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Hi!! I hope you like the pic =), for more info about it check the Blog below <3

.Glam trackers. Gypsy


Gypsy in paradise, Chicas own little corner of New Iridonia.

May 18, 2017


A very young gypsy moth caterpillar ambles along a maple leaf, looking for a good place to start munching.


Brewster, Massachusetts

Cape Cod - USA


Photo by brucetopher

© Bruce Christopher 2017

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When i logged in at Shiny Shabby yesterday i landed on Duchess and Belle, posing as gypsy dancers. I could not resist taking some pics.


Belle's details here :

Taylor acts out a grand gypsy, just happen to catch her as she strolled the Castle Village in this candid shot at the Castle of Muskogee.

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On the road again...........


Laden with shining arms the men-folk tread......


Gypsy Vans


By Rudyard Kipling


Unless you come of the Gypsy stock

That steals by night and day,

Lock your heart with a double lock

And throw the key away.

Bury it under the blackest stone

Beneath your father's hearth,

And keep your eyes on your lawful own

And your feet to the proper path.

Then you can stand at your door and mock

When the Gypsy vans come through...

For it isn't right that the Gorgio stock

Should live as the Romany do.

Os dejamos algunas imágenes y el link hacia el tumblr de la fotógrafa, modelo y escritora de graffiti Gipsy One. No os lo perdáis!

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♪♫♥♪ Gypsy ♪♥♫♪

A little preview from a gypsy inspired shoot today! :D

So happy we didn't all melt from the heat!


Model: Natasha

Hair/Make-up: Leisa Stephenson

Styling: Leah Thompson @ Sevven Styling

Photo: Me :)







Actions & Curves Blog:

So I'm back to the velvet underground

Back to the floor that I love

To a room with some lace and paper flowers

Back to the gypsy that I was to the gypsy that I was

And it all comes down to you

Well you know that it does, well

Lightning strikes maybe once maybe twice

Oh and it lights up the night

And you see you're a gypsy

You see you're a gypsy


"Fleetwood Mac"


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1 little, 2 little

3 little gipsy boys


zum zum zum zum

zum zum zum zum

zum zum zum zum


4 little, 5 little, 6 little

make the noise


zum zum zum zum

zum zum zum zum

zum zum zum zum


7 little, 8 little, 9 little

gipsy boys


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zum zum zum zum

zum zum zum zum


10 little in the middle

so many gipsy boys


White socks, big cocks,

rakija on the rocks!


zum zum zum...


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The name of the rose is Zigeuner knabe... or Gypsy Boy hence the title.


Gypsy stallion


just trying out some different things

The rolling sand dunes of the Thar Desert are not very large or immense in the area by Jaisalmer. They are perfect for recreational purposes. There are numerous camels for rent and camel carts which, by the way, are NOT comfortable.


Out of no where, came this lovely spirit of the desert bounding down a sand dune like a vision from some romantic desert story of old. Her presence and energy made the dunes even more magical.


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Thanks for making this # 3 in Explore for awhile!


Mercado San Miguel, downtown Madrid

2013 Texas Renaissance Festival, Todd Misson Texas


Mahabalipuram, India, © 2008


Kodak Elite Chrome Extra Color 100

For the Flickr Collaborators and Posers group we formed a gypsy family at my land of EL SACROMONTE


Watching Rosmairta's dance...

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