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Quite a lovely morning today with a pretty sunrise and low mist...I've photographed this tree a few times, but this is definitely my favourite of it so far.

Another early morning shot of this tree from my morning walk, it's noticeable that the green shoots are beginning to show themselves as all the birds busy themselves with the coming spring

A view of the local church in Great Dunmow, Essex

It was a beautiful morning in Great Dunmow today, just after sunrise with the mist still lingering across the fields viewed from the top of Beaumonts Hill...lovely start to the day.

Doctors Pond in Great Dunmow is just down the road from where I live and so I get to photograph it quite often. I was particularly pleased with how today's early morning 5 shot HDR came out.

Just getting his breath back ready for his next attempt at flight

I have no idea what he had done...perhaps it was something to do with the tree in the background ;-)

Lovely Spring Day today in Great Dunmow, the bullocks were enjoying a leisurely breakfast as I trotted past on my morning walk.

Round the back of where I live is a little lane, Star Lane, that runs up into Market Place in Great Dunmow - this is it on a miserable, rainy, grey winters day...and it still looks great!

My friend the Dunnock popped out of the hedgerow this morning and gave me a little song...

Wandering around Dunmow this evening looking for a picture when I came across the local tennis courts. These are very well lit by these high floodlights positioned all around the court. No one was playing this can probably tell why from those clouds ;-)

We've had some lovely weather over the last couple of days and I was sure we'd have a cracking sunset this just never happened. Still, Dunmow's Doctors Pond always makes a pleasant picture.

This is the old Gatehouse that gave access to Easton Lodge, the home of the Duchess of Warwick and later the USAF during the second world war. Quite why it is being allowed to completely fall apart is anyones guess.

Another local bird today, a blackbird who visits our garden everyday for a meal in the bird house. His wife is not usually far away. We also now have a pair of Collared Doves and a pair of Robins visiting...well, it is Valentines Day...

Wandering around Dunmow on a cold evening looking for shots, I thought the various lights in town would make a slightly different shot of the High Street, turning them into out of focus bokeh.

Debbie gave me a colour challenge of purple this evening, as I was struggling to come up with something to photograph. This was fine, except, of course, I'm colour blind!


Not to worry - it got me out of the house and I took this photo of Dunmow High Street and Market Square from Stortford Road.

The weather has been...changeable the last few days and the next few days look as though they will continue this pattern. So, when in doubt, I nip out to Doctors Pond for the daily photo...the sky tells you all you need to know ;-)

The Summer Solstice, aka the longest day, is probably not the right day to decide "tonight's the night for light painting". Sadly, I had seen, in my minds eye, the picture I wanted to make and the fact that I was only going to get an hour or so of darkness in which to take that picture was neither here nor there!


Fortunately I've been doing this photo a day lark for long enough now to know that experimental means, 9 times out of 10, no adequate picture for the daily photograph , so I took this emergency fall back picture earlier in the evening ;-) Of course, it does mean you have had a photograph of Doctor's Pond in Great Dunmow twice in two days.


By the way - can you spot the schoolboy error I made in the general tiding up of the image in Photoshop?

Two views, same day out of the same window, I loved the cloud in the earlier shot and the moon (non-eclipsed) in the second shot so decided to make a diptych.

I took a stroll around Dunmow this evening - down to the church and then back around the recreation ground, but it was my Doctors Pond photo from right at the beginning of the walk that immediately caught my will be interesting how the other, later shots come out.

We're getting to the time that the sun is already coming above the horizon when I set off for my morning walk around Dunmow...that's not always a disadvantage. When you have a lot of cloud cover a brief break in that cloud cover can give quite a nice look to your photographs, as it did today.

Never having paid much attention to the moon before I started photography, I was surprised to find that it moves all over the I hadn't realised that I would be able to include it in a shot of Doctors Pond from where I was shooting tonight.


I had popped out to photograph Dunmow High Street as the Christmas lights were put up today. Now, we are a very small town so I don't expect much...which is probably just as well...I didn't bother photographing them...


Not to worry - The Starr Restaurant always has a good tree and lights outside and this year is no exception, sadly, I don't like the shots I took of it - totally my fault!


So I tried the new Town Square which, rather bizarrely, is also a tree, no lights...yet. The town council did have a very nice tree and lights here last year, I'm hoping I'm just a bit early to catch them this year ;-)


So, for a change ;-) you get Doctors was freezing over and the ducks were having to stand on the ice in parts of the pond.

I was wandering up to our local polling station to exercise my constitutional right when I noticed the little playground was empty.


I've photographed this playground before - a long time ago, and I was pondering whether I could use this again for a shot when I noticed this abandoned doll. No doubt someone is rather upset this evening...


After I had taken a few shots I popped her on the "fort" where there is at least a little cover so she should be OK if the rains come.

I haven't been up this early on New Years Day for a long time ;-)


This is a 5 shot HDR of the very brief sunrise over Doctors Pond in Great Dunmow but the colours are a faithful reproduction of reality.


For those who notice such things - I hadn't noticed, until today, that the clock was wrong on the camera - I hadn't adjusted it for daylight saving back at the end of it's an hour fast - the shot was taken 07.50...shortly before the official sunrise at which time there was just flat grey cloud as far as the eye could see!

