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everyone was having lots of fun here!

I just loved the bubbles at greenbelt!

Christian Aid Performance Cafe

Christian Aid Performance Cafe

I'm Sorry I Haven't a Poo - Sunday 27-08-2006 - Greenbelt Watts (Willie Williams & Stewart Henderson)

How many people? Greenbelt Festival is a taste of heaven, a reminder of why I believe. Welcoming, open, all textures, shades and rhythms. The groundbreakers, the stragglers, the passionate, the exhausted, the doubters and the questioners.

I think they meant "may not", but I prefer it this way.

Shot through the tent window just after it stopped raining

Awesome skies over the festival

there they were, hovering right above us at Greenbelt 2006! (as it happens, spotted during John Bell's talk, "Whatever happened to heaven?")

Sky as taken from "Watts" Monday morning

Our GB Location Flag pole. "lit up of an evening"

Shot through the tent window just after it stopped raining

6am in the morning.

Night time view of village

Taken whilst listening to Jim Wallis - I was listening, honest!

Photo by Elaine Duigenam

The screen seems to basically operate like a giant TV .. each pixel is made up of a cluster of 5 differently coloured LEDs. The LEDs live on square panels, which look like they bolt together to make, I guess, any size of screen you need.


I think the whole LED pixel thing was pioneered on U2's big Pop tour (the one with the big lemon, at least), but I could have that wrong. Cool all the same.

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