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haircut by sabine, color by neria

haircut -


I'm sooo happy work....back's not raining! it's all good. I'm even sort of looking forward to Christmas (no doubt this feeling will have disappeared in a few days Treated the girls this morning and we headed into town for a cooked breakfast followed by haircuts all round! Chloe went for a complete change of style and looks gorgeous...Robyn just had a trim but looks cool (keeps swinging her hair around like a loreal advert) and I just had a trim u can see it looks a mess. I like it this way though! I was cursed with the curly hair gene at birth.

Blown out highlights, I know. I can't really blame it on my farmer's tan.

Here is Briana taking a picture of her new haircut.

(2 assembled photos)

Dream haircuts


Subconciously or not, the street influences our next haircut. See all pictures at

Young boy having a street haircut, much to the amusement of his friend. Not sure if he's unhappy at getting a haircut or me taking a picture. Bacolod City, Philippines.

haircut -

I feel better now....



It was haircut day and it was way overdue. I like this shot because he was pretending to be angry for the camera, but you can just see a little bit of the playful smile he was trying to hide from me.


While the shot is not bad, I really wish i had more of the mirror's frame in the picture so you could really tell he's looking at his reflection. I was just not getting the cooperation today for good shot and this was as good as i would get today...

My first haircut in 2-1/2 months; Lumix FZ35. Happy Monochrome Bokeh Thursday.

HAIRCUT STORE ~ Platte City, Missouri ~ Copyright :copyright:2014 Bob Travaglione ~ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ~

Laotian Haircut, Northern Laos. Just of the Mekong River.


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Or my Bangkok based photo school

About every month or so, I get a haircut. I do not get styled, I get an all-american ten-dollar ten-minute buzz-trimmed straight-razor finished haircut. I have been going to the same barber for about ten years. I do not have to tell what I want. I do not change styles. I have never asked for a "george clooney" or a "brad pitt" cut. I sit down, and the barber sprays my head with a mist bottle and then starts cutting. I have, and need, no input.


I rave for the local barbershop and the venue it provides for the men who come with their sons and/or fathers and who sit around and talk football or economics or local happenings, mindlessly, simply taking a few minutes out of their day, away from all the pell-mell of errands or projects and chores. I rave for the barbers who do not know your name (and you don't know theirs) and but they do remember how you like your hair and how your son likes his hair.


I rave for the moment of peace -- I actually have fallen asleep -- that comes with the monthly cut at the local barber. I have never gone to a hair stylist. My health care proxy says nothing of end-of-life decisions. I care not if the plug is pulled or heroic measures taken. But it does specify that, should I be in some vegatative state, I be carted to and hair cared for by my local barber.


*small note. This shot would have been better, I know, if there had been an old man cutting my hair. But, one of the requirements of going to a barber is that you take the open chair. You are not to have favorites -- that would count as getting styled. Today, the open chair was Yelena's. Male or Female, a barber is a barber and is not a stylist.

Man having a haircut Old Delhi


Melissa's fresh barbershop haircut

This is the same cut, different angle. I love how it fits me. :)

haircut by silvia, color by néria

My boyfriend cleaned up my nape today..... he is so good to me!


A snap of me two days after a fresh new, very short haircut. Snapped without thinking before going out to lunch on Saturday.


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haircut by sabine -

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The always delightful Miss Embe had her haircut today. Always nice to document a moment in time with some photos in your 365 so, er... this is exactly that.


Looking lovely as ever, I think you'll agree.


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Two Bowens Gemini Pro 500's with little softboxes camera left and right, at 45 degrees, set on 3.0. Triggered by PC cord cable.

Why don't you get a haircut? You look like a chrysanthemum.

~P. G. Wodehouse~


p.s: i'm super super happy with my new ponnnny hair


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