posted, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

I love having fun doing what I do!


Had a nice day today despite my leaky wall/fireplace. Having a fantastic evening now as well. :]




TFF: I LOVE pineapple on muh pizza!

Hello from Saigon, Vietnam.

self portrait taken while out on a mission from the photography gods with Air 33


I was burned out and dead, she was blasting away at the skyline so I decided to do a selfy.. end of story

Weird - half of it dead and the other half seemingly thriving.

Sunday morning bicycle ride around Austin, TX.


Bigger at

Half dead and I've got more life in me than he's ever had.

6 hours shooting backstage, in front of the stage and on the aftershow. We felt like in a closed sauna. Yeah, we know, on this pic we are looking like halfdead junkies...but in this moment we are so fuckin' happy ! Pic with our camera: A young Lady, postwork:

Finding more time to paint here in Korea.

Shoot done in late 2011.

Photographer: Tifferhead Photographs (Tiffany Parker).

Art Director: Tiffany Parker.

Location: Nossi College Of Art in Madison, Tennessee.

Stylist: Alicia Street.


I've been so slack with the videos. I mean I've got footage to edit and stuff from the weekend. But really... I've kinda lost it. As in, lost the knack to do any of that stuff. It's boring me. Like really boring me. It's starting to feel like a chore. I don't enjoy it as much as before.


So yeh. Think I'll just stick to photography. And when the Filming and Film editing muse comes back to hit me and my creativity, I'm sure I'll be up for uploading videos.

But really. My mind is elsewhere. And if I think about it properly, it's actually not possible for me to carry on for the next 20 days, my computer is about to die, and well I'm going on holiday come Chinese New Year. So nah.


So sorry. But gunna have to call it quits on the 30 videos in 30 days project. Sorry.

These guys must be on drugs.

Letter funk. In Seoul, Korea

Hollow graffiti on rooftop in Cleveland, Ohio. Snake Oil | Twitter

Trompe Loeil - Mali Shores Cottage Natural

Mali Lounger Wood Frame

Trompe Loeil @ Uber


DRD - PA - Constructed Outlook - Ladder Tall

DRD Gardenhouse Outside pots

DRD Gardenhouse gardentools 2

DRD Gardenhouse gardentools 1

DRD - Rustic Garden - Fence - D - Wood



Sway's [Floria] Hanging Plants . short / white

Sway's [Floria] Hanging Plants . short / rainbow

Sway's [Stony] stepping stone . random



Kalopsia - Bowl Plant Hanger

Kalopsia - Bamboo Hanger



[we're CLOSED] wild flowers

[we're CLOSED] grass field lush

we're CLOSED


Botanical - T2C Stacked Firewood



-Garden- by anc meadow {deep forest} 1Li mesh

-Garden- by anc "secret garden" ROSE {poet/bouquet}

-Garden- by anc "silence" spider lily {DARK/halfdead}A 1prim

-Garden- by anc "secret garden" ROSE {poet/bouquet}pillar1p



hive // vintage garden hose cart unraveled

hive // vintage garden hose cart

hive // vintage birdhouse

hive // weathered wheelbarrow [dark]



BJK * Amsterdam gacha - Red Bike



JIAN Scruffy Shepherds 14. Sleepy Adult




Little Branch


BALACLAVA!! Backyard Shed w/o Deck [L]



Fiasco - Woodshop Measure Sign Gift

Fiasco - Woodshop Staining Stool

Fiasco - Woodshop Oops Chair GOTG

Fiasco - Woodshop Lathe

Fiasco - Woodshop Table Saw RARE

Fiasco - Woodshop Stain Cans

Fiasco - Woodshop Sawhorse

Fiasco - Woodshop Workbench

Fiasco - Woodshop Cabinet

Fiasco - Woodshop Lumber Shelf

Fiasco - Woodshop Tools



Pewpew! Romance Planks & Poems



/anxiety/ parchis stool (gr)

/anxiety/ parchis stool (bl)

/anxiety/ parchis stool (yl)

/anxiety/ parchis stool (rd)

a n x i e t y


Apple Fall Straw Broom

Apple Fall


uK - Solace Door Nook White

uK - Solace Door Nook Blue








So my parents, for the 3rd day in a row left me alone with a very pregnant Bambi. I'd bee joking that she was going to go into labor while they were gone.


And she did.


I. Freaked. Out.


I ran to my room to grab some clothes (as soon as I get the house all to myself I strip off everything but my underwear. I'm more comfortable being naked, haah), grabbed her nesting box and Bambi and drove over to Patty's like I was in NASCAR. My parents were over there, my brother and dad were mowing her lawn and my mom was just hanging out with her. I got to Patty's and we rushed her to the vet. She was pushing and she wasn't even dilated at all.


It's a good thing we got to the vet when we did because the puppies were SO FREAKING BIG that she would never have been able to pass them. She had a C-section, she did wonderful and it was just amazing to see new lives brought into the world. I just think birth is amazing. That you can grow a living being inside yourself and give birth to a new soul. It's just incredible. She had 3 puppies, 2 boys and one girl. My mom promised Patty the girl and my grandfather is getting one of the boys. I know Brigid is really interested in one of them and I need to call her about it or something to get it figured out. It would be awesome if all the puppies could go to friends/family so I can see them all grow up. :)


Anyway I stayed up with them all night making sure they were latching on and feeding properly and making sure Bambi was connecting with them and cleaning them and doing all the things mommies are supposed to do.


My dad is having a huge 4th of July shindig and the house is a mess, as is my room AND my apartment so I'm trying so hard to get it all cleaned up. There's so much I have to do, I'm not eating, I'm hardly sleeping - I am WAY too stressed out. It sucks because I miss my friends so fucking much and I haven't had even 5 minutes to call anyone. I need to hear my friends voices. They make me feel better. And I'm sorry I'm so being on comments and emails, I just honestly have no time to Flickr anymore and it makes me sad. My 365 is seriously slacking, my photos are becoming whatever I have energy to snap of myself before I pass out.


Anyway, now I'm going to go take my shot for today, finish my laundry and go to bed.


I wish I could just pass out right here. I am so. fucking. exhausted. :)

Halloween (All Hallow Eve) celebrated during the 2011 Texas Renaissance Festival in Todd Mission, Texas

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