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**enjoy little things of nature, all is beautiful!**

POTD at on July 1, 2008



.....See what You are missing! LOL......Happy Sunday and I wish all of you a wonderful day today......Something different here, took some HDR shots....and I just loved this green pasture....and the finish....See YOU on the other side...xoxoxo


Thanks so much for all of your wonderful kindness and visits and friendships too......I appreciate each one of you so much so!....


Much Love .... always ..... xoxo

Water drops on Nandina leaves in early morning sun ....sparkling lights for the festive season....


Many thanks to all my Flickr Friends for your inspirations and kind words of encouragement....


Merry Christmas and a Happy , safe and healthy 2015....

After hard rain and green ribbon in my garden:)



A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.

George Bernard Shaw mentioned and Yes! I agree:)


Best regards & hugs,


Flickr Lounge weekly theme - shallow depth of field.

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Seen in Explore.


Miles of green fields between Cardiff and Newport.


... a classic :-)


on Explore #384 on Saturday, November 8, 2008 Thanks my friends

im back!! to be frank, my trip was a bit disappointed.. unpleasant weather in the Evening and the next Morning! so that's mean no Sunset or Sunrise!! =(

but i do get few picture in the morning right after reached the island.. gorgeous blue skies and lots of visitors! will share with you all right after i get enough rest! =)


i'll be back for your wonderful pictures my friends.. have a great Sunday! :D

Hello and Happy Gorgeous Green Thursday.....Hope everyone has a super day today.....


And once again thank you all so very much for your wonderful kindness and visits too.....Hugs for all....


Much Love .... always .... xoxo

Shot this on a rainy afternoon at home.




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** Explored 16 Jul 2009 Best Position at #210**

Thanks everyone for the support and comments!


Nothing much was done for this except some light adjustment. Background was captured as it is.


I really like the cool scent of the greens after a shower... in the morning... and at night....


Have you had any nature walk recently?


It is strange but I really enjoy nature walks only when I am alone... It is when I can really feel that I am in my own world. My world where no one can judge me, where no one will harm me. It is when I can listen to my own breathing or hum a tune to myself and imagine myself in an adventure, inside a fairytale land. For a moment return to childhood, when everything was simple... so simple.


Smell the

Green Leaves Of Spring - Bandari

To my dear friend Xandra

my best wishes of a Happy Birthday!!!

March 10 2013

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campagna, san colombano al lambro, milano

Explore: 430 on Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Testing my new 70-300mm lens @ zoo zurich

seen in the masoala rainforest.


Exposure:0.01 sec (1/100)


Focal Length:70 mm


i need to see some green before i go crazy with winter :)

done with FTP (The International Fractal Therapeutic Project, Stephen C. Ferguson)

It's raining again over here, so I decided to post a bit of fresh color for today ;-)


Have a nice Sunday!

Green leaf from my garden.


By Nikon D90, no edit this beauty natural.


Thank you for your supporting my mind:)


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:) somewhere in the countryside.

Have a fantastic weekend, my friend!!


from the archive


Pace verde

:) da qualche parte nella campagna..

Buon weekend, amici!


foto di archivio

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A late summers evening on one of the local Fields.

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