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Night photography in the city, something I love to do as you may know. Found a new spot during the day so came back.


This Image was used as a Limited Edition Oyster Card Holder during 2014 made by The Londonist.


Tower Bridge (built 1886–1894) is a combined bascule and suspension bridge in London, over the River Thames. It is close to the Tower of London, from which it takes its name. It has become an iconic symbol of London. The bridge consists of two towers tied together at the upper level by means of two horizontal walkways, designed to withstand the horizontal forces exerted by the suspended sections of the bridge on the landward sides of the towers. The vertical component of the forces in the suspended sections and the vertical reactions of the two walkways are carried by the two robust towers. The bascule pivots and operating machinery are housed in the base of each tower. The bridge's present colour scheme dates from 1977, when it was painted red, white and blue for the Queen Elizabeth II's silver jubilee. Originally it was painted a mid greenish-blue colour.


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After several years of putting off the trip for various reasons, market demand, google analytics -- and several direct requests -- ultimately determined that it made sense for TIA International Photography to finally visit the City of Miami.


This photo was taken on my first night in the city. I like this image because it essentially represents my initial encounter with America’s eighth largest metropolitan area and gateway to Latin America, pondering and anticipating the multiple photo opportunities to come for the next seven days.


I hope to use the month of May to get my best images of Miami, Miami Beach, and Key West onto my official website portfolio. Please stay tuned. Until then, enjoy this preview of what’s to come.



Times Square traffic jam in New York City


This image is available for use under the Creative Commons Attribution License.




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Point Defiance Zoo - This family had run inside a dark room that connects to their main area. They stopped under a single beam of light coming through the roof. By chance I got this family portrait.....It was very fast, but you'd swear they were actualy posing.

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Image by RankHop under Creative Commons License.


You can use this image at for FREE on your website, however, please make sure that you give author attribution to


Another screenshot from one of our clients that had tremendous SEO (Search Engine Optimization) growth through a couple of on page optimization strategies. We did no link building for this to occur. Their backlink profile was already very strong, just needed to make a couple of minor adjustments in order to increase their web traffic.

Have you checked out Google Analytics? I have been using it for about two months on my blog, and it is very interesting to track...


Sure, it's not about quantity, but I do like the graphs :)


The Map Overlay may be my favorite of all! how many people visited the site from Sri Lanka? you can find it out with Google Analytics!


Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 Review – Best Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 Review And Bonus – Get Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 by Andrew Fox and Paul Lynch – Easy Sketch Pro 3.0

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Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 Review – Honest Easy sketch Pro 3.0 Review Bonus – Best Doodle Video Marketing Software

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Have you checked out Google Analytics? I have been using it for about two months on my blog, and it is very interesting to track...


Sure, it's not about quantity, but I do like the graphs :)

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A year ago I blogged about the 25 sites that were on my Firefox bookmarks toolbar. These represented the 25 sites that I used the most in my day in day out online life.


I thought here now one year later I'd refresh this post showing which bookmarks were removed from my toolbar over the past year and which ones were added. I've also added comments on each link.


Links removed in the last year.


1. My Welcome Mat on Zooomr. The welcome mat on Zooomr was not providing me anything useful really. Instead I've streamlined my Zooomr links down to two, my Zooomr Social Stream and my Zooomr Zipline.


2. My Zooomr Sets. I had a lot of problems with my Zooomr sets so I stopped maintaining sets there and maintain them at Flickr now.


3. Magnolia. I stopped using Magnolia for bookmarks after some weird thing happened with the site and I could no longer add new bookmarks there.


4. My Magnolia Mini Marker. Same deal. Since I don't use Magnolia anymore I don't need this.


5. Google Docs. I just find that I don't really need to use word processors and spreadsheets much anymore. I use Zoho now instead of Google docs but I don't use it enough to give it toolbar real estate.


6. Twittersearch. Although I still post to Twitter occasionally I've largely stopped following it from twitter or using Twittersearch.


7. Involver. I was going to try and use Involver for my events, but it was a private beta thing that my friends couldn't get into without an invite and just seemed easier to use.


8. Statsaholic. I kind of gave up on Statsaholic after their Alexa data kept getting disrupted. I'm also much less interested in traffic stats on sites these days.


9. Newsgator Online. I switched my RSS reader to Google Reader.


10. Sitemeter. I dumped Sitemeter this year. Google Analytics gives me most of the same information without having to pay for it.


11. Zooomr Blog. Not much activity here. Most of Zooomr's updates go in the Zipline these days.


Links added in the last year.


1. Flickrleech. The best way to get a birds-eye view of a Flickr user's entire photostream and the best thing ever done with the Flickr API. Also the best way to search Flickr.


2. SmartSetr. The best way to manage your sets on Flickr.


3. Google Reader. Using it now as my RSS reader. Replaced Newsgator Online.


4. FriendFeed. The social networking aggregator. Definitely one of the best new sites in the past year.


5. Zooomr Zipline. My new landing page on Zooomr. A great place to network with other Zooomr photographers.


6. Pownce. I like Pownce a lot more than Twitter. Probably because the community feels smaller and less clichéd and photos are more prominently featured than on Twitter. I also love the mp3 sharing functionality in Pownce.


7. Hype Machine. Where I go to discover new music most on the web.


8. Google Maps. I'm creating a map of all of the places in the world that I want to photograph. This is a brand new project started last week so there are not many places on it yet. I hope to add hundreds of places in the next year though and do a blog post about this at some point in the future.


9. Reddit. Love to regularly review stories on Reddit.


10. I use this for my events site now.


11. Netflix Queue. Canceled my DirecTV and signed up for Netflix this past year. Absolutely love the service. Better programming for a lot less money. If you want to see what movies I'm watching you can add me as a friend on Netflix here.


12. Tiny URL. Sometimes big urls don't fit well with Twitter, Zooomr Zipline, etc. This site turns your large url into a tiny one.


13. Photography Voter. Like Digg for photography stories.


Links on both last year and this year.


