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Anyone who visits Evandale is aware of Grandma's House. It's a humble 19th century gabled house with a wonderful front garden that sits next door to one of the grand Georgian houses in the main street (next photo).


It is a popular destination with tourists, and when you look at this photograph you understand why. Every Sunday hundreds of people walk by on their way to the famous Evandale Market.


The afternoon I took this photograph was a perfect late Autumn day in early Winter (June). See for yourself.


When I used to visit Grandma. I was very much impressed,

by her all-purpose apron, and the power it possessed.

For Grandma, it was everyday to choose one when she dressed.

The strings were tied and freshly washed, and maybe even pressed.............


Read the rest and grab the event and designer info on Threads & Tuneage


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One of the highlights of my month is when Nutmeg has a new joke LOL! This new release doesn't disappoint! Grandma's Cottage is out now at the Kustom 9 event. Pictured from the set is:

Nutmeg. Grandma's Cottage Bench Dark (Comes in light too, candle can be turned on or off)

Nutmeg. Grandma's Cottage Fresh Bread (yum)

Nutmeg. Grandma's Cottage Basket w/Flowers (too cute for words)


Kustom 9 open now:

Nutmeg and RKKN mainstore:

Nutmeg Flickr:


Other Nutmeg items pictured that are available at the mainstore (lm above) :

Nutmeg. Laundry Day Watering Can

Nutmeg. Laundry Day Slippers

Nutmeg. Laundry Day Armchair

Nutmeg. Old Tricycle Black

Nutmeg. Old Story Ottoman w/Crown Dirt

Nutmeg. Dacha Old Oriental Rug Decor

Nutmeg. Dacha Hanging Candle Bucket

Nutmeg. Dacha Loveseat Cream Floral Print

Nutmeg. Rustic Samovar Tray Set

Nutmeg. Handmade Shelf w/Bag

Nutmeg. Remi's Vintage Small Table Decor​


Other decor pieces used:

floorplan. antiques sign

{anc} antique fence (2) {rust}

Mithral * Mounted String of Hearts (Wood)

*ionic* A plie of antique windows

{yumyum} Vine


Thanks for the support and have a great week! ✌️❤️


Me: Hey grandma I got Jack in the box

Grandma: it's beautiful box!

Me: Yes! but I can't open it :(

Grandma: Let me see... hmm

Me: ok :)

Grandpa: *Press the remote controller switch*

Grandma: AH!!!!!!!

Me: *giggles*

Grandma: Frank!!!!

Grandpa: !?!?!?!?!?

Me: I watched only cookie xD


The Arcade Dec 2015

dust bunny . poppy cottage . RARE

dust bunny . ruffle chair

dust bunny . basket table

dust bunny . robin nest . white rose vase

dust bunny . beaded lamp

dust bunny . jewelry box

dust bunny . robin nest . natural

dust bunny . white rose pitcher

dust bunny . robin nest . rag wreath

dust bunny . porcelain deer

dust bunny . robin nest . shortbread cookies

dust bunny . pom pom blanket

dust bunny . yarn basket

dust bunny . ruffle rug

NOMAD // Jack in the Box RARE

NOMAD // Baubles Wreath

NOMAD // Grandfather Clock

NOMAD // Baubles Tree

NOMAD // Gustavian End Table

NOMAD // Gustavian Coffee Table

NOMAD // Gustavian Armchair



Apple Fall Clifton Cast Iron Fireplace (White)


Grandma had always said to stay out of the woods... but I didn't listen. The forest always called to me and I had to answer it. Upon leaving one day I learned the truth as to why when I had returned... The Big Bad Wolf had gotten poor old Granny. Now I wonder the woods with her dear old remains tucked safely away in my basket, wearing the old tattered red hooded cape she wore when her demise happened. Traveling the woods with that dear wolf by my side.


Photo taken in the woods at Uri Jefferson's FREAKSHOW!

. . . ♥ . . .


Grandma's eat free.

-- Author Unknown


Processed: PS CC, Topaz Labs

Texture: Lenabem-Anna


3rd place Winner - To Be Still - Challenge for November, 2015 - Members Choice


This, and all my photographs are copyrighted and may not be used anywhere, including blogs, without my express permission.

Photo of my grandmother on my new film camera - Nikon FE-2.

Grandma's Beak on Stora Timrarö in the Stockholm Archipelago.


This is my grandma. I love her with all my heart.

Sadly, Valentine's Day at our house now means that grandma died two years ago. Today my wife and brother-in-law will go to our local temple and offer food to the monks to remember and honor her.

Grandma in Hong Kong around 1997.

Once a grandmother, a Mongolian woman will be called Grandma by all her neighbors. Living a nomadic life, Grandma raised six children in her ger.

Haven't had much time for SL lately, but this new beautiful set from Nutmeg, Grandma's Cottage, inspired me to take a little time to have some fun.


Available at Kustom9:

Nutmeg. Grandma's Cottage Bench Dark PG

Nutmeg. Grandma's Cottage Basket w/Flowers

Nutmeg. Grandma's Cottage Fresh Bread


12. Nutmeg. Garden Getaway Straw Hat

Nutmeg. Disarray Old Jar Plant

Nutmeg. Disarray Wooden Candlestick

Nutmeg. Forgotten Library Book Pile

Nutmeg. Forgotten Library Rose Bonus Item

Nutmeg. Vintage Coffee Pot

Nutmeg. Rustic Industrial Stool Black

Nutmeg. Rug Gray, Group Gift


Camdem - Season Change - 1.Devil's Ivy Long RARE


Heart - Wild Flowers - Quenn Ann's Lace - S2

HPMD* WildGrasses - a

HPMD* Shrub - ygreen*b

Me: Where is grandpa?

