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An uneven set sorta' facebook of GV Editors & Authors Attending the GV Summit in India this month!


Place your cursor/mouse over each face to learn more about each person on the Core team of editors and authors who will be attending the conf


For more info check out the signup page at the wiki:


If you need a pic to be changed, feel free to email iblog(dot)ange(at)gmail(dot)com with your name and new pic.

IRC Conference for Virtual Participants @ GV 2006, more info @ the wiki - Participating Online:

Ho ho ho! originally clicked by Neha Vishvanathan and kissed by ange

My room at the La Sagrita Tourist Home in Delhi

From left to right: Neha Viswanathan, Georgia Popplewell (face behind bottle), Rachel Rawlins, Ben Parman, and Preetam Rai.

A woman washes her face at the Jama Masjid mosque in Old Delhi, India. This was taken during the call to prayer, the sound of which sent the pigeons into a frenzy.

Rawrr Rawrr!


originally clicked by Neha Vishvanathan and kissed by ange

Sami Ben Gharbia, Salam Adil, Amira Al-Hussaini

One can see a lot of bloggers involved in deep discussion. One also notices the black man almost tripping over himself trying to peer into our dessert - a most delectably tantalising chocolate cake, ice cream and moong dal halwa.


Read about the GV meet here.

Exploring the Berkman Center with GV's South East Asia Regional Editor. (IM conversation and name tags erased to protect the innocent.. actually am only abiding with Linden Labs policies ;-)


GV's reg ed was hooking up on sl via the wifi at the hotel in Delhi, which surpisingly was excellent and stable with sl, though objects and certain images was taking sometime to rezz in, apparently the hotel lobby's access point seemed to be the fastest hub in the location.

I became intrigued with these "very sexy women's wear" signs that were all over the market after reading Lonely Planet's recommendation that foreign women make sure not to show too much skin. In fact, I purposely bought shawls to wear while walking in the street on my own. It was partly influenced by the LP tip, but also partly to emulate the elegance of Indian women most of whom wear some sort of shawl, scarf of traditional drape. Note also that LP specifically said that wearing local garb is perceived by locals to be a sign of respect.

Fruit stand with guavas, near Chandni Chowk metro station, Old Delhi, India.

i will be waiting in lines a lot it seems

He approached us as we emerged from Arrivals and started tugging at our bags. We -- convinced was a tout, and intent on not getting scammed -- tugged them back. Turned out he was the one designated by the pre-paid taxi booth.

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