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Canal Grande, Venice, Italy


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Salto Grande.

Torres del Paine.


Marcos Simanovic

Rio Grande F9 No. 5771 shows off its original, as-delivered 4-stripe Grande gold and silver paint scheme shortly after being restored at the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden on March 25, 1999.

En plumage nuptial, la grande aigrette a le plumage entièrement blanc, avec de longues plumes sur le dos allant jusqu’au-delà de la queue. Le bec est jaune avec l’extrémité sombre.


C’est un oiseau d’une rare beauté et toute une chance de le voir avec ses ailes déployées.


Mirante da cidade de Serra Grande - Bahia





I close my eyes and think of her

The sweet scent of her skin

It 'a voice inside that is taking me where the sun rises


Alone, are the words

But if they should be written everything can change

No more fear I'll want to shout this great love

Love, only love is what I feel


Tell me why when I think, I just think of you

Tell me why when I see, I see only you

Tell me why when I believe, I believe in you only great love

Tell me you never

That will never leave me

Tell me who you are

Breath of my days of love

Tell me what you know

That only me choose

Now you know

You are my only, great love


Cachoeira Grande literallly means big waterfall in Portuguese. This amazing waterfall is in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil in the Serra de Cipó area.

The rain storms that chased us all day caught up again at the bridge over the Rio Grande Gorge. The river is more than 500 feet below the bridge -- maybe next time the weather gods will allow me to take a photo of the bridge!


Hope you have a great weekend! Thanks, as always, for stopping by and for all of your kind comments -- I appreciate them all. Still catching up ...


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Outside of Auto Train, this is perhaps the largest Amtrak train I have ever personally photographed. Running 10 hours late on June 28, 1998, Amtrak’s westbound California Zephyr crosses Blue Mountain Drive grade crossing west at Clay, Colorado, on the former Rio Grande main line through the Rockies. Powered by P42DC Nos. 18 and 60, and “Pepsi can” P32BWH Nos. 508 and 505, the big train is comprised of 24 cars of baggage, Superliners, material handling cars and express cars. In the background is the city of Denver, 22.5 track-miles to the east.

Sunset approaches on a hot, Saharan sandy hazy evening while WE 5413 lead the day's 228 east by a field southeast of Smithville, OH

Mon premier "grande Tortue" de l'année 2020, il est tout beau tout frais.

My first 'big turtle' of the year 2020, it is very beautiful all fresh.

La Défense

Die Grande Arche (deutsch „großer Bogen“) ist ein modernes Bauwerk in Gestalt eines tesseraktförmigen Triumphbogens im Hochhausviertel La Défense in der Stadt Puteaux, westlich von Paris. Dieser neue Triumphbogen trägt offiziell den Namen La Grande Arche de la Fraternité, wird in Paris häufig aber auch L’Arche de La Défense oder einfach La Grande Arche genannt. Er bildet die westliche Perspektive der sogenannten Axe historique, der Avenue, die eine Gerade bildet mit dem bekannteren Arc de Triomphe und dem Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, der sich zwischen dem Jardin des Tuileries und dem Louvre befindet.


Das Bauwerk ist jedoch nicht exakt zur Sichtachse der Axe historique ausgerichtet, sondern um 6,5 Grad aus der Achse gedreht. Diese Abweichung musste in Kauf genommen werden, da bei der Statik des Baus die dort verlaufenden Verkehrstunnel (RER, Métro und Autobahn) berücksichtigt werden mussten. Durch die leicht schräge Ansicht ergibt sich aus der Ferne eine räumlich tiefere Wirkung der Struktur, als es bei einer frontalen Ansicht der Fall wäre.

The Grande Arche (German "large bow") is a modern building in the form of a tesseraktförmigen triumphal arch in the high-rise district La Défense in the city of Puteaux, west of Paris. This new triumphal arch is officially called La Grande Arche de la Fraternité, but is often called in Paris but also L'Arche de La Défense or simply La Grande Arche. It forms the western perspective of the so-called Ax Historique, the avenue that forms a straight line with the more famous Arc de Triomphe and the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, located between the Jardin des Tuileries and the Louvre.


