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t3rmin4tor watches the hack presentations.

Handling public relations at Hack Day India.


Taken during the snacks break.

Joe Arnold does the Break Dance.

Awesome lighting stuff on the dance floor.

Angela and David Filo in conversation with TaaQ (Thermal and a Quarter) bassist, Rzhude. What kind of a name is that?

Hack day judges. Shouvick Mukherjee, Christian Heilmann, Bharat, Filo, Bradley Horowitz.

The Bangalore newspaper Midday put up this article about the Open Hack Day and apparently I am an ethical Hacker surrounded by Brad and David :)


Countdown to the end of the hack day. Check out the screen in the middle made to look like a giant laptop.

The crew were equipped with walkie talkies. That kinda gives an idea of the event's scale.


Taken during the snacks break at Hack Day India.

Cherian showing off iphone

Credit to code_martial for post processing, and of course, for the use of his camera

Ashok, Chintan, Surat. People from my earlier group. It changed names like twice a year but for me it'll always be the Commies group.


Taken during the snacks break at Hack Day India.

These guys were reading a news paper @ Yahoo music Band time! But it was ofcourse about the Yahoo hackday

Yahoo Hack Day India 2009, Bangalore

Best viewed small :)

David Filo, Yahoo! co-founder, at Yahoo! open Hack Day in India -- Bangalore, 5-6 Oct 2007

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