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as seen at Sammy's Carpet and Hardwood, 810 Kingsway, Vancouver

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Challenge #3 was to illustrate the word/concept, "Wet." No restrictions or guidelines on the one's interpretation. - "Together at Last" - Norman Brown


The shot that immediately came to mind was just some regular thing; water drops on some surface or object - beaded up here, there, wherever. That felt too easy, uninspired, ho hum, nothing particular that interpretation.


OK, so what else for "wet." I think I sat back in my desk chair, stared blankly at the computer monitor, my mouth open, and listened to music as it played softly in the background. I say "think" as I've been told this is what I do. Apparently, I blank out and hear nothing, see nothing other than the monitor, and seem oblivious to the world. If I didn't occasionally blink, I've been told, I could be mistaken for dead. I just hope I'm not drooling.


I began looking through some of my many - too many? - photo folders. Images danced by on the screen - many I'd forgotten, some I have no memory of having taken at all. Might a non-traditional vision of "wet" be in there? I found the above image whilst rummaging about. I had forgotten about this night's shoot. But, hey, it said "wet to me.


And, yes, I did use the word "whilst" in a modern sentence. Arcane, but not improper. Esoteric to Unusual, true, but still valid and somewhat romantic. Kinda' like me. Hey, I'm allowed. :-)


In one folder a series of images came up. I remembered this night; one of thick, thick, thick fog. A fog so dense, deep and foreboding as to remind one of those movies when monsters are coming, or aliens from another planet wish to hide their approach, (or where the budget doesn't allow for expensive CG - computer graphics - and the director shrouds everything in a soupy mist to hide the budget shortfall).


Still, I was impressed with this deliciously otherworldly scene; a flat, two-dimensional, misty world where only the halogen street lamps managed to pierce the fog with their orangey-colored glow. It also looked a bit "Close Encounters of the Third Kind-ish."


"Mother Ship comin' to take us home, I thought.


I feel very, very isolated. Just me in a lost world. A couple of people did walk through as I shot, and one zipped by on a bicycle, emerging eerily from the mist at the last moment, but they moved too fast to register on the image. As they past me, the gave me the furtive, side long glance of strangers passing each other in the city at night; trying to check me out without making real eye contact. I partly expected their eyes to be glowing like the un-dead. I was a little disappointed that they didn't. Fog and imagination; powerful companions.


There was one person - walking slowly through the mist, their face covered by a big old, golf-course type umbrella (the only thing that might get wet under such an umbrella might be the tips of your shoes). He moved slow enough to be kinda' seen by my camera's sensors. I think he was standing there looking for his car, or, he might have been slightly uncomfortable with my presence; a tall man, with a big hat, standing alone in a dark, foggy, empty, parking lot, at night, with a camera. I think I would have hesitated too. :-)


Karen's response to Challenge #3 - "She Wore Red and Diamonds"


and Nick's response -



Don't shoot directly into the sun!

And miss the beautiful sky …?

Rules or guidelines …

It's all about perception.

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guidelines on the airport

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[Note Guidelines] Photographer's Note

I have been travelling around a fair bit to date in search of nice photographic opportunities.

It is ironic that one evening this summer I went for a walk from home (cross country) with the Nikon. As the sun was setting, I captured this shot with no high expectations, but ended up surprised at the result with the lovely warm colours created by the bed of residue from the trees and the sparkling effect of the last sun rays coming through the trees.


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I can't remember where this was taken. Some sharp-eyed person might recognise the colour scheme.

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N.B. See my profile for usage guidelines.


This is an HDR long-exposure. The raw images were shot just after noon when the dynamic range was quite high. I took four shots with a 10-stop ND filter (15, 30, 44, and 60 seconds), out of which I created three HDR images using HDR Efex Pro, one optimized for sky, one for boat and land, one for water. I imported all three into Photoshop as layers, made selections of 1) sky, 2) boat and land, and 3) water, from which I created masks, etc., etc., you get the idea. The monochrome styling was added in Lightroom. See the color version at


The location is the old Garske boatyard in downtown Benicia, California, now owned by Phil Joy, and the boat is the locally famous "Red Baron." Phil was kind enough to let me in to photograph. The site has been controversial for some time. Some want to preserve the old ambience while others want to clean up the "junk." My rational mind acknowledges the arguments of the environmentalists, but my heart, soul, and gut are with the preservationists.


Best article about the boatyard:


Opposition to boatyard cleanup and removal of boats:


Set of PDFs, the first few about opposition to removal of the Red Baron, best known of the boats. Includes historical information about the boatyard:


About Phil Joy:

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flickr community guidelines



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- Use Flickr for Commercial Purposes

Flickr is for personal use only. If you sell products, services or yourself through your photostream, we will terminate your account. Any other commercial use of Flickr, Flickr technologies (including APIs, Flickrmail, etc), or Flickr accounts must be approved by Flickr. For more information on leveraging Flickr APIs, please see our Services page. If you have other open questions about commercial usage of Flickr, please feel free to contact us.


oh? we don't but they did :(


Autumn sunshine shining through our sittingroom window on a bouquet of alstroemeria (Peruvian lilies). I don't know where they were grown, but probably in the Netherlands or the Canary Islands




I filed a complaint for breach of community guidelines. THESE PEOPLE ARE NO LONGER ACTIVE IN FLICKR

. Vigilance is necessary to protect our photos.

