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The Giza plateau was the perfect backdrop for the adventurous GRIOT Clothing photo shoot and the 1960's Land Rover was the perfect desert accessory

Flickr project 2011 - 50/365 - People.


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Nikon D3S - Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 à 150mm 1/125s à f/2.8, 200 ISO

250 year cakes St Louis Missouri Griot Museum of Black History 2505 St Louis Av

There were times over the last two weeks when what I witnessed seemed taken from the script of an outlandish movie, the kind where everyone tuts and says, "That is just so Hollywood. That would never happen in real life". William Goldman, the writer of films such as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid once said that there were things taken from real life he couldn't put in his scripts as nobody would believe them.


Here is a selection of the few I remember from the riots and protests that I covered over the last two weeks.


The two guys wearing masks are ready to charge the bank , all set on smashing the security camera and disabling the ATM. However, there is a young woman there, oblivious to the mayhem around here who is taking out her money. The masked men wait, politely ask her if she has finished then set about the cash machine with hammers.


A march goes past a van, inside two tiny Shetland ponies stuck in a space not much bigger than they are. The protesters, enraged by this discuss what to do. In the end they take down the number plates as the owners to the authorities. Just a few metres behind them riot police approach menacingly.


50 kids, one no more than 10 years old pelting the central police station with rocks as bewildered shoppers seemingly unable to grasp what is happening gawp while pieces of paving stone clatter around them. The quasi - military riot police up against tweenies


Walking along Egnatia Boulevard lit up by at least a dozen fires, acrid smell of tear gas and burning plastic everywhere. Two middle aged bystanders argue over whether the anarchists about to firebomb a bank are doing the right thing. The older, white haired guy, says, :"What do you care? It's not your money".


An old woman buttoning holing a passing masked teen, scolding him about what has been happening. Others join in a passionately debate what has been happening over the last few days.


A smartly dressed woman , shopping bags around her waiting at the bus stop claps and cheers masked protesters marching by. the man next to her shouts out "Shame. shame on you""

Arndale Centre, Headingley


Griot: historian, storyteller, praise-singer, musician. This guy was brilliant. "I like the way you move, I like the way you smile"


è il famoso pensiero espresso da Amadou Hampâté Bâ 1900-1991, diventato un proverbio per il grande significato che ha per la cultura africana nel suo complesso

Scrittore, etnologo, storico e poeta, Amadou Hampâté Bâ, nacque verso il 1900 a Bandiagara, nel Mali. Appartenente ad una grande famiglia di nobili Fulbe, venne iniziato alla cultura del suo popolo e alla religione islamica.

Occupò diversi ruoli all'interno dell'amministrazione coloniale francese, fu collaboratore di istituzioni culturali e fondazioni internazionali. Seguì poi la carriera diplomatica, diventando anche membro del Consiglio esecutivo dell’Unesco.

Dal 1970 abbandonò tutte le cariche e gli impegni ufficiali per dedicarsi interamente ad un progetto di ricerca e d'archiviazione; raccogliendo e trascrivendo le testimonianze orali e i racconti dei griot -i narratori tradizionali- salvò dalla scomparsa l’immenso patrimonio orale della cultura dell'Africa occidentale

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20ème anniversaire de l'Avignon Blues Festival 2017

Greece, Athens, Kalidromiou Str. Dec.16, 2008 / griots

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Produced by: Ben Abrams, Drew Larrigan, Nic Jimenez


Edited by: Paul Nguyen

20ème anniversaire de l'Avignon Blues Festival 2017

20ème anniversaire de l'Avignon Blues Festival 2017

Riots in Thessaloniki, Greece


Despite entering their third day the scenes of chaos and rioting in Greece's major cities seems far from over. Although there was an overnight lull in the clashes between protesters and riot police in Athens and other cities the peace was once again broken this afternoon when high school student marchers protesting the death of 15 year old, Andreas Grigoropoulos turned violent. Once more the central police station Thessaloniki, The country's second largest city came under attack. Unconfirmed eye witness accounts say that the police arrested a 13 year old girl during the event.


With the smell of burning plastic and tear gas hanging over much of the centre Thessaloniki resembles a war zone with heavily armoured riot police taking and re-taking strategic points along the central Egnatia Boulevard. In keeping with the tenets of guerrilla warfare their opponent simply retreat from the onslaught simply to reappear elsewhere within minutes.


Anarchist protesters have also taken over much of the university campus and other off campus departments such as the school of theatre where huge banners are hanging from the upper floor windows and loud rock music is blasting out.


In the face of such wide spread resistance the riot police appear unable to maintain order in the city. The situation seems to have slipped out the authorities ability to control. Traffic is still being allowed to enter riot zones around the university even though drivers are coming under attack with stones and paving blocks.


With two more protest rallies scheduled today at 6pm today in Athens and Thessaloniki there is little likelihood that tensions will lessen and protesters go home. Indeed more and more cities throughout the country are reporting unrest.


The latest revelation that the dead teenager was apparently shot in cold blood by a police officer in the Exarchia district on Saturday has simply added to the anger and frustration that many young Greeks feel over the situation in the country as a whole. Rising unemployment, low wages and limited prospects have helped fuel a toxic mix which is easily ignited. However, it should be noted that while violent street clashes are not unusual in Greece the length, duration and intensity of these latest episodes has taken many by surprise.

20ème anniversaire de l'Avignon Blues Festival 2017

20ème anniversaire de l'Avignon Blues Festival 2017

Will The Blue Griot - Nuits du Sud 2013 - Vence - France (20130725_0046)

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