1. Flickr Recent activity. The place where I go to see all of the activity on my photos on Flickr.


2. Zooomr Social Stream. The place where I go to see all of the activity on my photos on Zooomr


3. Twitter. Using it much less but still post directly there occasionally.


4. Facebook. Getting really bored with Facebook but still go there a few times a week. Mostly just to add new friends who've added me.


5. Google Analytics. Use this to track traffic stats and referral information for my blog.


6. DeleteMe Uncensored. Still a place that I hang out most on Flickr. Flickr has it marked as an adults only group so you have to join the group if you want to see it and you have to have your account enabled to see age 18+ content.


7. My blog still gets a spot.


8. 30 Boxes. Still using 30 Boxes as my calendar. Like the version that they built for the iPhone this past year.


9. Techmeme. Still one of the best places to go on the internet for tech news.


10. Still a great place to find new stories.


11. Technorati Page for Still like to follow other bloggers who are linking to my blog.


12. and 13. Blogger and "Blog This" bookmarklet. Still using Blogger for publishing. I've thought about moving to WordPress many times in the past, but in the past year the Blogger service has gotten remarkably more robust and I decided to stick with Blogger for now.


What sites are on your toolbar? Are there sites that you just can't live without day in and day out. Any new ones I should be trying out?

This is what I've been working on for the last year with the Measure

Map team. I wrote more on my blog and the Official Google Blog.

Free to use under CC.


Please provide a link back to

Blogs, much like business or eCommerce webpages, ought to be functional along with a pleasure to see. Responsivity is from the greatest importance with regards to building this type of web resource. Increasingly more web developer prefer browsing sites and studying the most recent news on cell phones or capsules when on the run. For this reason ale your internet page to adjust to any screen resolution plays a significant role today.

With the objective of assisting you build a remarkable and responsive blog, we’ve hands selected 20 stunning blogging WordPress styles that will be ready to go, as they are.

1. WildRide Blogging WordPress Theme

WildRide – among the best blogging WordPress styles

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WildRide is really a neat and minimalist WordPress theme that is most effective for blogs and private sites. Fully licensed under GPL v3., the theme can be used as as numerous web developer as you want. While tweaking its design to complement various web projects that you are wanting to launch, the theme can be used as multiple reasons, without any limitations whatsoever.

The theme is straightforward both in navigation and personalization. With the objective of assisting its personalization, the theme’s designers have added WordPress Live Customizer towards the pack. The second enables you to definitely apply changes towards the layout, the theme’s color plan, positioning of various content blocks, and a whole lot, in tangible-time. The theme’s installation has been created believe it or not easy and intuitive. Meant for customers of abilities, the theme could be set up in three steps.

Like a fully-fledged blogging theme, WildRide features multiple versions of web developer. Several header and footer choices are like well. It’s understandable the fonts and colours from the theme are fully easy to customize too. Custom icons happen to be added that will help you expand your blog’s functionality effortlessly.

Web Developer


2. Blogetti WordPress Theme

Blogetti – GPL WordPress theme for Blog writers

Demo Particulars

Blogetti is really a 100% GPL blogging WordPress theme that is most effective for restaurant and coffee shop blogs. Its two-column layout is ideal for organizing lots of data inside a well-balanced way. Because of the advanced Bootstrap functionality, the theme’s layout may change flawlessly to the screen resolution.Web developer works with such popular WordPress plugins as WPML, Google Analytics, Gravity Forms, WordPress Pagenavi, W3 Total Cache, and so much more. Search engine optimization optimisation and light-weight design ensure greater ranking searching results.

The theme is made both user-friendly and aesthetically impressive. Retina ready appetizing pictures of your culinary masterpieces will hardly leave true gourmets indifferent.

3. Style Park WordPress Theme

style-park – probably the most stylish blogging WordPress styles

Demo Particulars

Style Park is among the best blogging WordPress styles on today’s list. It is built to attract true fashionistas. Just check out its bold layout. Wealthy in retina ready images and ad banners with hover effect, the theme is both simple to navigate along with a pleasure to look at. Card-based content positioning, readable fonts of various colors and dimensions, appealing headlines, along with other wise methods offer better content hierarchy. Social discussing options, video integration, e-newsletter subscriptions, along with other navigation elements happen to be organized in to the right sidebar. Thus, the customers will invariably have the sticky menu along with other navigation options when studying your articles. Btw, the theme is 100% GPL.

4. Fitnesys WordPress Theme

Fitnesys – blogging WordPress theme – GPL

Demo Particulars

Fitnesys is really a flexible responsive GPL WordPress theme. It arrives with three homepage designs – default, grid and masonry. Fitnesys utilizes a sticky navigation menu, making locating a specific category or page of the website very simple for that visitors. This theme might be employed for web developer associated with sports, health insurance and similar subjects.

Years ago I used to only use Google to do internet searches. Slowly but surely though Google has been taking over more and more and more of my computing life. This is not a bad thing, this is a good thing. Google makes things that make my life easier and their corporate values are more in synch with my own than most publicly traded companies. I've especially noticed in the past six months that the trend of Google taking over my computing life has accelerated dramatically. This could have to do with the time I've been spending on Buzz, but some of the changes (like changing my internet browser) have involved big chunks of my computing experience.


Below is a loose chronology of the evolution of my experience with Google Products.


1. Search (can't remember exactly when, but years ago), got off Yahoo pretty early in the game and switched to Google. Google has the best search on the web today. I appreciate Google's more open nature than other search engines and their better track record when it comes to keeping the web uncensored.


2. Blogger. Used Blogger since 2003. Abandoned Blogger for WordPress last year, mostly due to Blogger's inability to deal effectively with comment spam.


3. Google Analytics. Still use this. It's free which is good. I've never really gotten what I want and need out of this product though. It's complicated to build things for me. The two most important things I want from a stats package are the number of page views and referring url information. My view I'm most interested in is the past 24 hours. Before Analytics I used Sitemeter. I liked Site Meter's analytics product much more, but you have to pay for that and Google Analytics is free.