The geese were lining up around Doctors Pond this afternoon waiting for the storm to hit - great flashes of lightning and claps of thunder announced today's deluge...roll on Spring ;-)


One nice thing today was finding that Google had added a new set of filters at no extra cost - their Analog Efex Pro - if you have the Google Efex Pro filters you'll find it's been added as well...and yes - I had a play with them here ;-)

Something simple today after quite a few busy HDR and macro shots. A silhouette of some of the houses on my street with the moon coming up behind them.

Young Moorhen at Great Dunmow, Essex

So, it's a bit foggy, it'll be fine, you don't need to see that well!


Could, of course, be a Close Encounter...

After a very poor start to the day weather wise, with thunderstorms and torrential rain, this afternoon cleared up and we had beautiful sunshine.


I took a stroll across the Recreation Ground in Great Dunmow down to the River Chelmer where I scrambled up and down the banks to get some decent vantage points. This one saw me paddling around what is a quite chilly river at the moment...and the banks were very muddy and slippery from all the rain they had received this morning. Still, I got this shot, a shot I have tried to get before with varying degrees of success, clearly the best way to get this is to get into the river!

I popped out for a walk late afternoon/early evening and decided to head down to the Flitch Way in Dunmow. I've been on the Flitch Way at Little Dunmow and Little Canfield, but never in Great Dunmow. So off I set, thinking I knew exactly how to get to it...of course I didn't and ended up walking along a field edge by the A120 for some time. As luck would have it this actually joined the Flitch Way at Buttleys Lane.


The Flitch Way is on the site of the old Bishop's Stortford to Braintree railway line, long since removed in the 1950's but there is still the occasional piece of track lying around and brick bridges abound. I soon reached Dunmow Cutting - the deepest cutting on this line and now a haven to wild flowers and grasses. I was looking at the scabious' when I spotted this golden long horned moth resting. By the length of its horns it is a male.

This long standing Market Town is rich in character and sharp on individuality with a high street full of great independent shops and businesses many of which are still housed in buildings dating back hundreds of years. From wine shops to coffee and tea treasures, long standing inns and guest houses to quirky gift and homeware shops.

It's been another filthy day today. There was a great hail storm followed by a torrential downpour that flooded all the roads on my way home. By the time I got home though the clouds were just breaking open and we got this sunset over Doctors Pond.

Sunday started reasonably early for me as I had to complete my second assignment for the marketing diploma I'm currently taking. I wanted to spend the whole day at it so made sure I got out early to capture the days photograph.


It was a glorious, warm, autumn morning with just a hint of mist rising off the Chelmer and some lovely colours in the trees and bushes.

This is one shot from a series of shots I took this evening. A Request from Australia lead to a rather long walk to Bigods Farm including unexpected sunsets, peacocks and renovations... for the full story and more images

All rights reserved by Alan Simpson

I popped out into the garden just before the heaven's opened for today's deluge and caught this tiny forget-me-not that had recently bloomed. I like the painted effect that the very limited depth of field created.

I took a long walk around Great Dunmow this afternoon and ended up coming out down by the new Police Station. It's strange how few pictures of this seem to exist if you don't hear from me again I probably shouldn't have photographed it ;-)

EncandilArte : ESta no vale para el tema de la semana, pero la saque hace 3 dias!!!. Si lo llego a saber hago una serie completa y es que en "mi pueblo" no tenemos ni semaforos y como no repita vacas...

Playing with bulb setting and my cheap bulb timer we went out to play in the ice and snow this + field = stuck we got out...

Walking through the graveyard this back lit tree caught my eye

I had to pop out to the Post Office this morning and it was such a beautiful morning that I grabbed a few shots of Doctors Pond on my way back. This is a 3 shot HDR taken on my Sony NEX7 and processed using photomatix, lightroom, photoshop, with a bit of Nik Colour Efex Pro thrown in for good measure ;-)

There are a few little passages or ginnels around Dunmow - here's one of them that comes out just behind the 16th century (old) town hall...the building with the bell tower.


It would appear the gardens are all trying to escape into the ginnel.

I popped out to Doctors Pond this evening just as the sun was setting and photographed a small selection of the waterfowl that lives there. Plenty more on my blog

Better in L ;-)


This is one of the local playgrounds in Dunmow. When I was growing up these would be well populated with teenagers in the early evening, nowadays I guess they are all inside on their Playstations. and to be fair, it was about -3C when I took this photograph - so who's the dummy ;-)


Just a quick comment on the look of this shot - I'm not entirely sure why the trees are so green. I'm assuming this is caused by the fact I am using the floodlights of the local tennis club (to the left of the shot) to provide some of the light and I assume this is giving the picture, and particularly the trees a green colour cast. That said, I like the look, it gives it a kind of dirty chemical look that appeals to me.

When I was a kid, the arrival of the fair was something of great excitement and anticipated for, not so much.


I wandered down to the fair in Dunmow this evening...the posters said it would be running until 10.00pm...I arrived around 9.00pm to find everything deserted and in the process of being closed down for the evening, due, no doubt, to lack of custom. The fair is set up in a typical western style circle. In the vicinity, but not using the fair were about 50 youths congregated in a number of felt like the fair was guarding against an onslaught from the youth.


The fairs here for another week (although only opens again next Thursday, Friday & Saturday). Perhaps the kids are saving their cash for a blow out next weekend...

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