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Thanks for taking the time to view my image. Your comments, faves & constructive criticism are greatly appreciated.


Street Photography eBook - Places without Faces.


photo taken on google maps in New Orleans. The idea behind it is that in quarantine we can't go anywhere so we go to these places using google maps.

I could sit and look at satellite pictures of the Earth and Google Map all day. I really could. I love seeing the shapes and formations of river estuaries, mountains, volcanic flows, glaciers, cities, roads and islands.


The above picture is of Hilbre Island, taken vertically from above the earth. Beautiful, amazing, intricate. This is a small piece of Hilbre Island right by my feet. Doesn't it look like a satellite shot?


There's a crater to the upper right, and a sulphurous flow down to the left towards a distant lake glistening in the sunshine.

Frederick Web Promotions Googlemaps "wonder wheel"


Looks like a flow chart, it reveals stuff Google has associated with your website.


Good for me! Google correctly knows me as a social media consultant!

He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you're awake



La primera vegada que es troba citada documentalment és a mitjans del segle XIV amb les paraules "ecclesia de Castrofollito suffraganea". Per tant no era l'únic edifici religiós de la vila: "capella castri sancti Salvatoris de Castrofollito in parrochia sancti Petri de Monteacuto". A Castellfollit hi havia dues esglésies, una parroquial i l'altra, del castell de Sant Salvador.


De tota manera, malgrat no existeixi documentació més reculada, l'església "vella" fou bastida a finals del segle XI o principis del XII. En el decurs del temps va alternant advocació entre Sant Salvador i la Trinitat. L'any 1691 l'església disposava dels següents altars: Altar Major, altar de Nostra Senyora de la Pietat, el de Sant Joan Baptista, el de Sant Joan Evangelista, el de Sant Eloi, el de Nostra Senyora del Roser i el del Santíssim. L'any 1700 el bisbe Miquel Joan de Taberner troba l'església molt destruïda pels soldats del rei de França. L'església de Sant Salvador es va mantenir en culte fins a l'any 1936, data en què fou cremada, produint-se l'esfondrament del sostre. Ha estat restaurada i es vol utilitzar com a museu.




Streetlife with Google Maps

Unfortunately, I can't even make out my own house. But it is in approximately the center of this photo. I've lived there in Mill Valley on Reed Street for almost 15 years so even if this was photographed 6 years ago, my house is still in there. My point is that I live in an area that is covered with trees and vegitation. This was a shock to my system when I moved from North Beach in SF shortly after the earthquake.

Google Local Business Listings now displays a 7 Pack.


The choices provided by Google used to be either 3 Googlemaps listings OR 10 Googlemaps listings.


The difference between what Google displays depends on if there is any competitors or not


Translation: if your competitors are asleep at the switch, YOU DOMINATE

From OneMarco's Tooltip object for Google Maps.

I was drinking V Energy and holding my camera whilst standing on the centre island on Grenfell St!

Date: 08/06/2017

I was drinking V Energy and holding my camera whilst standing on the centre island on Grenfell St!

Date: 08/06/2017

What mere mortals see from the ground when people GoogleMap a spot nearby. (View the larger size - it looks better) Reference Link

All true stories. I can't believe so many memories exist in one screen full of the map. I wish Google Maps had this kind of annotation.


Here's the live Google Maps URL I used to grab this image of Placentia, California.






Gennaio 2018, dopo l'inaugurazione del "Ponte sullo Stretto", ecco la nuova visione dal satellite....... 2 nuove isole fanno parte dell'arcipelago delle Eolie ma collegate tra loro da un ponte........

With a new housing estate now built, I assume that the people who live hear are going to start complaining about this 'junkyard'. >_<


Flume sections, Zipper and Sky Diver.

Indicated by green, traffic on A10 North East Rd or Sudholz Rd can turn left at the intersection as usual.

However, as right-hand turns at the intersection are no longer possible, northbound traffic on A10 North East Rd (indicated by blue) would have to turn left onto Blacks Rd and right onto Sudholz Rd when going south-east to Paradise and other suburbs. Indicated by red, southbound traffic on A10 North East Rd about to head north-west would then have to turn left onto Sudholz Rd and make a u-turn at the Sudholz Rd/Lyons Rd intersection.

Kind of strange, but it helps peak-hour traffic on North East Rd flow more smoothly.

Saint-Affrique est une petite ville dynamique du Sud-Aveyron (Midi-Pyrénées) de 8768 habitants située dans le sud Aveyron, à 30 km de Millau.

Dotée d'une histoire riche, la vilotte possède une identité forte impulsée par ses habitants : Les Saint-Affricains.

Ville aux 7 collines, Saint-Affrique se caractérise principalement par ses 5 ponts (dont 1 médieval), sa majestueuse église et les vestiges de ses fortifications.

Au cœur d'une zone rurale, la vilotte est le lieu de rendez-vous de tout le Pays Saint-Affricain, notamment autour de son marché de plein air le samedi matin.





5319 GoogleMaps 19. IX. 2013. Paroisse Bon Pasteur Eglise Notre Dame Saint-Affrique 1 2013 S 2542 Toulouse_72

<- detalhe da ilustração ao lado / Revista RAGGA #48 - pg.40

i put this place on google maps before it got the new roof

Getting lot of views over on Google Maps. I'm very happy for the hits I get on Flickr, but.....

Inglewood, California - I lived here through 5th grade. You'll find 25 little stories on this map, including the one-time home of Bruce Lee and events from the childhood of a little monster. When I lived here there were no zip codes: It was Inglewood 4, California. Area Code 213. Our phone number was PL4-xxxx (the PL stood for PLeasant).


1) My blog 2) Early 60s Hawthorne Home Page 3) geotagged


The view from ground level when someone makes a trip route with Googlemaps. (like this one)

Google maps image of the coast off Southern Italy showing brightly colored spots (or sparkles) in the water. What is producing these colored spots?



You're welcome to scribble over my notes. ;-)

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