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The exhibition in Crimarizon has been moved to Crimarizon 2. This pic is a few months old, i made it for Crimarizon.


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hehehe the sun hit her head and it looked like her hair was possessed :D

Model, Photographer, Contestant: Ai baroque

Hair: Vanessa (natural blond) by LeLutka

yay for weekends :D that right there is some prime bed hair :L

got a belated christmas pesent today..itunes voucher, so have downloaded a white stripes album (♥)

and also fossils and other phantoms by peggy sue :D

youtube peggy sue they are IMMENSE. think kate nash with harmonies, and you're almost there... orrr

....this was a very hard shot, but finally it came out the way I imagined it! ;)


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and never mean quite what I say


~ OK Go


I love autumn =)


More blue hairness! Haha. Oooh, I'm convincing my friend to buy a Canon right now =D Let's hope she turns into the actual photography loving type of person haha.


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(Wig try.) Viserys, is it you? XD

Eu sei...tá desfocada, fiz um crop...tá muito branca, fiz assim mesmo...a minha filha Giovanna escolheu assim mesmo porque a Thaís já estava apresentando uma olheira de final de ensaio...resolvemos estourar a luz assim...


Mas esses cabelos...ah! Estão lindos ...

April knew she was in trouble when she saw Sunflower May glaring at her as she hurried back to her flowerpot.


"What is THAT?!" scowled the Sunflower, eyeing April's cute new friend.


"He's a field mouse," said April, her bottom lip quivering under the Sunflower's hard gaze.


"A MOUSE? We need bees to help us pollinate, not some stupid mice! Who told you to bring back a mouse anyway?" yelled the Sunflower. "Who's gonna help us pollinate now?"


"I don't know," sobbed April. "But he looked lonely and we're keeping him!"


Meanwhile Dahlia May was flushing as red as her crimson flowerpot. She was the one who told April to get a mouse, not some bees. She also knew April was sympathetic towards that stereotype of empty-headed "blonde" flowers and wouldn't tattle on her.


The mouse (whose name was Chester) liked April too; she was nice and played with him all afternoon. Chester (who was actually quite charming, for a mouse) got busy flirting with the elegant bird outside the window. They used the secret sign language of field critters to communicate that April needed some bees, and pronto.


Which is how a little field mouse saved 3 May flowers, despite April showers.


And also how the Sunflower woke up with lots of bee stings the next day.


~ The End ~


"April Showers Bring May Flowers" for Hair Fair 2011

Second Life avatar name: Teshan2222 Wycliffe

Models: Xanadu Capelo (left); Teshan2222 Wycliffe (middle); Blur Mannequin (right)

Photographer: Teshan2222 Wycliffe

Hairstyles store: all hair by Truth (creator Truth Hawks)

Hairstyle names:

on Xana (left): Kalia streaked - swedish

on Tesh (middle): Kai streaked - espresso

on Blur (right): Danni streaked - jupiter


Many thanks to mah girlies Blur + Xana for participating in my silliness :O) mwuahhhs!!


We did not change as we grew older; we just became more clearly ourselves.


Lynn Hall



I need some testimonials

I want my lovely buttering words back


I dont even remember you wrote what but

if you are one of them

write again please..




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Available December 15th @ Kustom 9 Event Location.


Rigged Mesh Hair. Hud Controlled. 3 sizes including Lola Tango.


ange de l'amour :*



Happy Birthday ya a'3la Meme.. <3333

I love you every year more and more =")))

..I miss u so much wallah (K)

wish u all happiness in you life :)

2×1 room at The Chapter Four


Project i did with the kids from School

Blogged :





Model: Victoria Basford

Make-up: Richard Beaumont

Hair: Amy Wilde

Stylist: Victoria Watson

Modelo | Model: Olga Gros Aguilera

Hair&MakeUp:Claudia Soler


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C88 March round release :]


Sherilyn hair is mesh non rigged therefore can be repositioned and resized, either manually or via XYZ resizer (click to activate menu).


It's offered in our classic tints and in our new special line 'Frizzy Chic'.


Each pack contains:

- 1 unrigged mesh hair;

- 1 HUD with 30 tint options ( classic line) or 15 tint options ( frizzy chic line).



dress: The Shops

skin: Glam Affair

Alternative Self Portraits.


I am very creatively frustrated at present. I am dying to do underwater photography, but have not got the spare cash to spend on a decent case. Ohh and I really need a new lens too. I almost quit the 52 project a few weeks ago due to these frustrations..but I will try to persevere.

Here's a nice little blurry one of new hair.

Who ISNT addicted to this show..!

Fully rigged with reverse braids on the temples. Also includes the feather hair piece with a hud full of lotssss of options xo!


Out 2moro Monday 26th in the mainstore.

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