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This is what I did tonight.


I ran into my friend Don Pyle tonight. He and I and a couple of tourists were the only one's there to witness this.


Explore - September 27, 2010

Trillium Lake and Mount Hood, Oregon.


I have sold many prints of this photo and it's one that is being displayed at the Sandy Public Library in Sandy, Oregon.


I thought that I had posted it here on Flickr but found that I hadn't. So I present to you one of my own personal favorite Trillium Lake photos.


Here's to you Ruby J. :)

My brother and I ventured to Trillium Lake near Government Camp, Oregon for the first time to see if we could catch a glimpse of the Aurora. We never did get to see the Aurora; however, I was able to come home with this sweet star trails sequence showcasing the awesome night skies above Mount Hood and Trillium Lake.


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Due to the number of fires currently burning throughout the State, an attempt to photograph the meteor showers the other night proved mediocre at best. With a change of plans Craig Paup (digefxgrp) and I headed up the road to Timberline Lodge and captured some faint (due to all the smoke in the air) images of the Milky Way. I was much more interested in the foreground of this shot than I was of the sky! At 1:00 a.m., there was quite a bit of ground fog forming in the valleys.

I love shooting 11mm when the clouds are so tall.


Another beautiful day at the lake. This was taken about a week ago.


I hope that everyone had a great weekend.

An archive from last year's trip up to Trillium Lake..........I made an effort to try and go out today and get some fresh shots but with the temperatures below freezing and still not feeling all that great I made the decision to head back home and hunker down for the day...........:(

I'll give it a try again next week............!


Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend...........!!!!!!!!




Happy Waterfall Wednesday!


This is Yocum Falls on Camp Creek at Laurel Hill on Mount Hood near Government Camp, Oregon.


Explore - Nov 30, 2011 #87

Trillium lake, Oregon

Celestial wonders over Government Camp.

Mt Hood,


© 2013 Kirk DuBose

While waiting for the Milky Way to make a grand appearance to the south of me from Tom, Dick and Harry Mountain, I decided to set-up this mini star trail sequence over Mount Hood, Mount Adams and Mount Rainier with Highway 26 and Government Camp below me.


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Thanks so much for the great comments on my last shot. Just to prove that it had more to do with the view than the cameraman I'm posting this one as a followup shot taken just as the color was starting to come on strong. At this point I was starting to really get excited about the potential sunset. : )


This shot is SOOC with no adjustments. I shoot in RAW and Fine jpg. This is the jpg. I didn't even straighten out the horizon. : )


I hung out with my buddy Ted. Please check out his shots from here.


I passed up 200 Explored photos today. Yay! 201 photos and 9 videos of mine have have hit Explore.


Have a great Sunday everyone. Go shoot some Fall leaves before the rain comes and turns them to mush.

: )


Explore - 120 October 5, 2010

bottom half shot at 9:54, top half shot at about 10:40


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Mount Hood beneath the blanket of the Milky Way Galaxy. Taken from Tom, Dick and Harry Mountain near Portland, Oregon and Government Camp.


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If you're in the Pacific Northwest... Enjoy this weather!! :)

Yocum Falls on Camp Creek near Government Camp, Oregon on a sunny day.


Happy Waterfall Wednesday!


Explore - Dec 21, 2011 #154

Trillium Lake under a friendly sky.


I hope that everyone enjoys the temporary freedom the the weekend affords.


Thank you so much for looking at my pictures. :)

Everything that was happening at Trillium tonight came together to create a different kind of night shot from there.


The clouds were whizzing by in front of the mountain concealing it at times and showing it at others. The lights from the village of Government Camp were illuminating them to the left side and Timberline Lodge was lighting up the center. The clouds were low enough that they allowed the stars to be broadcast and smeared across the sky above the scene. The lake surface would get slight wind chop which didn't give a reflection so much as a subdued blurred foreground, almost a bokeh effect that is like a satin sheet that the scene is sitting on. As the shot was exposing I lightly painted the rocks in the foreground with my head lamp just enough to keep them from being silhouettes. The bushes and trees on the right even caught some of the light giving them definition.


