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Well we are starting to see signs of spring. Still plenty of rain, but there are signs starting to show, just a little, and the NEW GROUP GIFT from PRISM-Sami by Journey brings the spring colors out to play, A cute strappy top and cool leather jeans.

Mesh so a mesh enabled viewer is required.


This is one Group Gift you wont want to miss!!


Thanks to everyone who takes the time to view, comment, and fave my photo.



Another group of posts make a striking scene with misty water surrounding them.

ODC Group 3 "Cold" First snow of the season and more on the way.

Copyright :copyright: S. F. Brown - All Rights Reserved

For the group Textures Only Competition "Winter"


Source image: anders_hh

Texture used from the group: Dyrk Wyst

Stock Photo prov31wmn(Morgue File)

Shot just after rain-From mangalore-karnataka-India

Inspiration from Marcel Duchamp (Bicycle Wheel, 1913) and the hallway at the Modern and Contemporary Hall of the Philadelphia Art Museum. I also emphasized the color palette used in many of Piet Mondrian pieces. OK anyone care to guess where I was yesterday! Woke up this morning and this is what was on my mind.


Happy Slider Sunday - HSS

♫ for Monday Blue's group ♫

For all group members! VRSIONLODE has prepared special group gift available until midnight 31st, 2014... Just land to our store and wear VrsionLode group tag and receive the gift. Happy New Year to all!!! \o/


For more details:


Model and Stylist: Me

Photographer: Rayne Morgan <3

[ RM - Instant Hair 15 ]

Pose: Bauhaus Movement


♫♪♫...Wake up

I've been trying to make your pain stop

This is not just entertainment

I've been trying to let you know


Nothing has been coming easy

Only nocturnal blue movies

Pink kimono on the floor

Even when you won't believe me

Try to make it easy, easy .... ♪♪♫



Created for "Treat This" challenge No. 30

found in the Kreative People group, on front page

many thanks for your group, Derek!

for picking mine... ;)

This is the main cupboard that I keep my girls! Jenn, Ivy and Angie came over last Dec and I was so excited that I did not sleep for two nights! I wanted to redress everyone (Only Jane and Kelly are in their original outfits) and it took forever! I combed everyone;s hair and even rewashed a few! And gave everyone shoes! I realized I need more outfits! haha!

This is my new small flat and it's the first time my guests went WOW instead of Yuks at the sight of my girls and so I had a GREAT time with them! Even though I had a hard time keeping my eyes open! Hee!

Thanks everyone for reading and looking at this!

THe same photos can be seen in Cloudz photostream! Credit to her!!!!'

Girls arranged in order of production! I need only Miss A to complete! (a few encores not included)

In the past 6 years, my wife and I rescued hundreds of dogs, cats, and other amazing creatures out of the local shelters here in Los Angeles. We just published a book called "Our Lives Have Gone To The Dogs" which tells their stories along with amazing photos of their journey.


With my pictures I am trying to bring people to our rescue website, and hopefully they will buy the book, and help us save more animals.


Every single dollar from selling this book goes directly to our non-profit Animal Rescue Organization 501C-3 and will help us save more animals in need. (This coffee table book has a 100 pages in full color)


You can buy the book here:


If you like my photos, you will LOVE the book     :-)


(click here to see my BEST photo)




hello!!! marukin is still in the process of rebuilding :D in the meantime, please join our group! opening group gifts will be released plus the above friends pose was just sent out as a gift.


after marukin reopens, the group will be closed/have a join fee. thank you all for your support always!!~~ look forward to seeing you at the new marukin! <3

La edité un poco para que no sea tan igual a la tuya ;P

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Just because i hit the 1.000 Likes on Facebook, as i promised here is my gift for all of you!


At every 500 likes on facebook CandyDoll gives away a cute gift :)

pssttttt.... is free to join this time but keep in mind that next gift it will be with FEE join



Niagara Region, Canada

Last Apr 18, I joined a meetup group for a photowalk at the Evanston Northwestern University grounds. The organizer presented us with a creative challenge (the second one this year). She gave us a list of words and our task is to compose images that best describes those words.


This is my interpretation of Chaotic.


When I saw these vines on the wall, I immediately knew that this will be my representation of chaotic. However, from the SOOC (see first image in first comment), the twisting and the entanglements of the vines weren't too evident enough for me. So I turned up the blacks and pulled down the highlights and shadows in the tone curve. Also added a hard vignette using lens correction instead of post-crop to present a more darker edge and give it that dreaded dark look. Looks even more chaotic viewed large on black.


It's raining hard in my neck of the forest so wasn't able to shoot anything green (much as I wanted to go out and shoot). This is the closest that I can find which have a tinge of green in it (more line light grayish green tone).


It's not exactly gorgeous... more like chaotic which exactly depicts the challenge word that I was trying to interpret. I myself would not pass this as green but I'm out of greens (dollars included! lol!) I will make it up next thursday.


Happy Gorgeous Green Thursday everyone!


BTW, I'm still working my way up your stream... it's a slow process but I'm really enjoying looking at your very inspiring photos... =)

Before we left to meet Angela (she asked to see Fannie), I wanted to get a group picture of the "kids." Since we were eating overlooking the Columbia River, I thought a nautical theme would be nice...and a quick shot of them all sitting together would be a snap...siiiigh...


Opie: *quietly under breath* ...oooh...Sit down prissy pants, so we can get out of here...

Annie: *giggles* ...Yeah, good grief Fannie just sit down, will ya?

Fannie: Be quiet you guys, I CAN NOT get my dress dirty!! And...if I sit down... *hesitates*


Opie & Annie: *assorted moans and groans*...*Opie snort laugh*...


Fannie: ....ok...I'm tellin MOM! ....'n you guys are gana get it! *GLARE*

Stephanie Palm Fotografie


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abandoned mansion of Dr. Anna L

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