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Graffiti game bag of skittles. Seoul, Korea funk.

Showcasing the gorgeous new items available (11/11) at "Enchantment"


Items include: -

Granola. Willow's Wreath. - (New) @ Enchantment;

Serenity Style - Spy plants (light on touch) - (New) @ Enchantment;

Serenity Style - Mystic - Mushrooms (mystic lights on touch) - (New) @ Enchantment;


Other items:

{anc} bokeh {pink&blue} 1Li - (New) @ The Men's Department;

{vespertine} - rosemary garden gateway linked / rusted white;

Garden- by anc "silence" spider lily {DARK/halfdead}.


So what are you waiting for, come take a walk (soon) to:

Hello from Saigon, Vietnam.

self portrait taken while out on a mission from the photography gods with Air 33


I was burned out and dead, she was blasting away at the skyline so I decided to do a selfy.. end of story

Sunday morning bicycle ride around Austin, TX.


Bigger at

Weird - half of it dead and the other half seemingly thriving.

Half dead and I've got more life in me than he's ever had.

Finding more time to paint here in Korea.

Shoot done in late 2011.

Photographer: Tifferhead Photographs (Tiffany Parker).

Art Director: Tiffany Parker.

Location: Nossi College Of Art in Madison, Tennessee.

Stylist: Alicia Street.


I've been so slack with the videos. I mean I've got footage to edit and stuff from the weekend. But really... I've kinda lost it. As in, lost the knack to do any of that stuff. It's boring me. Like really boring me. It's starting to feel like a chore. I don't enjoy it as much as before.


So yeh. Think I'll just stick to photography. And when the Filming and Film editing muse comes back to hit me and my creativity, I'm sure I'll be up for uploading videos.

But really. My mind is elsewhere. And if I think about it properly, it's actually not possible for me to carry on for the next 20 days, my computer is about to die, and well I'm going on holiday come Chinese New Year. So nah.


So sorry. But gunna have to call it quits on the 30 videos in 30 days project. Sorry.

Letter funk. In Seoul, Korea

These guys must be on drugs.

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