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This is a wip of my actual work, i love FateHeart Style, and i try to learn to construct like him, this is his link ,this is only the first that i have created... other coming soon ;)

If you asked me why I gave that title, well it might be my overly active imagination. But when I saw this I imagined this would be the entrance to where they kept the Mobile Suit Gundam (those who are anime geeks will know what i mean) :)


But seriously, this is a picture of the entrace to the Osaka Museum of Maritime. It is a shame that this building has been closed down due to the financial trouble. Luckily I had the chance to immortalise it.


Technical Stuff:

7 exposure tonemapped in HDR Efex Pro 2, some blending with couple of original exposures and then finished with Nik Efex Color Efex, Define and Sharpener

I know, I have already proposed this picture some months ago. This one has lighter background and it seems to me better than the other one....

Out of my head




*danbo goes gundam :p

Well, after over a month of building and rebuilding, I've finally finished my X-Wing Gundam (V2)! As I stated when I was posting WIPs, I wanted to redesign my X-Wing Gundam in TLG's white/dark red color scheme. Rather than just reuse my original design, I built this guy from scratch. Many many thanks to all of you who offered very helpful suggestions and ideas. So, whatcha think?

Lego Digital Designer & Simlab Composer 2015


“Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men. It is the spirit of men who follow and of the man who leads that gains the victory.” ~ George S. Patton


I've had this model kit around for at least 10 years, it sat in its box with most of its detail finished, I'm not quite sure why I never finished it, so it sat and collected dust and the occasional spider. I decided that before I continued building new models, this one deserved to be finished so I completed it last night, sadly its not quite as complex as the newer gundams in fact I believe that there are more parts in the F-91's legs than in this models whole body.

Here's the next build in my Star Wars/Gundam mash-up: Y-Wing Gundam (Gold Leader). I tried to represent the greeble-ness of the Y-Wing fighter with the design influence of an Astray frame.

I've been wanting to build some small scale Gundams lately, and thought I'd start with a mini version of my X-Wing Gundam. I do plan on building a small Vader Mobile Suit to fight this guy. Here's a link to my original:

A Gundam I made because why not.


Credit goes to Chris Roach for the frame and upper arms.


Based off of the RX-78.


rendering test with radiosity & hdr image

RG1/1 RX-78-2 ガンダム Ver.GFT

台場 ガンダムフロント東京


Gundam (ガンダム, Gandamu?) is a metaseries of Japanese anime, featuring giant robots, or "mecha", created by Sunrise studios. The series started in April 1979 as a TV series called Mobile Suit Gundam, and later became a franchise name with more sequels, prequels, side stories and alternative timelines, published and aired in various media including TV anime, OVA, manga, novels, and video games. Gundam became a collective term for 7 different time lines, all featuring their own story-lines, with a few common denominators and war machines called Gundam. source




thanks guys! it was a great photo opp

In Tokyo, the huge hero a long time ago is standing.


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I've been wanting to build some small scale Gundams lately, and thought I'd start with a mini version of my X-Wing Gundam. I do plan on building a small Vader Mobile Suit to fight this guy. Here's a link to my original:

some days ago MDSWIM ! asked me about to make a color variant.

here it is!

Luke's Gundam gets a new shield just in time for his upcoming battle with Vader's TIE Advanced Mobile Suit (coming soon)!

The 1:1 scale statue in Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan.

RG1/1 RX-78-2 ガンダム Ver.GFT

台場 ガンダムフロント東京

Gundam Hammer Judge with the secondary weapon.

Link with more photos:

RG1/1 RX-78-2 ガンダム Ver.GFT

台場 ガンダムフロント東京

For BZP's BBC #68 contest, "Get in the Robot". The theme was to build a humanoid mech. So I decided to make a Gundam (like the many others out there). I based some of this from Turn A Gundam, but otherwise it's mostly aesthetically and proportionally based on various Gundams.


I tried to give it a samurai-esque feel, with the crest, shoulder armor (and the flower, for shintoism), and the skirt to some extent.


Other than that, I did what I could to maintain the Gundam aesthetic and design, with the longer legs, boxier torso, and I even gave it 5 fingers! The shoulder armor and skirt do not restrict articulation, the skirt is connected via balljoints, and the shoulder armor is able to swivel up and down (while the tiles can also go up and down) due to a system of pins and stuff. I wanted to keep it as real to Gundams as I can. The ankle armor does restrict it a bit, but it is necessary in order to support the mass of the MOC.


Recieved 8th place in the contest.


Back View, for the jets


Gallery (When Public)


Assembled and battle damaged myself in the mean streets of Houston.

RG1/1 RX-78-2 ガンダム Ver.GFT

台場 ガンダムフロント東京

I've been wanting to build some sort of mecha for the Lego Teddy Bear I had. Originally it was going to be some sort of big bear mecha, but it evolved into a Gundam.

This is the fully built product of the Gundam I received for christmas. It is pretty awesome, but for some reason it doesn't have wings. Kind of odd since just about every other Gundam has wings on it. Still awesome, though.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II + Zeiss Makro-Planar T* 2/50

Height 18m, weight 25t , 1:1 life-size Gundam @ Tokyo/Odaiba


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Flickr Blog July 9, 2009

"You can be a captain or a nobody, when your luck runs out you die, that's how war is."

~ Bernie (Gundam 0080)


Special thanks to Raymund for lending me his Gundam miniatures for me to play with.

The RX-79 was built by the Federation during the 1 year war. While not as powerful as the original gundam these mobile suits were easier to produce and matched the performance of the Zeon Zaku very well.

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