I get the sense that Google Analytics is a bit like Photoshop for me. You can do anything and everything with it, but I'm still only using about 2% of its true potential.


4. Google Docs. I'm a lightweight user of word processing and spreadsheets, so this works just fine for me. Replaces the need to buy expensive software from Microsoft to do this sort of work for the casual user like me.


5. Google Maps. I used to use Mapquest and Yahoo Maps. Now I use Google Maps exclusively. It's the best mapping software on the web. I use it *very* heavily when traveling.


6. YouTube. Like everybody I'm on it. I rarely use it though. Occasionally I'll consume content on it. It takes so much time to watch YouTube videos though. It's probably the internet site that my kids use more than any other site on the internet though. My son Jackson has spent hours on there learning how to do Yo Yo tricks. One of these days I'm going to have to get him a Google Yo Yo. Actually I just ordered him a green one and a yellow one. He'll love them. :) I used Google Checkout to buy them from Google (not sure why the shipping charge is more than the yoyos though).


7. Google Earth. I don't use Google Earth a lot. I find it a bit unweildy actually. But I do use it to do the geotagging with Geotagger for my photos.


8. Gmail, part 1. Unfortunately I was late to the game with Gmail. So alas, I'm thomashawk22 instead of thomashawk. I got a gmail account and then never really used it. A few years back though I was getting so much spam email that I began filtering email through gmail first to filter out all of the spam. That worked tremendously well. My spam pretty much went away entirely overnight. So I was using Google gmail as a passive filter for my Mac mail reader for about 2 years. Part 2, later.


In the past six months.


9. Google Buzz. Buzz has really become my primary social network. I still use a number of different social networks (Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed), but Buzz now gets the bulk of my social networking time and attention. One of my favorite things about Buzz is that it shows photos *really* well. You can feed your Flickr feed into it and if people click on the thumbnails they blow up huge to get an easy big view. There's a link to Flickr included that I can cmd click to go fave the photo on Flickr too.


The majority of my faves that I'm faving on Flickr these days are coming from Google Buzz. If you haven't hooked your Flickrstream up to a Buzz account yet you are missing out. :) Even if you aren't going to use Buzz, don't have time for another social network, etc. You should still at least hook up your Flickrstream to it so that people can see your Flickr photos there and get back to your stream via Buzz.


10. PicasaWeb. I've had an account on Picasa for years, but just never really used it. I've started using it much more though. Presently I'm maxed out my free storage there so I'm just using it to host small sized screenshot files and deleting my larger high res photos as I need space. I've thought about paying the $5 to buy more ($5 is really totally insignificant for me to pay) but I need Picasa to convince me as a product first why I should do that.


If Picasa had photostreams and SmartSet technology I'd totally pay. But as it stands today, it's too much work organizing my photos there manually without SmartSets and it feels to me like the photosharing community is still very much at Flickr. I do use the service though almost daily to host my screenshots.


11. Google Profiles. I like having a profile page on Google and look forward to seeing them continue expanding this product. You can find my Google Profile here.


12. Google Chrome. After a rocky marriage with Firefox for many years we finally split up a few months ago. Google Chrome is just a far better, faster, more stable web browser.


13. GMail, part 2. I haven't opened my Mac Mail application for about a month now. I've been consuming all of my email directly from gmail on the web. Mostly it's just faster to do email this way. So now it is not only my passive spam filter, it's my main mail application that I use to consume all of my email.


14. Picnik. Probably technically not a Google Product yet, but acquired by Google recently so I'm including it. I just bought a Pro account there for $24.95 for a year. I did it just because I was curious about what you could do there more than anything. I don't think I'll renew it after my year is up based on what I saw. I didn't really see anything there that I can't already do in Lightroom or Photoshop. But for someone who doesn't want to spend the money for Lightroom/Photoshop, this seems like an excellent way to go. You really can do quite a bit for $25 a year.


I need to play around with Picnik a bit more though. Maybe it will grow on me. Google should consider giving away the Pro version in Picasa to get more people on there.


15. Google Calendar. After using 30 Boxes for many years I switched to Google Calendar. Not sure why really. 30 Boxes was working just fine. I think I like Google Calendar better. I like how now that I've synched it up with my iPhone that I get a little notification from my iPhone calendar 10 minutes before I've got an appointment.


16. Google Chrome URL shortener. this is kind of a minor little tool. Not a product really. But I love it so much that I wanted to include it. You just click on a little icon in Chrome and it automatically copies a shorter url to your clipboard. :)


The future.


So what's next for me in terms of adopting Google products. I'm not sure exactly but here are a few ideas.


Android. I suspect that when my contract with AT&T ends in July that I'll likely switch to a Google phone of some sort. They seem to be ahead of Apple right now, are a more open company. And I can't stand how poor AT&T's 3G network is in San Francisco.


Chrome OS. This will be an interesting one. Switching your OS is huge. It took me years to get off Windows and on to my Mac about 5 years ago. Overall I'm pretty happy with my Mac. Still I paid over $3,000 for my last MacBook Pro. Chrome would seem to make computing cheaper. I don't know enough about Chrome to really blog about it, but if I can install it on my MacBook Pro when it comes out (later this year?) to check it out I definitely will. Apple's OS is pretty damn solid though, so I think this switch for me will be a harder one.

LAPOETTO webs + Google Analytics + theory of “six degrees of separation” + your help! = The World


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The Google Analytics exit rate for different page load times collected from Wikia data.


Measured over 29 million pageviews

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orisis Google Analytics is an EU GDPR Compliant, Global Site Tag (gtag.js) and Universal Analytics, very powerful, advanced and modern component that integrates a site with the Google Analytics platform and APIs, it allows you to organize, edit and maintain any number of Google Analytics Trackers, on any area or part of a site, or on specific pages. Integration with the Google Analytics API allows you to create and display charts in the component's dashboard. Eorisis Google Analytics is written with MVC Architecture, with full ACL and permissions system, a plethora of options, is "extension independent" and can be used site-wide.