Grandma: I don't know. He does not come back home from yesterday.

Me: Did you quarrel with grandpa?

Grandma: Yes :(

Me: awww :(

Grandma: I think he will come back in a little more.

Me: I hope so :) ah.. i gotta go :(

Grandma: Take care pokute! *Hugs*

Me: See ya grandma! *Hugs*


*Straddling the scooter for kids*


Grandpa: Psst! hey pokute!

Me: Grandpa!?!?!?!?

Grandpa: Shhhhhh!!!

Me: xD

Grandpa: Was she angry about me?

Me: No :) Grandma was worried about you!

Grandpa: Thank you pokute! It's time to head back for home!

Me: Hahaha see ya grandpa! good luck!

Grandpa: !!!


Chapter four Feb 2016

*ionic* Sunshine Cottage RARE

*ionic* Ancient Gate RARE

*ionic* Distressed wall gate RARE

*ionic* Fountain (tiled)

*ionic* Mary go round

*ionic* Piled Messy Chairs

*ionic* Distressed phone cabin



[Con.] Wax On/Wax Off Convertible - Yellow

[Con.] Seaport Scooter - army RARE

Pink Acid Dachshund Puppy - Chocolate - Her

I found Grandma's Swimsuit and it is so pretty I am wearing it on my date!




I reminisce on Grandma's hands

Her visions of Heaven's lands

Spectacles of repose so grand

Summer floral perfumes

Velvet pastures for rooms

Eternal light so divine

Ambrosia, sweeter than wine

I reminisce on Grandma's hands

Gnarled, old but natural

Her songs, hymns so musical

Her life well spent, faithful

I reminisce on Grandma's hands

Her dreams came true, that's grand

Souls in repose, in Summer-land

Her visions of Heaven's lands

Yes, I recall my Grandma's hands.

~Julie Grenness~

This is my Grandma Dora. Everyone calls her Gram. Everyone. Even the neighbors and all my friends. We just found out she has cancer. Cancer is the devil. Gram doesn't deserve this. Nobody does. Especially not Gram. She worked hard all her life and she raised 4 daughters mostly by herself. Not to mention all the grandkids she helped with. I lived with her through my high school years. She is such a badass and so mean and such the best person. She's got a huge heart, but she doesn't want you to know it. If you need something, she'll give you hell about it, but she'll make sure you get it. Hang in there, Gram. If anyone can kick cancer's ass, it's you. And yes, she glows.


Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. If you wish to use this image, please, contact me through flickrmail or at © All rights reserved...


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My grandson Pep Enric with his Grandma C.

When I was a little girl, my brother and I would go to my paternal grandparents' house every Saturday. My grandma loved to fill her shelves with pots, vases, etc. and I would often look at them. This particular pot was always my favourite. I'm not exactly sure why - I love the shape, and the painting on it is really pretty (it has blackberries, blossom, and spiders' webs). On the base it says 'Manufactured for Humphrey Taylor & Co. London. 1770. Distillers of Famous Liquers.' I don't know whether it once contained a liquer or not.


Anyway, after my grandma died my parents asked if there was anything in particular of hers that I wanted to keep ... and this pot was top of the list. It has been with me eversince, and now lives on a shelf in the sitting room. It felt right to upload it on a Saturday.


My entry for No.7 - Memories, in 111 in 2011.


Texture by SkeletalMess - thank you. :)


Grandma - portrait set.

Pretty cheesey I'll admit; but my grandma gave me this today. I know she'll overcome her breast cancer, I know it. ♥

part of the grandma series

Grandma kisses granddaughter. They sits under the open air in summer day.

part of the grandma series

I have a wonderful update on my Grandma.


After her stroke, the doctor honestly believed she only had another month or so to live. We knew in our hearts she was going to fight to live longer. She has always been the most amazing and strongest woman.


She spent a couple months at a local nursing home, recovering from her stroke and trying to gain strength. It was very hard for her to not be "home" but it helped so very much that she was at the nursing home that my aunt (her daughter) works. She always had family with her.


We are SO PROUD OF HER. She celebrated her 81st birthday on the 25th. A birthday her doctor never would have thought she would live to see.


She is simply amazing.


Our hero.


And now she is home.


Thank you so much to all of you who prayed for our family.


particolari d' una vita

one entire life small details

particolari d' una vita

one entire life small details

The actual purpose of this water festival is to bless one's elders by pouring scented water over their hands as you see here and be blessed in return and when grandma was alive this was a yearly ritual at our house.

This is grandma GeGe.

She was an actress, singer, etc. She was on the Red Skelton show as Sara Drew. She was the granny in the tweety bird cartoons! She was the voice of Crusader Rabbit, also the voice of Casper when it was on the radio, & Miss Larue in Top Cat. She was also in a bunch of soundtracks, and on I Love Lucy.

My sister sara has pictures of her with jimmy stewart, i think..and the actor from miracle on 34th street. She even had her own fanclub. :]

"GRANDMA! Can you speak a little louder and a little younger? I am in my backyard sitting in a shopping cart while using my banana phone and I just can't understand a word you're sayin'! "

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