The trip to the lake was an afterthought really as I had changed my mind twice about going up. Now I'm glad that I did. I feel so peaceful while I'm there at the lake waiting for the camera to do its job. This is a single 15 minute exposure.


Have a great weekend. :)

Milky way from Timberline Lodge On Mount Hood near

Government Camp, Oregon

©Gary Meyers Photography ,| All Rights Reserved | Do not use without my permission.


Spent a night at the Mazama Lodge last weekend. Didn't get a whole lot of shots at sunset from Timberline given the active blizzard! But later on as the snow died down, my buddy and I took the opportunity to trudge around in the deep powder taking some shots of this cozy little scene. Wish I could just be here every weekend!

I had just spent a week in Maui, and came home to this. Paradise. Trillium Lake with Mt. Hood shimmering so brightly it's difficult to tell which is the reflection and which is the mountain.




Press 'F' on your keypad if you like this photo. © All rights reserved. Please do not use or repost images, sole property of Thuncher Photography.


Mount Hood


As seen from Tom Dick Harry mountain above Mirror Lake. This is a great walk which without snow isn't too strenuous. Would love to revisit on a more dramatic dawn one day!

What an incredible location to view the wonder and beauty of the night sky! After witnessing a fantastic sunset, I stayed on top of Tom, Dick and Harry Mountain to photograph the Milky Way arching over Mount Hood. I hope you like this one - I have been trying for several months to get the right conditions in order to achieve it and everything finally lined up for me.


Below you can the town of Government Camp. To the left of Mount Hood is a good view of Mount Adams, and Mount Jefferson can be seen just to the right of the gaseous section of the Milky Way.


Technical details - 6 photo panorama, Nikon D800, Nikon 14-24 lens, ISO 3200, f/2.8, 30 seconds.


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This was taken well after it was dark. Actually it was the last photo I took at Trillium lake. Which was a dream for me to shoot :)


Canon 50d

Sigma 10-20mm


Single RAW exposure



125 Seconds

ISO 100

Exposure Bias 0


I'm thankful to live in such a beautiful neighborhood.


The last scene that I posted of Trillium Lake and this shot of Yocum Falls are both within a 30 minute drive from my front door.


A quick perusal of my photostream will reveal a trend, the trend being that I shoot many of the same places over and over because I don't get to get out and down the road very often. I own my own business which keeps me very busy and so it's convenient when I just have to go shoot something to just "run up to Trillium" or to "drop into Boulder Creek" for a quick snap while running errands or to "hit Yocum Falls, Little Zigzag Falls or Still Creek" for a quick walk and a shot.


I was just left a comment by my most excellent contact JP Hanson that started me on this line of thought when he said "(I) guess what I like most about your stuff is that even though you repeatedly frequent the same locations, you come home with something that looks distinctively different than the last time. You put a good spin on things and obviously have a great time doing it."


To me that was a great compliment to my creativity and imagination, plus he stated the primary purpose, to have fun doing it. Thanks JP. : )


I'm almost ready to head out of here to visit friends and to gorge myself with food and to sip a few eclectic brews.


I hope that every one of my American friends are going to eat some good food on this Thanksgiving Day, and have fun doing it. : ) For all of my friends that aren't celebrating Thanksgiving Day, I hope that you have something to be thankful for on this day as well.


I'm thankful that I have such great Flickr contacts. : )



Mount Hood sunrise at Trillium Lake in Oregon. © 2014 Nicole S. Young, All Rights reserved via 500px

Just a note to say that if you have nothing planned for Saturday, please stop by the Mt Hood Cultural Center & Museum in Government Camp. There will be events all day. I will have a display of my work at Mt Hood Skibowl. Please stop in and say hello. Click Here For More Info


Please forgive my elusiveness as I have been quite busy lately.


I liked the unique shape of ice in this area near Mount Hood and spend sometime trying tighter crops. Hope everyone had a great Monday! :)

I'm sure glad I took the chance to go out and shoot the snow while it was there. Lately, it's been feeling a lot like spring around Oregon and I really wish the cold weather would return. I love shooting these snowy landscapes. This is back from my brief trip at the end of December to Mt Hood and the Mazama Lodge near Govenment Camp.

