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These great spangled fritillaries are giving us a good look at all their shiny silver spangles in stereo. After mating, the female will be laying her eggs on the prairie violet leaves growing here at Ludwig Prairie as violets are the only host food for their caterpillars after hatching.

Upper Peninsula of Michigan



I captured this butterfly (which I think is called a Great Spangled Fritillary) during my visit to East Canyon State Park in Utah. It was enjoying the many wildflowers blooming around the park's late.

Speyeria cybele at Fletcher Lake, Algonquin Highlands, Ontario


I'm sorting through old photos from a period (of years) when I wasn't processing or sharing them much. I'm deleting a lot but will post any of particular interest.

This Spangled Fritillary Butterfly is enjoying that precious milkweed nectar !


Pushing on that trigger is like pulling magic into my very soul...Darrell.


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LaGrange County, Indiana


A Great Spangled Fritillary taken in the Pigeon River Fish & Wildlife Area.

Just returned from a few days in the Catskill mountains of New York. The warm sunny days and cool nights were a pleasant summer break!

Lots of sulphurs in the wild pea, and three species of frits + lots of swallowtails in the joe pye weed - which towers overhead in August. Lots of butterflies on the wing - but few posing for shots!


Enjoy the solar eclipse - and Happy Butterfly Monday!


Two butterflies on one of our tall wildflowers from the archives: our biggest fritillary that hasn't visited the last few late-summers, and a small Pearl crescent. At a wet wildflower area near our house that isn't there anymore - North Georgia

I didn't see many of these big, showy butterflies last season. This shot was taken in a small wetlands near my house that I can't reach anymore. The purple ironweed there attracted so many butterflies in late summer & fall.


>> Great spangled frit on purple ironweed, North Georgia


A rainy week for us - Happy Butterfly Monday!


Hi There!


My contribution for Wannabe Warmer Wednesday: An image from my Summer 2018 Archives.


In 2018 Spreading Dogbane, a wildflower, was in great abundance. As a butterfly and bee magnet, it was a great wildflower for me to look for. Then came the dry summer of 2019. Most of the Spreading Dogbane flowers didn't materialize and I could find no butterflies in those areas. Such is the fickle nature of Mother Earth.


It is currently -26C. I wannabe warmer! WWW!


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All was not lost on my recent visit to the arboretum. There were very few butterflies out and about but I did manage to find one willing to give me a picture or two.

A somewhat worn, but still attractive, Great Spangled Fritillary nectars on Meadow Blazingstar, a favourite midsummer flower of many butterfly species.

Captured at Splinter Ridge FWA Madison Indiana


Two views of the same individual. I followed it along the trail and took shots as it chose various landing spots and opened and closed its wings before moving on again.


Elk Island National Park, Alberta.

Last Friday, Larry and I had the best butterfly day so far this season! I was able to get photos of two new lifers and we saw eight other species. This orange beauty, the Aphrodite Fritillary, posed nicely for us on these Dogwood Blooms. It was really a sight to behold :)

Showing off those great silver spangles on it's hind wing here as it gets a drink from some damp soil. Great spangled fritillary flight season is just getting started in Iowa.

Bright eyed and watchful as she sipped her nectar.

Was absolutely thrilled to find this Great Spangled Fritillary butterfly, the first one I’ve ever seen. It was at the Urquhart Butterfly Garden in Dundas, a real treasure of a place with all kinds of butterflies and birds attracted by the lovely flowers now in bloom.


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After never seeing one of these before this year, I am thrilled to have now seen three of them.


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Speyeria cybele -- male


The Great Spangled Fritillary is a very close relative to the Regal and shares many of the same habits. It's been 4 years since I photographed one in my yard but I don't keep as close track of this species as the Regal so I don't remember if I've seen any in the intervening years.


Always nice to have one around even if it's chasing the Monarchs off the Milkweed flowers.

great spangled fritillary

Ice Age Trail - Table Rock Segment, Dane County, Wisconsin.


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Great Spangled Fritillary Butterfly on Crown Vetch from the yard in PA.


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The great spangled fritillary is a North American butterfly of the Nymphalidae family. Wikipedia

Nice fritillary seen at Bull Shoals State Park in north Arkansas.


Another model butterfly :)

Butterfly season is in full swing here now. This year I really want to learn to identify the many Fritillary species we see.


Top row - Silver-bordered Fritillary dorsal and ventral view

Bottom row - Great Spangled Fritillary dorsal and ventral view

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