Integrated with eorisis: Cookie Bar and provides extra Opt-Out functionality to visitors.


Fully compatible with Joomla 4.

Open Source Extension for the Joomla CMS.


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Cookie Bar is an EU GDPR Compliant, fully customizable and responsive notification bar, a professional solution to the EU General Data Protection Regulation, with a plethora of options, it is multilanguage, clean, secure and user friendly.


Integrated with eorisis: Google Analytics and eorisis: Facebook Pixel and provides extra Opt-Out functionality to visitors.


Fully compatible with Joomla 4.

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eorisis : Information Technology Design & Development


Copyright © 2011-2019 Eorisis. All Rights Reserved.

Think about the last time you were looking for something on the internet?


How did you find what you were looking for?


Because 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine like Google, ranking high on SERP is PRETTY MUCH essential to driving more sales and staying on the minds of your readers.


A recent research study by Hubspot, it was revealed that 75% of users don’t even crawl past the first page of their search results.


This is why smart marketers are now spending more on SEO as it enhances their websites and makes it better for the users. Optimized websites focused on delivering a quality experience are now heavily rewarded by Google.


For example, Belden Brick Company in Ohio was able to increase their website visits by over 85% in less than a year by using these methods! They created a new lead generation campaign and added a global header and footer for their clients that added new products and kept their website cohesive and updated at all times.


Let’s go over more reasons why you should consider doubling down on SEO in 2019.




SEO allows you to know your users’ search intent. This comes handy when creating pages that drive organic traffic.


CoSchedule saw a 594% rise in traffic when they aligned SEO content strategy with searcher intent.


Tools like Google Analytics can help you understand what your target searcher's intent is. The game is on once you know what your users are looking for.




It's not that keywords are not important anymore, just that they are used differently than they used to be. Stuffing keywords and simply throwing them at random places is a thing of the past, and Google may also penalize you for it.


Relevant keywords will get you more qualified traffic. Meaning you convert more even if your website has fewer visitors.


With extensive keyword research, Maldive Travellers’ increased the number of per day visitors by over 40%. Using the right combination of long tail keywords also brought more returning customers to the website.


Remember that Google makes frequent algorithm updates not to be hard on website owners. They are simply trying to create a better experience for their users. Which is why you need an ever evolving perspective on SEO to keep up with these changes.




User behavior is now trending towards a more immersive and informative approach. Many companies are now investing in PWAs and AMPs to provide their users with a seamless browsing experience.


Complete Plumbing Resource used SEO to promote their brand online to customers. Having quite a few products to showcase, they created a user-friendly website. The company saw an increase in total sales by over 2000%. Not only this, their overall organic traffic and leads also had upward moving graphs.


Google understands and values a good experience for users. Things like load speed, a clean and organized design, mobile responsiveness, bounce rate, and more all play a significant role.


Therefore, you shouldn’t just work on improving your website for a higher conversion rate. Working on the user experience will actually get you more traffic per Google! This is why SEO is so important - the impacts can be felt in many parts of your traffic and sales funnels.




More and more people are now trying to access voice search options and incorporating real speech patterns into keywords.


These natural patterns of speech are vital to SEO as mobile searchability is becoming more widespread. And another reason for both short and long-tail keywords to mimic real speech patterns.


SEO is definitely important, but let's just say that the rules of playing the game have changed. Search engines are now focusing on giving users a valuable experience, so the more optimized your website is, the better chances you have of succeeding.


If we are considering the relevance of SEO in 2019, we’d argue that it’s actually more important than ever before. As search engines get smarter, they are always rewarding the better websites.


Remember that Google is also a business and that too a very successful one. If it fails to provide relevant search results, people wouldn’t use it.


Solid SEO practices make sure that your brand is found organically. Businesses need to understand exactly how and why Search Engine Optimization is changing, and what they need to do to keep up with these changes


Looking for new SEO Strategies for 2019? We will be coming out with more detailed SEO strategy videos in 2019.


Subscribe and stay tuned for more videos to help you succeed in business.


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Mobile Phones & Computing Post a Project Sign up for work

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Wish I could remember where I saw this. Classic.


I want to know your place in the world, I’ll wait for your pictures.

Quiero conocer tu lugar en el mundo. Espero tus fotos!

有了Google Analytics,还需要其它的统计网站吗!

Flickfolia is a professional photography portfolio you can control entirely with your Flickr account.


Here are some features in brief. More on the site.


Control Freak

Control navigation, colors, layout, fonts, logos and all photos with your Flickr account.


Everwhere? check!

Flickfolia works on any device as well as the web. Plays nice with Google. Impresses on the iPad, and is very touchable.


Your Place, Your Stats

Flickfolia can live at your domain or ours. All stats can be viewed with your own Google Analytics account.


Uploaded with theGOOD Uploadr. Almost certainly the best flickr uploadr ever.

I think i have google analytics on the brain.


Website /Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest / Blog / Instagram


Last week I decided to open an account with, under the name "nightscape" (, just to showcase my NightScape style of photography. I also registered the domain name,, to point directly to my 500px page.


After reviewing 500px for several months, I put up just five images to start with; and within 18 hours, my photo of Double Arch had been voted ("liked") and favored to the most Popular position, reaching a "99.6" rating. I stayed in this position for about an hour, and somewhere on the first page for several hours. This screen capture shows my hour of fame. During that short time I received over 1,500 views, compared to 453 views on Flickr (over a period of 28 days)! Reaching one of the 50 pages of "Popular" is sort of like being Explored on Flickr. And being chosen to be on the Editors' Choice pages is sort of like appearing on Flickr's Front Page.


Flickr vs. 500px: The big difference between the two is Social Networking. Flickr is more about social networking, and 500px is more about showcasing your images. Remember, I reached the most popular position on 500px within 18 hours, without having enlisted a single follower or contact! Flickr's Explore and Interestingness algorithms often reward social networking more often than quality.


