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Test shot for the 50mm f/1.8 AF Nikkor lens that I borrowed from Sid. More than the actual resolution of the lens (as measured in MTF tests), the thin DoF makes it look really really sharp.


Taken during the snacks break at Hack Day India.

Is it a UFO? Methinks it's an ISO (Identified Suspended Object). Chandelier at Taj Residency. If you look at the thumbnail, you could also convince your eyes that this is a bowl sunk into the floor.

Managing the program[me] during the snacks break at Hack Day India.

t3rmin4tor watches the hack presentations.

Joe and Amber do the twist.

Handling public relations at Hack Day India.


Taken during the snacks break.

Stops by for a quick shot during the snacks break at Hack Day India.

People dance as the band plays on.

Phil slacks as Surat hacks Or is he just checking email? ;-)

Awesome lighting stuff on the dance floor.

Joe Arnold does the Break Dance.

Angela and David Filo in conversation with TaaQ (Thermal and a Quarter) bassist, Rzhude. What kind of a name is that?

A hacker presenting is hack. This one was pretty wonky. He said something like, "I really like Yahoo! Search Assist but I use Google to search. So, I made Yahoo! suggestions appear under Google's search box."


I think this says a lot about the current scenario with Google and its fanbois. I've done enough of Google fanboi bashing on my journal to actually have effectively been told to shut up by an anonymous coward! It's like, "Dude! How dare you speak ill of Google?"


For the presenter of this hack, well, I'd say it's good that he's managed to port Yahoo! Search Assist to Google but how about trying to get the superior fulfillment that you get from Yahoo! Search on to Google?


Hack day judges. Shouvick Mukherjee, Christian Heilmann, Bharat, Filo, Bradley Horowitz.

This guy won the best hack award -- a Nintendo Wii. He'd written a Maps doodle hack that allowed people to draw over maps for giving driving instructions to their friends and planning how to intercept someone en-route :p

Countdown to the end of the hack day. Check out the screen in the middle made to look like a giant laptop.

The Bangalore newspaper Midday put up this article about the Open Hack Day and apparently I am an ethical Hacker surrounded by Brad and David :)


Chris getting ready

The Team that made Hack Day India a reality. PR people to facilities to IT, all pose for a shot with Chief Yahoo David Filo, and Yahoo! India CEO Sharad Sharma.

The crew were equipped with walkie talkies. That kinda gives an idea of the event's scale.


Taken during the snacks break at Hack Day India.

On the display screen at Taj

Cherian showing off iphone

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