If you want, you can see more photos at my fb page but please don't use my photos without my permission!!




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N.B. See my profile for usage guidelines.


- Exhibited at Au Coquelet, Berkeley, 10/14

- Exhibited at the UC Theatre Gallery, Berkeley, CA, July-Aug, 2014

- Digital Arts Collective Exhibition, Berkeley City College, February, 2014.

- Berkeley Camera Club Exhibition, Nielsen Arts, 1537 Solano Ave, Berkeley, CA, December 14, 2013 to February 5, 2014.

- Exhibited at the Center Street Lobby Gallery, 1947 Center Street, Berkeley, CA, under the auspices of the City of Berkeley and curated by Rinna B. Flohr of Expressions Gallery, August 10 to November 1, 2013.


- Honorable Mention, Projected Images, Pictorial, Masters, Berkeley Camera Club, 4/2/13

[BCC_CMP:PICT 4/2/13]

- 2nd Place, Prints, Northern California Council of Camera Clubs, May 2013.

- 1st place, Pictorial, Masters, Northern California Council of Camera Clubs, 6/13.

- 2nd Place, Annual Print Competition, Berkeley Camera Club, 10/8/13.

- Honorable Mention, Annual Competition, Pictorial, Masters, Northern California Council of Camera Clubs, 2/14.


So-called "reality" looked nothing like this on the day I took the photo of this pier. For one thing, the pier goes off to the left, not the right. And the sky was just undifferentiated, dull grey haze. This is my first "serious" exercise in Photoshop, and believe me, even though I chose a pretty simple composition on purpose, it took a long time! I used Lightroom, Photoshop, and Silver Efex Pro. I started with a long exposure of the pier and water, flipped the image horizontally, selected the pier, did selective gradient masking, added "structure" to the pier, brushed in the sky from another long-exposure image, and did some touch-up. And that's really just a brief summary.


aka "Gone Fishing"

SA-2 "Guideline" Surface-to-Air Missile


Developed in the mid-1950s, the V-750 Dvina was the first effective Soviet surface-to-air missile. The Soviets used it to shoot down Gary Powers' U-2 over the USSR in 1960 and Maj. Rudolph Anderson's U-2 over Cuba in 1962. The missile was better known by the NATO designation SA-2 Guideline. The Soviets began exporting it to many countries worldwide in 1960, with many remaining in use into the 21st century.


North Vietnam began receiving SA-2s shortly after the start of Operation Rolling Thunder in the spring of 1965. With Soviet help, they built several well-camouflaged sites, regularly moving SA-2s and their equipment among them. The North Vietnamese also ringed SA-2 sites with anti-aircraft artillery (AAA), making them even more dangerous to attack.


The SA-2 did not operate alone, but as part of a complete system. A typical SA-2 site in North Vietnam had six missiles on launchers, control and support vans, a Spoon Rest acquisition radar, and a Fan Song guidance radar.


The Spoon Rest radar detected incoming aircraft at long range (as far as 70 miles), providing location data to the system computer.


The Fan Song guidance radar performed two functions: target acquisition and missile guidance. It acquired as many as four targets before firing. After launch, it guided up to three SA-2s against one target. (The North Vietnamese sometimes placed the radars away from the missiles to make the site harder to destroy.)


The SA-2 missile had a solid fuel booster rocket that launched and accelerated it, then dropped off after about six seconds. While in boost stage, the missile did not guide. During the second stage, the SA-2 guided, and a liquid-fuel rocket propelled it to the target.


The reusable SA-2 launcher rotated 360 degrees and typically raised the missile between 30 and 60 degrees for launch. Removable wheels (not displayed) allowed the launcher to be moved quickly. In fact, North Vietnamese SAM crews could pack up and move a site in about four hours.


One vital capability of the Wild Weasels was being able to identify and immediately strike an active site. Before the Wild Weasels, the enemy often moved out of a site by the time a strike force was put together to hit it.

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flickr's Community Guidelines include the warning:


Don’t be creepy.

You know the guy. Don't be that guy.


I love flickr, I really do. It's the only place online I have ever really made home. I think the folks in charge generally provide a great service. But this "creepy" business is carte blanche to delete whole accounts without warning. People who have NOT been creepy have been getting deleted. I agree that genuine creepiness has no place on a family site -- but flickr must figure out a way to give people warnings before they delete an account, and be able to restore accounts when deleted by mistake. To perpetuate the current system is just wrong.


(Thanks to General the Cat for participating in this event.)

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