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Goresbrook Village, Dagenham


It's 2013, this is the year if things go to plan that these disappear from the end of Maplestead Road and Goresbrook Road, this is the year they'll disappear from the side of the A13.

I was really hoping that more people would have their lights on at 9.30pm here, although maybe it's because it's the summer.

Maplestead Road, Dagenham

Goresbrook Village, Dagenham


Most of Bassett House is now down, and they're cracking on at great pace with Dunmow too. Ingrave was barely started on the other week but friends tell me that a start has now been made on Ingrave house too.


Another couple of months and they'll be entirely gone.

Goresbrook Village, Dagenham


Last coffee morning yesterday, and they are only a couple of weeks away from closing the doors for good.


This photo was actually taken on a D7100, and the EXIF has been hacked to allow me to import into Lightroom 4. I wanted to take a shot that represents what I have been taking on the D90 to see if my workflow will need any tweaks with the D7100. Answer: not a great deal if any change required.


Full resolution available.

Ingrave House, Goresbrook Village, Dagenham


I have been doing quite a lot of work on the Goresbrook Village for A13 - The Road to Shoeburyness Pier, and had taken some other portraits of the remaining residents and we met this family. Mum didn't want her picture taken but aren't these three just gorgeous.


They were on their way to continue decorating their new place they are moving into.


The Goresbrook will soon be closed, demolished, cleared, and redeveloped.


Someone even had taken to change Floor 1 - Flats 1 - 10*1* - The Goresbrook does somehow ring with that vision of the Ministry of Love...

Those of you familiar with the Lenton area of Nottingham may spot similarities.

Goresbrook Village in the distance.


View On Black

From Thames View Estate.


Almost immediately afterwards I found myself staring at the scene captured in this photo by Venichka, taken about 50 yards to the left of this shot and a little higher up. The temporary (looking) lights and cones are still there.

Ingrave House, Goresbrook Village, Dagenham

Goresbrook Village, Dagenham

Goresbrook Village


First--thankyou to the Goresbrook peeps I met yesterday, it was incredibly insightful. I hope I can do a little tiny bit to record something of "all this", thank you for inviting me and hopefully I can take some good photos of the redevelopment over the coming few years and capture something about the place you have or are living in.


This will be one of a series of pictures that as part of the wider project will become part of the story, following selected communities going through a lot of upheaval and change. One of them is Goresbrook Village.


This is one of the photos from one of the flats overlooking the A13 and many of the iconic buildings of London in the distance, ones that London prefers to associate with its identity.


I'll be keeping up with the residents and former-residents as the story and redevelopment unfolds.

Underneath the new cladding, these blocks are virtually identical to the ones on the Gascoigne.

The end of the lego flats.

Castle Green, Dagenham


If it looks underexposed, it's not really, it was just getting dark and I think that adds to the mood of the picture.

I was waiting for a sunny day to come here. Mysteriously it wasn't in evidence when I arrived.

The end of the lego flats.

The subway under the A13. I decided that faffing around with a tripod down here was probably unwise, hence taken handheld at ISO1600.


Dredged from the archives, August 2007.

Goresbrook Village

it used to be kent round here

Goresbrook Village, Dagenham


A few of the former residents turned up to see off their former homes and have a celebration of sorts of their times they had in their flats and a 'goodbye' I guess.


This is back in June when apart from the playground the blocks were more or less all intact including the concierge building.