Format differences: There are several formatting differences I like about both Flickr and 500px. 500px is more about showing off or showcasing your images. Thumbnails are huge on this site. Display images are 900 pixels vs. Flickr's 600 pixels. Flickr is more about sharing images. If you are into the Creative Commons thing, Flickr allows you to share even your original file. 500px has greater anti-piracy protections than Flickr. (I looked into 500px's source code and could find no possible way to download a large image file, other than through a screen capture. With Flickr, it's easy -- there's even a third party app out there to help make downloading large and original size images easier!) There are no groups or pools on 500px, but you can follow and comment on other photographer's images (you can even comment on their "wall" -- a feature Flickr does not have). One thing I really like about 500px is that their comment input box is always right below the image -- you do not have to scroll to the bottom of the page in order to make your comment (like Flickr requires you to do).


Flickr tries to keep commercialism to a minimum. You are not supposed to have links from your image pages to a personal or commercial website (but you can do this on your profile page). On 500px, your home page and the photo stream of your thumbnail images are combined. Links to your website, your Flickr account, you blog, your Twitter account, and etc. are encouraged by providing place holders in your "settings" page.


Scoring: Popularity on these two sites are scored quite differently. Flickr's "Interestingness" algorithms is all about who comments and faves your images. New acquaintances, who fave and comment, rank you higher than old friends. Faves rate higher than comments. A high number of views can increase you interestingness, but they are not as important as faves or comments.


On 500px it's mostly about having your image getting "Like"d. "Faves" on 500px do improve your rating, but are more for your personal record (to keep track of what you like from the portfolios of other photographers). Unlike Flickr, faves, comments, and views have little effect on an image's rating. Comments do let you know who is following you, and who is probably "like"ing you. "Like"-ing an image is the biggest rating factor here. Getting your image liked early has the most effect on its rating. Likes on the first day quickly increase your rating. A similar number of likes the next day will have a lower effect. The longer your image remains in your portfolio, the less effect each like makes on your rating. An image that scores above 85 will often make it to at least the 50th page of "Popular". An image that scores above 99 will often make it to the first page of Popular. However, that same image will often drop about 5 points each day, unless it continues to receive a high number of additional "like"s. In other words, If an image was rated 99 on its first day, and no one continued to like it after that, it would drop below 85 and probably fall off Popular within three days. This is why an image may start out the first day with a rating of 85, and be down to about 45 a week later.


Free vs. Paid accounts: Both Flickr and 500px offer free accounts. Flickr's Pro upgrade is only $24.95 per year and it allows me to archive my original files, something that I really find attractive since I've had several hard drive crashes over my computer life-time-experience! 500px's Plus and Awesome upgrades cost $19.95 and $49.95 per year respectively. The Awesome upgrade has several interesting features, i.e. premium portfolios, custom domains, Google Analytics, and the option to completely remove the 500px branding label (call "White Label") from your portfolio. I did not see the ability to archive and retrieve your original image file like you can on Flickr.


Conclusion: Does thais mean that I'm going to drop Flickr and move over to 500px? Of course not! I love Flickr and the people I associate with here. However, there is a much higher percentage of professional photographers on 500px, and spending some time browsing there can really inspire and get your creative juices going! Despite some of Flickr's quirks, it still gives my images the best overall exposure to the Internet world. My research shows that Google and Yahoo tend to index Flickr pages more often than they do 500px pages; and there are currently more photo researchers (looking to purchase images) searching Flickr than 500px. Flickr's association with Getty Images is also a plus. I will continue to use Flickr for socializing within the photo community and for full-resolution archiving of my images; but, I recommend you consider 500px as a place to showcase and promote some of your best images.


Warning about nudity on 500px: There seems to be a lot more nudity on 500px than on Flickr. Even though you can click on and off the "Show nude" check box, some 500px photographers do not consider their undressed models to fall into that category. This means that some "R" rated images do pop up -- more often than on Flickr (who seems to be better policed in this area).

- - -


Night Photo Blog | Facebook | 500px | Google+ | Workshops : 2014 Schedule

What do a dead red squirrel and Google Analytics have in common? Intrigued?! Didn't think so, but to find out more, and the chance to win a Million Dollars!! Go here: or the Business of Art. :) Have a nice day- Nate. Oh and as far as the winning a million dollars thing: play the lottery, but I wouldn't recommend it. :) -Nate.

December 1, 2012 is World AIDS Day, observed and recognized worldwide.


It is also the incorporation date of TIA International Photography from 2009! To celebrate, we are hosting a 3rd Anniversary / Holiday Sale just for you! It starts December 1, 2012 and ends January 7, 2013.


This year, according to Google Analytics, the nations who visited TIA most frequently were:




1) United States

2) Canada

3) United Kingdom

4) Mexico

5) Brazil

6) France

7) Spain

8) Argentina

9) Portugal

10) Hong Kong (China)


Interesting comparison from 2011


1) United States

2) Philippines

3) India

4) Singapore

5) Brazil

6) Indonesia

7) Germany

8) Malaysia

9) Mexico

10) Netherlands


Please enjoy the commercial and thank you for your support for making TIA a growing success!



Digital Marketing Services - Ahmedabad


Company Snippet - Digital Marketing Services #Ahmedabad #teramerauska #DigitalMarketing #IAmdavad #Brand #SEO #Google #Analytics #PPC #Adwords

Just got my new businesscard in the mail! No fancy-pants cards, just my name, phone mail en web. On the back is a QR code which leads to a unique webpage designed for mobile. Tracking it via a Google Analytics campaign it gives me pretty good statistics on visits.




© 2010 Rene Sebastian; | All rights reserved.

Strangely enough, since the start of the holiday period, the MuseScore download rate has been going up. With 676 downloads on the 21st of July, this is even a new all time day record.


Analyzing Google Analytics for, it looks that the spike comes from direct traffic, from Spanish speaking visitors. Perhaps a school has downloaded MuseScore on all their computers for the next academical year?


Source: SourceForge


Download free music notation software for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Looks like Google Analytics is rolling out a new version...

Analytiks is the most beautiful Google Analytics app for iPhone. Get it at



Internet marketing strategies can get complex

fast, so it helps to take a few steps back to ensure all of the most vital

components are in order.


