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Salvör made speech which I have on video, but iPhoto won't let me import it. Whatty what ?

Hearty to say the least. Don't mess with breakfast.

Salvör wrote a song for each and everyone. Some got called lesbians, other whores and one girls father was made out to be a sex god.

We stopped our first day at a little cafe called Grái Kötturinn. It was below the street and couldn't have been more charming. That dark shape in the bottom right of the shot is Vinny. He caught a nap while we waited for food.

Salvör is moving to Amsterdam to her boyfriend next monday. People got together to say goodbye to her at the Grey Cat.

A picturesque family scene at the Grái Kötturinn cafe. Icelanders are descendant from Norwegian vikings and the Irish ladies they swept away with them to become their brides. People in Iceland tend to be Nordic-looking and beautiful.

Double birthday brunch @Grái Kötturinn (The gray cat). My birthday is on the 16th of December and B-boys on the 15th.

I hadn't slept at all on the flight over and was running on fumes. The Icelandic coffee is very strong and I mistook my cafe au lait for americano. Needless to say, after I ordered a second cup this time of the stronger stuff, I realized my mistake. I was doing fine the rest of the day.

Diana Mini - Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400

Valdís and Gígja in deep conversations as happens when 2 - 3 drinks have been consumed.

A view from our table at Grái Kötturinn of Þjóðmenningarhúsið (Culture House) across the street, which was our next destination. There was a really good exhibit on Surtsey there (sadly no pictures allowed).

Only picture of me and I look like a vaginaface.

I would recommend the breakfast here, as the food itself was on the cheaper side, the atmosphere was great, and the hot chocolate was especially good.

Here's the other reason I like Grái Kötturinn: The Truck.


A distinctly non-Icelandic breakfast, it's basically eggs, bacon, American pancakes, pototaoes, tomatoes, and a thick slice of bread with a big chunk of Icelandic butter.


This is how you recover from a red-eye

9am had us searching out a breakfast in Reykjavik, and that too is a challenge since most places don't open until 10am. But from our previous trips, we know that the Grái Kötturinn (the "Gray Kitten") opens early.

Var minnt á þessa mynd og ákvað að setja hana hér inn.

I'd forgotten about this picture, till found it online, so I decided to make it bw and upload it.