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Photography by Lace & Ivy - View our website for more -

Another from Oct 30th Wedding... The guys...My textures..

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I would really LOVE to be your destination wedding & family photographer this year! (or next:))

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Wedding Photography by Yuliya Bahr.

Europe and worldwide!


Familien- und Hochzeitsfotografin Yuliya Bahr.


This one was taken by Nick! Freaking amazing!


Shot of the Groomsmen at Rob & Cheryls wedding

Wedding shot: Groomsmen stand on bales of hay.

© Billy Wilson 2011


A shot of the groomsmen on swings.


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confession: i like shooting the groomsmen better than the bridesmaids. like...a lot better.


and...i think this photo is kind of awesome.

Emerson had an energetic group of groomsmen at their wedding last weekend at Sterling Hills Golf Club in Camarillo. They were always up for anything, which sure made it easy to take good photos. The dancing was crazy, the people were fun-loving. The decorations were top notch. It's everything which makes photographing a wedding fun.


I'm hoping to post at least one image a week here. I've been doing some different things, and I want to keep sharing with all fo you. If you comment, I'll be sure to show your photos some love as well. That's how it's suppose to be, right?


Happy Fall.

Caitlin & Luke. Married 06.01.2013.

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explored #43


my first official wedding shoot. the groom's brother in law owns many weapons. we made great use of them.


Canon 17-40 L lens


strobist: 180w strobe into softbox high and slight left of camera down on guys full power. 180w strobe to far right of camera pointed at side of guys for rim bare full power. 580ex to far left of cam pointed at side of guys for rim at 1/2 power.

Photographed this young groomsman on his parents wedding day in july. Thx to Anton for assisting with the photoshoot.


Groomsmen getting air! ©Kevin Keith Photography

this was a group of fun corky guys this suites them!


This is a bit of an older picture but still one of my favorite group shots from the Antonio wedding in Houston, TX October 2007.

Setting up group shots has to be my one of my favorite aspects of shooting weddings.

Groomsmen Group Photo from a recent wedding.


Update: I don't make explore that often, so I'm grateful for all the favs and comments on this image. Thanks!


Blog Post: Groomsmen Group Photo



- AlienBee B1600 at 1/8 power into large softbox high and just camera-right.

- LumoPro LP160 - bare - at 1/16 power directly behind group, low.


A bit more info about my thoughts on lighting this one -


I was pushing it on my shutter speed, which if you notice my exif data, was set at 1/400 sec. The 'official' maximum flash sync speed on the 7D is 1/250 sec, but I've been lucky in that my particular camera will sync up to 1/320 with just the tiniest vignette at the bottom of the frame. This means that at 1/400 sec, the flash wasn't covering the bottom 1/8th or so of the frame, and I did loose some of the 'starburst' shadows cast by the flash behind them at the bottom of the frame.


Also note that I don't own the nifty new drool-worthy PocketWizards that can 'hypersync' to give you another stop or so at full flash output power.


I could've dropped my shutter speed to 1/250 but that would've required me to stop down even more than f6.3 to compensate, which I just didn't want to do because (1)I didn't want my depth of field to be too deep (which it ended up being anyway), and (2) I didn't want to have to crank up my flash output power even more, this being at the beginning of a long day of shooting where I really needed to conserve battery power and keep the recycle times low to keep the group shots flowing quickly. Compromises - boo.


If money were no option, I'd just slap 8 or 9 580ex II's (or SB900's if I were McNally) on some stands, all synced up with the new PocketWizards at super high-speed sync, open up wide, and not care about my shutter speed.


Or I'd use one of those nifty Singh-Ray ND filters to drop the ambient down to something I could manage at f2.8, and just crank my flashes up to the max to compensate.


But as it stands, I've found a cheap, happy medium by shooting raw at 1/320 sec or 1/400 sec, and opening up as wide as I can while not clipping the sky, then bringing my true vision to life in post. And when I look at the frame, it's probably best that I shot at f6.3 to get all of the Groomsmen in focus.

Groomsmen / Ushers at a wedding.


This image is FREE to use. Please credit and link to, (Blavou).


Example - [Photo by:]

1 Canon 550EX w/ shoot thru umbrella Camera left

1 Canon 580EXII on camera trigger

Those colourful bridesmaids had colourful partners! The daughter of friends just down the road got married at home, and here the groom (white tie) and his groomsmen arrive at the house - they wanted to make an unforgettable entrance! And so they did.....


By the way, they did get dressed for the wedding, but they did it on the driveway :-)More to come of this very typically New Zealand wedding.


Tomorrow I'm off to East Cape to photograph the wedding of the daughter of one of the Muriwai Rangers.This is very exciting for me as it's one part of NZ I've never been and the wedding is at their marae (Maori tribal meeting place) which is where I'll be staying. Back next week....

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