Otherwise, you might get too focused on the

details to see that your online marketing funnel as a whole is broken. Or, you

might miss out on a key digital marketing practice that would be essential for

earning you new leads and converting those leads to customers.


Of course, every business is different and has

different needs. Some businesses may be in an industry where finding new leads

through social media is nearly impossible, for instance.


Regardless of business variables like these,

there are five internet marketing essentials all businesses should account for as part of their overall

strategy. Even if you confidently decide that you don’t need one of them, you

should at least consider the benefits it brings other businesses that you might

be giving up.


A Mobile Friendly Business Website Optimized for Conversions and Easy Information


Your business website is the absolute foundation

of your internet marketing strategy. You may think that your business model can

do without a website because of all the services offered by platforms like

Google, Facebook, and Yelp.


The fact of the matter is that your website backs

all of these other elements up. Your website is also one of the only internet

marketing environments where you have complete control. Google or Facebook

could decide to delete your business profile tomorrow with nary a warning, and

you’d have to fight with them to find out why they did it and how to get it



Your business website also acts as a cornerstone

that reinforces all of your marketing channels. If you want someone to discover

your local business through a voice search, for instance, having detailed

information about your hours, services, and products increases the chances that

the searcher’s voice assistant pulls up accurate information.


Most businesses also think of their website as

the final point of conversion. You can create landing pages that people arrive at from your

email marketing or social media campaigns. Since these pages are nearly 100%

customizable, you get to control the impressions of your business the visitor

gets and influence their desire to convert.


Tips for

an Effective Website:


Think carefully about how to make

navigation intuitive. Google mentions site layout and your navigation hierarchy

above keyword use in their own SEO guide.


Express your brand but don’t make

your website noisy or cluttered. Usability requires a layout that’s easy to

interpret visually and that doesn’t cause eye strain or mental fatigue.


Treat your home page like a

landing page. Think about the absolute most important information a customer

would want to know first then fill in details and support your claims

efficiently with a few pieces of social

proof as evidence.


A Strategy for Ranking Your Website on Search Engines (SEO)


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the marketing

practice of engineering your website content to increase your website’s chances

of appearing near the top of search results.


According to a recent study, the number one

search ranking position earns around twice as many clicks as the number two.

Once you reach position six, you start receiving clicks from less than 3% of

the people who see your search result listing.


Put even more bluntly: People will have a really hard time finding your business if you aren’t

ranked near the top of search results.


To rank more highly, you need a large volume of

content and a well-made site. You can see if your current website has any red

flags by using the Fetch as Google tool and then by using Google’s

mobile friendly and page load speed tool.


Over half (63%) of your website visitors are likely to be

mobile device users, so a good mobile experience for users is

important to Google and therefore important for your ranking.


Once you have your overall site in order,

download Google search console, Google Analytics and Bing

Webmaster Tools. These platforms will help you analyze your site and

track metrics for stats like website visitors, how long they spend on certain

pages, and other valuable decision-making data.


Only after these technical details have been

dealt with should you start to worry about content and keywords. Your goal for

using keywords is to signal to search engines and to audiences that your

content is relevant to what they’re looking for. So if you’re a hardware store

in Sacramento, your website should say phrases like “hardware store in

Sacramento” or “Sacramento hardware store,” and related phrases, at least a few

times on each major page.


Don’t overdo it! Spamming keywords is more likely

to lead to a search penalty, pushing you further down the ranks. Write naturally

and try to help guide people rather than trick search engines.


A Social Media Presence


People spend a lot of their online time within

social media apps. Businesses able to cultivate a community on these apps – or

at the very least have a searchable presence – stand a better chance of being

discovered by potential customers.


Just as important, many people may look on social

media platforms to research your business. They may want to read reviews, look

at other people’s comments, or see something like your hours without having to

leave their favorite social spaces.


Social media can also strengthen the backbone of

your content marketing campaigns. Every article you write can be shared on

social media, and you could also use social platforms to broadcast promotions,

contests, or announcements.


When using social media as a marketing tool, we

strongly suggest that you lead people who click on your links to a specialized

landing page. This strategy ensures they won’t get lost or forget where they

were navigating after the click.



Social Media Marketing Tips:


Post on a regular schedule a few

times a month so that people will come to depend on your content.


Sign up for messenger alerts since

a third of people now say they prefer to contact

businesses through social media rather than a phone call.


Interact with your followers and

engage them when possible. For instance, you can ask a related question when

posting new blog content to encourage responses.


Set goals for social media marketing

beyond likes and follows. For instance, track how many people click on your

links to promotions or content.


An Active Blog


Business blogs are a vital component of your SEO

strategy. Search engines like to index fresh content, so if you’re home page was

last updated in 2010, they may rank your site lower than a more recent one.


On the other hand, if you have an active blog

that publishes weekly, you can send recurring signals to search engines that

your content is current and relevant.


Avoid thinking about your blog as another

advertising channel. Instead, it should be a helpful resource for visitors.

Blog about topics that introduce them to important industry concepts. Or, give

them a convenient list of tips. Always offer value, but follow your blog posts

up with a strong call to action.


Email Marketing


Email marketing offers your business a reliable

channel to stay in touch with customers and leads.


For instance, if you offer a really helpful and

informative e-book, the typical person might download it and never think about

your brand again. But if you ask them for their email to send it to them

directly, you can also have the chance to follow up with a drip campaign that

nurtures their interest in becoming a paying customer.


Using email campaigns can encourage a past

customer to make repeat purchases. By sending them exclusive offers tailored to

their interests and their purchase history, you can develop a relationship and

inspire loyalty.



Marketing Tips:


Receiving too many promotions and

messages is the #1 reason people unsubscribe. Try to limit your campaign emails

to one to two times a month, not counting contacts like order confirmations.


Think carefully about your subject

lines. A good subject line can dramatically raise your open rate, while a bad

one could get you flagged quickly as spam.


