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"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things." – Mother Teresa.


It's always further than it looks. It's always taller than it looks. And it's always harder than it looks. - The 3 rules of mountaineering.



Location: Tapak Paderi beach, Bengkulu - Indonesia


Tapak Paderi beach is located near fort Marlborough (Jalan Benteng, Bengkulu). It is a nice place to wind down a few hours to talk to the locals and to watch the sun set. Sometimes it is possible to surf here at high tight.

Read more about Tapak Paderi beach at


Roads in much of Sumatra are not great and can be more difficult in the rainy season. If you’re planning to drive in Bengkulu province or other areas of Sumatra this rainy season, please read some important tips to minimize accident risks for your Sumatra rainy weather road trip on my blog

Ketupat is rice packed inside a diamond-shaped container of woven palm leaf pouch. It is commonly found in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, and Philippines.

In most of Indonesia, the tradition on preparing and consuming ketupat is strongly linked to Islamic tradition of lebaran (Eid al-Fitr) celebration. Nevertheless, ketupat is also known in non-Muslim communities, such as Hindu Balinese, which suggested that the weaving of coconut fronds has pre-Islamic origin.

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For those who love hiking and nature walk, the villages and the surrounding forests near the lake Suro offer fun nature walks which will allow you to touch and look at the beauty of nature, and develop a strong connection with the local natural environment as you walk along the trails.

Read more about the lake Suro and its surroundings at my blog

I took this photo when my daughter and I were on our way home from celebrating Indonesia's Independence Day

She has great fun looking closely at a weird and wonderful plant called Rafflesia arnoldii. She smells a Rafflesia arnoldii and then she says, “it doesn’t stink like rotting meat like many people think”.


Read about the differences between Rafflesia arnoldii and Titan Arum (Carrion flower) at my blog



Photographed at Malabero beach - Bengkulu. #malabero #malabro #bengkulu

Thanks a lot for your helpful photography tips, Matt.

Location: Cisarua, West Java, Indonesia

"You could run out of food and die,

you could fall off a cliff and die,

you could be attacked by a bear and die,

or you could stay home and fall off the couch and die."

- Thad Patrick


Location: Mount Kaba, Bengkulu Sumatra - Indonesia.

For the track description read it at my blog

Location: Panjang beach, Bengkulu

Rafflesia arnoldii is a member of the genus Rafflesia. It is noted for producing the largest individual flower on earth. This species is listed as "critically endangered" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).



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This is the front gate of Fort Marlborough at Sunset.


Fort Marlborough was established to secure the British quest for spices and interests on the West Coast of Sumatra. Joseph Collet who served as the Governor of British Bencoolen named this fortification "Fort Marlborough" in honor of John Churchill, 1st duke of Marlborough. The Construction on this star-shaped fort with a triangular-shaped bastion on each corner began in 1714 using convict, local and Indian labor.

Read more about Fort Marlborough at my blog

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Location: Panjang beach, Bengkulu - Indonesia

Read more about Panjang beach at my blog



Kaba volcano (locally known as Bukit Kaba), a beautiful and natural panorama with moderate temperature, has a number of visitors from domestic and foreign tourists who love trekking or mountain climbing to catch a view of a unique and spectacular sulfuric crater. Read more about Kaba volcano at my blog


Location: Rejang Lebong distric, Bengkulu Province, Indonesia

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With a small piece of metal, he scratched a message on the cell wall,














(Translation by Nilca van Leyen)


He wanted to express what he felt. After that, he awaited his fate...

Read more about this old Dutch inscription at my blog


A special thanks to [] who has helped to transcribe and translate the Dutch inscription.


Kaba volcano (locally known as Bukit Kaba), a beautiful and natural panorama with moderate temperature, for those who love trekking or mountain climbing to catch a view of a unique and spectacular sulfuric crater. Read more at


Location: Rejang Lebong district, Bengkulu province, Indonesia

Location: Dusun Bambu resort, Lembang, West Java - Indonesia #LetsGuide

The world's tallest and smelliest flower Titan Arum (Amorphophallus titanum) aka corpse flower. It can stand over 2 m (6.5 feet) high. Photographed in the village of Tebat Monok, Kepahiang - Indonesia.

Read more about this amazing plant at my blog


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Fort Marlborough which also known as the Bencoolen garrison was largely complete by 1719 and then became the seat of the British power and influence in parts of the west coast of Sumatra until 1824. Read more at

A rare, parasitic, rootless and leafless plant, Rafflesia arnoldii is the largest flower on Earth. It can attain a diameter of nearly a meter (3 ft) and weigh up to 11 kg (24 lb). The buds of the Rafflesia take many months to develop and the flower stays in bloom up to 14 days. It is an incredibly rare site to see in the wild.