Mother nature put on a hell of a show last night. The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) were absolutely stunning to watch.

Mount Hood and Mirror Lake at sundown, with a Belt of Venus on the horizon, taken from the summit of "Tom, Dick and Harry Mountain" near Government Camp, Oregon.

Another shot of my wonderful mountain... We didn't get to the lake at the right time to get the reflections but It was still super just being there and being able to get some shots..

Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon


Camera Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Exposure 0.2 sec (1/5)

Aperture f/13.0

Focal Length 32 mm

ISO Speed 100


3 Image HDR Converted with Photomatix Pro and B&W Conversion with Nik Silver Efex Pro 2

Last Saturday night I drove up to Trillium Lake near Mt. Hood to photograph the Perseid Meteor Shower. I'm not well versed in the art and science of astrophotography, so I approached the evening with hopes of learning a few things. This is a 27-shot composite from my 5D Mark II, which I left alone with the intervalometer taking a 30-second shot every 31 seconds. I captured several meteors, but most of the brightest seemed to happen out of frame (isn't that how it always is?). What I got plenty of was man-made action. You can make out the track of the International Space Station arcing over Mt. Hood from the Southwest to Northeast. Also, another satellite tracked through from the Southeast to the Northwest. The aircraft coming into PDX can be seen dodging behind the mountain.

All in all, the night was well worth the lost sleep. I learned quite a bit, got to spend time with fellow photographers, and enjoyed a cool night in the mountains.


So there I am minding my own business, trying to find a way to work the foreground rocks into my reflection composition of Mt Hood in Trillium Lake, when along comes this pair of ducks and the female swims right smack dab in the middle of the reflection and stops. She just sets there for like 2 minutes. And I'm thinking "you know I have a camera and you want to be famous".... okay then, here you are, your 15 minutes of fame Ms. Duck.

The damned sun kept getting in the way.


Happy Waterfall Wednesday everyone.

Jeff and I headed up to Mt Hood last weekend finding less than ideal conditions near Government Camp. There was only a little snow and it was so warm that most of it had turned into slush. Our original plan was to snowshoe up Tom Dick & Harry mountain, stay the night and shoot sunset and sunrise. Those plans were scrapped after we met these conditions. So, we stayed warm in the Mazamas lodge and spent most of our time in the Timberline area where the snow was cold and the view was incredible, as usual. This sunset was pretty spectacular, but most of the color stayed near the horizon. So, I shot a panorama of the scene. It was so awesome to get back in the ol' snowshoes after not being able to use them for two years in Florida!


If you're still looking for the perfect Christmas gift, look no further! I have just the thing! There's still time to get one of my 2014 Calendars

My first official attempt at star trail photography happened at Trillium Lake, a spot I'd been to before. Went armed with mosquito coils and whatnot, but this lake was not filled with piranha mozzies like Crater Lake, fortunately. Staked out by the lake for about 2 hours, and even met fellow astrophotog enthusiasts... Before heading back and crashing for half a day to recover. This is a hobby for nocturnals man... This feels a bit like unlocking the secrets of the galaxy, and if you think that you can only get star struck in Hollywood, think again. Now why didn't I major in astronomy?

Trillium Lake, near Government Camp, Oregon.


I boosted the contrast on this one a little more than usual to highlight the natural lighting effect--which only lasted for a short while--where these front trees just exploded with color.


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Captured this with four RAW shots at -2..0..+2 EV. Digital blending in Photoshop CS6. I increased the overall saturation with Hue/Saturation in Photoshop. Curve adjustment to increase the overall contrast. 1 layer mask in soft light mode at 50% gray, using brush tool to lighten and darken some areas of the image, to bring out details. Topaz DeNoise to reduce noise. Topaz Clarity for additional boost in color and contrast.


Sunrise at Trillium Lake Oregon. Woke up at 4 am in the morning to drive to this spot for sunrise photography with Daniel Cheong and Joe McLaughlin.


Have a great Friday everyone!


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