Make your emails brief and to the

point. If you have something more in-depth to say, direct them to a landing



Try to make emails feel personal,

as if they’re sent from a specific business employee, not a faceless company



Nice to Have: Video Marketing


Video marketing requires a larger budget than

most small businesses care to muster, but the results truly do speak for

themselves. 81% of people say that they were convinced to purchase

something after watching a brand’s video. Also, 95% of people say

they have watched an explainer video to learn more about a business, product,

or service.


Your video marketing strategy can start small

with live Q&A sessions, short recaps of your most popular blog posts, or a

quick explainer video of your most important products/services. You don’t need

a million dollar budget to make an impact! You just need to focus on meeting

your audience’s needs in a format that few people can resist.


Combine All of These Internet

Marketing Essentials Into a Complete Package


Focus on strengthening each of the above

components individually and then strategize for ways to tie them all together

into one strong, effective package.


These days, people flock between more media channels than ever. By having a strong website, an engaging social media presence, an SEO ranking strategy, and a method for communicating effectively through email, you can catch people on any and all of the channels they inhabit.



Welcome to the seventh installment in our “Collective Wisdom” series of content marketing strategy and tactics articles. Previously we’ve covered planning ahead for content marketing success, the art of crafting powerful content, and an array of strong promotion tactics. So, what’s up next? Measurement and analytics. Measuring and analyzing your content’s performance is critical so you can uncover new opportunities, make improvements, and determine whether you’re meeting your goals. Here we share some tidbits of analytics wisdom and insights from some famous figures inside and outside the digital marketing realm.


Having the Right Data is Crucial for Measuring Success


How do you gauge success in content marketing? At the most basic level, you want to learn how much online traffic is coming to see your content. But what should you count and what can be ignored? Albert Einstein offered insight that I think applies to marketing analytics, and on a greater scale to life itself. [bctt tweet="“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” — Albert Einstein" username="toprank"] via GIPHY Measuring this traffic has always been rather tricky, and nearly as long as the Web has been around there have been tools dedicated to helping track and understand just how successful a piece of content is. Even as we've seen the growth of big data, extracting the right information is still a challenge, as Tamara McCleary, CEO at, points out. [bctt tweet="“Everyone likes to talk about Big Data. The truth is, what we really need is Smart Data.” @TamaraMcCleary " username="toprank"] Regardless of your industry, there's no sure-fire substitute for common sense, as digital transformation speaker and Forbes contributor Daniel Newman has noted. [bctt tweet="“While I do love big data, I know there is no substitute for good old-fashioned common sense. If the data really doesn’t fit, question it. Ask deeper questions.” — Daniel Newman @danielnewmanUV" username="toprank"] Besides server-based software, hundreds of companies also offer specialized Web analytics tools that operate using remote access to your content, the most popular of these being Google Analytics. Here's an image of Google Analytics from "How to Prove the Value of Content Marketing to Your CMO in 3 Easy Steps," by our own Content Strategist Anne Leuman. No matter which software, online tool, or service you use, the pursuit is by its very nature a complex one. It requires a good deal of dedication and learning to deeply understand which bits of data you really care about, so you can find the best ways to accurately gather and analyze them.


Choosing The Right Analytics KPIs


No matter which tools you choose, a primary decision you’ll have to make is what to measure to gauge success of failure, and these will be your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) — those signals that matter the most to you and your business. KPIs vary widely, so it’s important to find the ones that will provide you with the data that’s the most relevant to your own content measurement situation. Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals — those that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Based — are especially pertinent in the realm of data analytics, as Danica Benson, Global Product Marketing Manager SMB at SAP Concur and former Marketing Communications Manager at Rival IQ, has pointed out. [bctt tweet="“Digital marketing analytics software can aggregate and report on a wide array of metrics, many of which are fun to know, but without context don’t tell you much about how to move forward.” — Danica Benson" username="toprank"] The dangers of relying too heavily on statistics, however, have been espoused for over 100 years, including the famous quote popularized by Mark Twain in 1906, “There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Knowing how to wisely interpret statistical data — especially what information to set aside — is a bit of a combination of art and science that takes dedication and research. via GIPHY Jay Acunzo, founder, host and writer at Unthinkable Media, explores two methods of finding this data measurement wisdom in “There Are 2 Ways to Approach Data. Which Helps vs. Hurts Creativity?,” offering both an Aristotelian and a Galilean take on the art and science. [bctt tweet="“When we’re data informed, we isolate variables, test, and learn. We insert our own sense of taste and our intuition into the process.” @jayacunzo" username="toprank"] Taking the time to learn and choose the right KPIs for extracting actionable insight from your analytics data is well worth the effort, as Kyle Harper, Marketing Analyst at Harvard University points out in his recent "Comprehensive Guide to Connecting Content Marketing KPIs to Business Goals." [bctt tweet="“Well-chosen content marketing KPIs are more essential than ever. Knowing the right KPIs to track can help sort out the most important performance information from the noise.” — Kyle Harper @TheyWereFlying" username="toprank"]


Analytics Can't Simply Be an Afterthought


Deciding how to measure success is critical to any content marketing strategy, so measurement and analytics need to be included from the very beginning of your planning process. Large numbers of technical professionals worldwide make a career from trying to gauge the success of online content. And while it isn’t our intent to teach you the detailed and ever-changing intricacies of analytics, we would like to share some fundamental truths with you. Longtime technology consultant Joel Snyder, Ph.D. points out in a recent article that analytics is far from new, and that even the smallest firms now gather heaps of statistical data. [bctt tweet="“Data analytics isn’t some new magic bullet. It’s a way of leveraging the data that most every business has been quietly accumulating for years to deliver insights that lead to better decisions.” — Joel Snyder, Ph.D. @joelsnyder" username="toprank"] In some ways, some aspects of analytics have gotten easier. With the massive growth of the internet at-large, social media, and other platforms, methods for tracking that have become nearly universal—such as the ubiquitous Facebook "like" or Twitter "heart." via GIPHY Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, a considerable challenge is wading through the vast number of analytics tools and finding the ones that mesh well with your needs, including how you prefer to visually see your analytics data. Some tools offer only simple text-based lists, while most make a point to present analytics information in ways that are visually easier to understand. Using just one analytics utility was commonplace in the Web’s early year. But today, it’s not unusual for savvy digital marketers to use five, 10, or even more tools, all from different firms — some free, some commercial, and others custom-made. Accurate and relevant measurement can also help with influencer marketing campaigns, as our CEO Lee Odden looks at in “B2B Marketers: Is Your Influencer Marketing Mechanical or Meaningful?” [bctt tweet="“Platforms like Traackr, Onalytica, GroupHigh and BuzzSumo (to name a few) can be instrumental for the most effective (vs. subjective) influencer identification, engagement, measurement and program management.” @LeeOdden" username="toprank"]