Photographed in Taba Penanjung rainforest, Bengkulu province, Indonesia.


For more info about Rafflesia arnoldii, pls read my post at

#rafflesia #rafflesiaarnoldii

Thomas Parr (1768 - 1807), British resident in Bencoolen, East Indies (Indonesia). Parr was buried within Fort Marlborough at the Ravelin. One of reminders of former British colonial presence in Bencoolen (Bengkulu). #LetsGuide

Dirgahayu Republik!!!!


Location: Mt. Kaba Volcano - Bengkulu province - Indonesia

#bukitkaba #gunungkaba #kabavolcano #LetsGuide

The old British gravestone dated 1704 at the Fort Marlborough entrance make poignant reading. Read more about Fort Marlborough at my blog

Location: Bengkulu, Indonesia

#engraving #inscription #gravestone

Location: Tapak Paderi beach, Bengkulu, Indonesia.


If you can walk, you can hike!!!

Bukit Daun is a nature conservation surrounded by mountains on all sides. It is home to endangered species such as, honey bear, the world’s largest flower Rafflesia arnoldii, and the world’s tallest flower Amorphophallus titanium (locally known as bunga Kibut). Bukit Daun also offers some great do-it-yourself trekking opportunities and stunning sunsets.

Location: Taba Penanjung, Bengkulu province - Indonesia

Find out more about Bukit Daun nature conservation at my blog




The 2012 MINI sees no major changes following its modest model-year 2011 freshening, knowing:

a redesigned front bumper that helps the MINI meet new pedestrian-safety regulations. The lower grille and new fog-light surrounds have more pronounced, contoured borders. MINI models feature a new horizontal bar in the lower air inlet, while Cooper S models prominent (and functional) brake ducts that can be trimmed in chrome. There are new wheel designs in 15-, 16-, and 17-inch sizes. The brake lights now use LEDs, and the optional xenon headlights now swivel in turns. Reverse lights migrate to the lower bumper. Updates to the interior will help appease those, who found the Mini’s ergonomics less than friendly. The audio controls have been consolidated under the large center speedometer, and all secondary controls are now finished in matte black rather than silver, as are the steering-wheel-mounted audio and cruise controls. New audio and navigation systems are available, with the latter using a 6.5-inch LCD screen in the MINI's central speedometer. With MINI Connected software, iPhone and iPod users will be able to watch videos on the display while the car is parked, or see album cover art while playing music. It's a control interface used in conjunction with an Apple iPhone. Users download the MINI Connected application to their phone. The app allows users to conduct Google local searches for restaurants, movie theaters, and other places. It also can display news feeds, access social networks, and allow passengers to listen to Internet radio. The screen also will be able to display contact information from a compatible cell phone connected via Bluetooth.



In a 2004 keynote speech where Steve Jobs talks about the iPods, he mentions the MINI Cooper. He said the "small is fun" idea from the car was the inspiration for the new "mini Apple Stores" that will be opening. - Apple Keynote, Steve Jobs



- Eccentric British manufacturer MINI

- Fun to drive

- MINIMALISM pack (automatic engine stop-start/brake energy regeneration)

- Six-speed manual gearbox fitted as standard

- 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine (naturally aspirated, with turbo- or twin-scroll-turbo charger configurations)

- 'Entirely Sufficient' horsepower (output ranges between 75 and 218 horsepower)

- Bespoke treatment

- Bigger is not always better



It used to be that luxury cars were big. The more luxurious, the bigger. But with premium hatchbacks, buyers have shown that luxury needn't equal size. In fact, many (particularly in Europe) have demonstrated that they're willing to pay a considerable premium to have the luxuries they'd expect from the larger cars they're giving up with the smaller ones they're adopting. Of course, you can really make any MINI your own through the extensive options list of design, comfort, and technology features. The question is, just how much are you willing to pay?



Like a piece of familiar music, it is open to different interpretations without losing the original melody.

