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A redo of an earlier photo done especially to illustrate an article on textures written by Mary Andrade over at the Digital Photography School

I'll post the recipe for this one over at the flypaper blog in the not too distant future.

A black and white still life photograph of the body of an electric guitar, the photograph has an aged effect to great a dark contrast grunge look.


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Gone for a grunge and grainy feel with this one alternative image from the last.

I have some really cool dune fence shots from vacation, and I can't save them for Fridays, so, I'm going to put up a series of the ones I've edited. :)


My Greeblepix entry for August!

this conversation can serve no purpose anymore. Goodbye

Why not throw a color version in here?


Sony NEX 5

Toy Camera Filter

SnapSeed App

An aged daisy in cracked old bottle under a layer of type of photo :-)


Several flypapers used in processing with the most noticeable being another Fly Edge.

The last in this little series you will be relieved to know.

This is put through Vintage grunge, a Topaz Adjust 5 filter. I probably won't use it much :)





L1 12

L2 12

L3 8

L4 9

L5 11

L6 11

L7 9 = 72

aka "grunge"

heard an old song on the radio and thought it fit with the image..eve 6.. inside out

i loved that song back in the day

don't worry..i'm not feeling bad..just processed a little dark today for some strange reason

not much time for a shoot and edit so..i'm going with it!!


and to my american buddies-- an early happy thanksgiving to everyone!!


Originally this was supposed to be a horror eyeball, but ended up more grungey. I like the textures alot.

Not the most colourful of pictures, I admit, but it's got that whole 'converging lines' thing going on (along with a splash of symmetry).

Nottingham 2015.

:copyright: All rights reserved. Please do not use on websites, blogs or other media without written permission.

Chrome nail polish with black grungey lines. Read more about it here:

This was hard! Lol Because of those adjustment layers. But, it did show me what more could be accomplished if I kept going. Today was chilly and rainy so these are recent photos. Guess I will have to revisit this challenge (along with the others)

Title: Grunge Night

Photographer: Chevia Johansson

Model: Chevia Johansson

Hipstamatic/Oggl and PicFx

Abandoned one room schoolhouse ... central Illinois ... texture by SkeletalMess

Last night, a friend suggested that I should work for the Chamber of Commerce since I only show the good side of Roanoke, and maybe I should show some of the grungier side. Not really my style but....challenge accepted :-D


Spent the morning prowling the empty parking garages downtown looking for some grunge shots. Funny, but it was rather enjoyable and there is a LOT of great lines in this awesome old town! There will be a few more shots in the next few days.


Three shot HDR blended with Photomatix and finished with Topaz. Looks best in the lightbox!



[*CS*Grunge Queen 02 ]


@Exclusive at BishBox April 2017

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