Analytics Tools Can Be Your Best Friend


The scope and complexity of analytics tools varies greatly, but where can you start when looking to begin a new campaign, or when you just want to keep up on the new players that are entering the market in greater numbers than ever? To help you learn more about some of the analytics tools available, we've put together a list of 11 helpful resources exploring several of the more popular analytics tools and services. Four Takes On Google Analytics


In “6 Ways Content Marketers Can Get More Value From Google Analytics,” Jessica Greene, a writer at, takes a look at how to turn on a number of helpful Google Analytics features that are off by default, with plenty of screen shots and tips.


Andy Crestodina, Co-Founder of Orbit Media, has put together a helpful guide to setting up Google Analytics in his recently-released “How to Set Up Google Analytics: The Complete Guide (with video).”


With his recent “How to Track Awareness, Completion, and Engagement Goals With Google Analytics,” marketer Chris Mercer examines the process of defining relevant engagement goals using Google’s tools.


In “Ways to Use Google Analytics for Content Ideation [Infographic],” Jomer Gregorio, CEO at Digital Marketing Philippines, shows some of the ways that Google Analytics can also be used in the creative process.




SEMrush is a popular research and analytics service, and its “Practical Guide to Data-Driven Content Marketing,” is a good introduction to many of the tools the company offers, including the Content Toolkit.


Trust Insights


Trust Insights has provided fascinating and useful influencer graphs at several of the events TopRank Marketing has spoken at in 2018. In his recent "50 B2B Marketing Influencers and Experts to Follow Into 2019," Christopher Penn, co-founder of Trust Insights, shares his 2019 trends video post on LinkedIn.




Sometimes the amount of information available from an analytics tool can be overwhelming. However, for those using the popular Ahrefs service, company Chief Marketing Officer Tim Soulo looks at many of the helpful pieces of data at hand in “Ahrefs’ SEO Metrics: What They Mean and How to Use Them.”




Quintly, which began in 2010, has increased the number of tools it offers over the years, and in “(This is) Why you need professional social media analytics for your business!,” industry speaker Lilach Bullock takes a look at some of the unique features the service provides.




Twitter’s own metrics can provide helpful insight, and in “6 Twitter Metrics to Follow to Boost Your Online Presence,” Brand24 — maker of its own social media monitoring tools — takes a look.




Facebook offers a huge array or analytics features, and in “How to Use Event Tracking in Facebook Analytics: Event Source Groups,” Amy Hayward of Social Media Examiner gives a helpful rundown of some of the latest Facebook tools.




BuzzSumo has grown to become a go-to analytics tool for many digital marketers, and in “How To Find The Best B2B Content With BuzzSumo’s Business Filter,” Steve Rayson, former Director at BuzzSumo, takes a look.


There are hundreds of other excellent data analytics tools and services available, including those from Sprout Social, RivalIQ, Traackr. Internet Marketing Ninjas, Screaming Frog, SpyFu, Moz, and so many more.


Additional Resources to Put You on the Path to Informed Measurement


As a final parting bonus list, here’s a collection of recent helpful additional resources to boost your analytics knowledge.


7 Recent Data Analytics Trends


What happens when trust in platform metrics is eroded? “Facebook missteps highlight what happens when you can’t trust platform metrics,” written by Amy Gesenhues of Marketing Land, digs in and explores the challenges.


Our own Alexis Hall, Vice President of Client Accounts, shines light on “5 Common Digital Marketing Data & Analytics Challenges and How to Start Solving Them.”


[bctt tweet="“Only 30% of B2B marketers use data to inform decision-making. That’s because harnessing data is hard. Over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated every day.” — Alexis Hall @Alexis5484" username="toprank"]


“Why Your Business Needs to Pay Attention to Its Social Media Analytics, from Day One,” by Paul Herrera of MarTechSeries, offers another take on the increasing importance of social media data.


Christoph Trappe, Chief Content Engagement Director at Stamats Communications, takes a look at whether you can have too many analytics tools in your strategy, with “[MEASURING RESULTS] How many web analytics services should I use on my website?”


10 Tools to Monitor Brand Mentions [Social Media Monitoring Tools] by Influencer Marketing Hub looks at some of the tools we’ve mentioned, along with several others worth checking out.


Visualizing the data you’ve carefully extracted in a way that can be easily understood and put in perspective is an important part of analytics. Maria Popova of Brain Pickings has several fine examples of data visualization in her recent “The Original Manifesto for Information Visualization and Pictorial Statistics: ISOTYPE Creator Otto Neurath’s Pioneering 1930 Visual Language.”


Concluding our list is “What Great Data Analysts Do — and Why Every Organization Needs Them,” by Google data scientist Cassie Kozyrkov for the Harvard Business Review, who offers a fascinating in-depth look at how top data analysts achieve success.


Next Up: More Measurement Tactics For Your Campaigns


By learning the fundamentals of data analytics, choosing the tools that best fit your own particular needs, and keeping up on the latest industry news, your content marketing will be set to have measurable advantages over those who skip or only pay lip service to the art of metrics. Next up in our “Collective Wisdom” series we’ll take a look at additional measurement and analytics tools and how to use the data you gather. If you haven’t yet caught our previous episodes in this series, hop back and study up:


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