Select a bodystyle and configure:

- Model MINI [R56]

- Body Hot Chocolate metallic [A88]

- Roof Hot Chocolate metallic [381]

- Mirror Caps in Chrome [405]

- Carbon Black interior [4CU]

- 17" Conical Spoke Alloy Wheels, 205/45 R 17 [2GD]

- Black bonnet stripes [329]

- Rear Spoiler [325]

- Sport button [4UF]

- Front fog lights [520]

- Rain Sensor and Auto Headlights [521]

- Airconditioning [530]

- On-board Computer [550]

- Leather-trimmed, sport steering wheel [255]

- Multi-function steering wheel with cruise control [249]

- Velours foot mats [423]

- Front seat armrest with Wi-Fi Hotspot installed via the snap-in adapter in the centre console [473]

- Chrome-Line Exterior [346] and Interior Trim [345]

- White Turn-Signal Lights [785]

- MINI Tender Loving Care (free maintenance 5 years or 80,000km) [price € 249,00]

Ultimate hi-fi sound and high-end communication:

# Voice control [620]

# Radio MINI Visual Boost [6FP]

# Hands-free-system Bluetooth and USB/iPod interface [6NE]

# iPhone Snap-in adapter [AFS]

# iPhone 4 Y-cable interface [61122179623]

# Audiofiles on mobile phone [6NF]

# MINI Connected [6NM]

# MINI Navigation System (with full map) [6UM]







Sometimes it’s just nice to be back where you feel most comfortable. Those were my thoughts as I slipped behind the wheel of a a lightly spec’d 2012 MINI. No this isn’t some chopped coupe or puffed up crossover. This is the car (or at least the shape) that owes more to the original MINI than any other. So much so that BMW simply refers to it as “the MINI” internally.


Over the past 50 years, MINI have become one of the must-have cars for sports car enthusiasts. The 2012 MINI is simply the best MINI produced to date! I opted for MINI’s "bespoke personalization program". My own MINI ordered on March 3rd will be supplied by my personal MINI manager around the beginning of May.


Most of all, my new MINI will remind me why I do what I do, why I love MINI's and why I love seeing more on the road every day.

Small, efficient, athletic and endlessly fun, they are still the best way to bring a smile to one’s face.




Frederick Web Promotions Googlemaps "wonder wheel"


Looks like a flow chart, it reveals stuff Google has associated with your website.


Good for me! Google correctly knows me as a social media consultant!

Google Local Business Listings now displays a 7 Pack.


The choices provided by Google used to be either 3 Googlemaps listings OR 10 Googlemaps listings.


The difference between what Google displays depends on if there is any competitors or not


Translation: if your competitors are asleep at the switch, YOU DOMINATE

This is a photo of the Borobudur central dome which is surrounded by stupas.


The Borobudur temple is the world's largest Buddhist temple. It is a 9th century Mahayana Buddhist temple located in in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. It stands as one of the most impressive examples of Buddhist sacred architecture in the world. UNESCO designated Borobudur a World Heritage site in 1991 as "Borobudur Temple Compounds" in recognition of its unique and magnificent craftsmanship.


A rare, parasitic, rootless and leafless plant, Rafflesia arnoldii is the largest flower on Earth. It can attain a diameter of nearly a meter (3 ft) and weigh up to 11 kg (24 lb). The buds of the Rafflesia take many months to develop and the flower stays in bloom up to 14 days. It is an incredibly rare site to see in the wild.


Photographed in Taba Penanjung rainforest, Bengkulu province, Indonesia.


For more info about Rafflesia arnoldii, pls read my post at


#rafflesia #rafflesiaarnoldii

Bengkulu Coast Guard patrol boats anchored in the Pulau Baai harbor at sunset.

Location: Suban waterfall and hot springs, Curup - Bengkulu province, Indonesia.


Suban has nice cool air with a nice view over the valley and surrounding forests. It is a good place for bathing of the source of natural hot water. Read more about Suban at my blog



Location: Ketahun, North Bengkulu - Indonesia


Location: Lembang, West Java, Indonesia

This defensive cannon was made in 1874. One of well preserved cannons of the Dutch VOC colonial period in Bengkulu - Sumatra.


Dark clouds fill the sky over fort Marlborough. This fort is one of surviving British colonial buildings in Bengkulu - Indonesia.

Read more about fort Marlborough at


As Pride Month comes to a close, I just wanted to remind people to love one another, and let others love whom they want to. This shouldn't just fall under the month of June, but every month. Laws need to be passed that stop the harassment, abuse and sometimes death of people, all in the name of love.


You don't have to agree with it, but you should acknowledge that it's not your place to impose who and how other people should love. Respect their rights, encourage their rights, because you wouldn't want yours taken away from you.


Let love win.




Ghoulina Waffle - Pansexual.


If you wish to donate to an LGBTQ+ cause, I've linked some below, or you can Google local charities in your area.

Photos from the second google local photo walk!

Last Conversation Piece by Juan Muñoz

Belief+Doubt by Barbara Kruger

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