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This shot is on Westminster Bridge in London.


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no it's u.k. - dungeness - nikon f2 photomic 1975 - nikkor 35mm f2.0 - fuji superia reala 100 - edited

A man looks down on the city of London, Westminster, and the Thames River from a little pod on the London Eye.

Using this shot for the Big Five-Two project. This months theme is "Within The Frame".


Enjoy your weekend!

After the Sgwd yr Eira waterfall, I went on to the Sgwd y Pannwr. Knowing that this fall was already framed by many others, I tried to find a different view point. Unfortunately, having spent masssive time at the previous fall, now tourists and Canyoning groups passed through frequently ! :-( Which kept me there for hours, waiting for a quite preriod in order to get this shot. Hope you enjoy! Used a ND 10 Stop Filter as well.

Take a closer look, what's on the radiator grill :)

This was shot in a small alleyway in Edinburgh.


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See the, What I Did On My Summer Vacation set.


This shot was taken while traveling on the Thames River. A circular polarizer was used to darken the sky. It was processed in HDR. A little PS helped lighten highlights in the sky and in some of the building. The skew was also adjusted. Nothing unique. Just going for that postcard look. The clouds definitely cooperated.

camber sands u.k. - nikon f2 photomic 1975 - nikkor 20mm f4.0 - fuji superia reala 100 - edited

u.k. - rockabilly rave 2012 - nikon f2 1975 - nikkor 35mm f2.0 - expired kodak farbwelt 200 - expired 2007 - edited

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