However, the building is not aligned exactly with the visual axis of the Ax historique, but rotated by 6.5 degrees from the axis. This deviation had to be accepted because the construction of the traffic tunnels (RER, Métro and motorway) had to be taken into account. The slightly oblique view results in a spatially deeper effect of the structure from a distance than would be the case with a frontal view .


The Río Grande del Norte National Monument was established on March 25, 2013 by Presidential Proclamation. The landscape is comprised of rugged, wide open plains at an average elevation of 7,000 ft (2,133 m), dotted by volcanic cones, and cut by steep canyons with rivers tucked away in their depths. Within the monument is the Wild Rivers Recreation area which protects the Río Grande and the Red River as wild and scenic rivers. The Rio Grande, shown here, carves an 800 foot deep gorge through layers of volcanic basalt flows and ash. The volcanic cones in the distance is Cerro Chiflo, elevation 7,660 ft (2,335 m).


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Roselière près de Forel au bord du Lac de Neuchâtel.

This picture is a part of dia-show "Pays de Fribourg au fil des saisons":


Elle est en train d'avaler la brème qu'elle vient de pêcher

Cheyres, belle éclaircie sur les bords du Lac de Neuchâtel.

Case Grande (7326ft) looks small in the image, but it isn't in real life - the effect of wide angle! The peak in the distance (to the right of Casa Grande) is Vernon Bailey (6670ft).


This view is taken from the Lost Mine Trail.

This former swimming hole in El Yunque National Rainforest was built in the 1930’s and is fed by the Rio Bano de Oro (River of Gold) in Puerto Rico

Cette année ils sont plus petits que d'habitude, mais il y en avait une quinzaine qui papillonnait autour d'un arbre !

Amanhecer - Sunrise

Arte Digital - HDR

Software: Snapseed; Pixlr

Barra Grande

Piauí, Brasil



Barra Grande

Piauí, Brasil


Art Week Gallery Group


30/ 06/2020


Place de la Concorde Paris

Je sais que le fruit tombe au vent qui le secoue, - Que l'oiseau perd sa plume, et la fleur son parfum; - Que la création est une grande roue - Qui ne peut se mouvoir sans écraser quelqu'un.


Victor Hugo

The Montreal Observation Wheel - to the right

Bonsecours market - in the middle

Montreal City hall - to the left


Seen from Parc de la Cité-du-Havre




La Grande roue de Montréal - à droite

Marché Bonsecours - au centre

Hotel de Ville de Montréal - à gauche


Vue du Parc de la Cité-du-Havre


the canale grande really fills the frame. You could stand hours on one of the bridges and watch the happening.

Canal Grande w Wenecji /

Grand Canal, Venice



(Skan z negatywu 35 mm, zdjęcie zrobione aparatem Minolta Dynax 7oooi) /

(Scan from a 35 mm negative, the picture taken by the camera Minolta Dynax 7oooi)



The Valle Grande is the largest of several grass valleys in the Valles Caldera. Valles Caldera is a 13.7-mile (22.0 km) wide extinct volcanic caldera in the Jemez Mountains of northern New Mexico. Hot springs, streams, fumaroles, natural gas seeps and volcanic domes dot the caldera floor landscape. It was a real treat to see it blanketed in fresh snow.


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Thanks to the birdies, my friend Zach Kedge and I knew that the two former Rio Grande Tunnel Motors would be on the Hartland-Bellevue train yesterday. We worked through challenging light conditions and were rewarded with some great drop-under light east of Norwalk. They're seen here pulling down to the east end of Hartland Yard at the end of the day.

GP60 UP 1901 former D&RGW 3155, brings the Rocky Local back to town.


Leyden, CO.



Comesebo Grande, White-throated Treerunner, Pygarrhichas albogularis.



Región de la Araucanía


The Grand Canal (Italian: Canal grande, is a canal in Venice, Italy. It forms one of the major water-traffic corridors in the city. Public transport is provided by water buses (Italian: vaporetti) and private water taxis, and many tourists explore the canal by gondola.

One end of the canal leads into the lagoon near the Santa Lucia railway station and the other end leads into Saint Mark Basin; in between, it makes a large reverse-S shape through the central districts (sestieri) of Venice. It is 3.8 km long, and 30 to 90 m wide, with an average depth of five meters (16.5 ft).

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