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This is another shot from when I went up Snowdon for sunrise. The early morning sunlight cannot be beaten in my opinion, however if you ask my Mrs it can easily be beaten by a good lie in, in bed!


Anyway, for this photo I wanted to discuss flickr stats, in particular the google referrals. For some reason I really enjoy looking at what other people have typed into google and somehow found one of my photos. Probably one of my most search for photos from google is this one of a Barbers shop in Dubrovnik, Croatia; which comes up as googles top link when you search "croatia barber" or other things similar to this. I would be interested in knowing if anyone else on here checks to see what google search results comes up with their photos.


Thanks for looking!


|| Canon 7D || Samyang 8mm || f5.6 || 8mm || 1/100s || ISO 400 ||

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Google Street View, Alberta Highway 93, Promenade des Glaciers.

This has to be one of my favorite Google Doodles!!

This new Google Data Center is now being built on the north side of Chenoweth Creek where it meets the Columbia River. When finished it will be far bigger than either of the first two centers built in 2006 and 2014. It will also be the tallest structure built. In height it will be between 700 and 800 feet tall. This picture is taken from the Taylor Lake area looking eastward towards the City of The Dalles.

At the headquarter of Google in Mountain View, California- Silicon Valley. This bikes are for the Google staff.

Google el gato que lo encuentra todo / Google the cat that finds everything

Glass reflections of Google building, Washington Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Building's on Barrow St., Grand Canal Dock, Dublin. The taller building on the right is Google's European Headquarters.They also have offices to the rear of the buildings in the shot, employing about 3,000 people in total. I had the occasion to visit this building recently, but unfortunately didn't have my camera at the time, as it affords great views out over the city.

Google của mình đó :)) Lộng lẩy chưa =))


# Còn nợ tag nhìu quá mà chưa trã đc , mọi ng ơi mình xù nhé :"> =))

I'm quite surprised how quickly people have embraced Google+. It's almost as if there's been a mass exodus from Facebook; hence this tongue-in-cheek photo of a triumphant Google.


I'm also on Google+ now, so feel free to add me if it's your new social network of choice. I'll be using my public circle to post my photos and promote my tee designs, much in the same way I do now (and will continue to do) on my Facebook fan page. Just look for Chris McVeigh!




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what's the difference: shinier, smilier - more female?


Look carefully; it's harder to see in the photo (and easier to see the higher the resolution I look at the photo in) but the specular higlights on the Android on the right are brighter, rounder and more regular because the surface is smoother and shinier - the Android on the left has a slightly rougher texture. It might be just the angle but from this angle, the smile on the face of the Android on the right is bigger, broader and somehow smilier. The antenna are at a slightly different angle. It's all very subtle and the only reason I ever took note of the differences is that walking past and glancing at the Android family out of the corner of my eye I found myself perceiving the Android on the right as representationally female and the other oppositionally male, when in the past they've been ungendered to me. 'Oh look', I said to @sbisson 'heteronormative Androids' and I then had to work out what it was about them that my lizard brain had seen as gender characteristics.

السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته


متصفح قوقل كروم


طبعا بالوقت الحالي في صور كثيره تجي تفتحها ما تطلع معاك


طبعا هذا من المتصفح الخايس اكسبلورر


انصحكم جميعا باستخدام قوقل كروم


متصفح خفيف وسريع بشكل مو طبيعي


قارنته بنفسي بين جهازي وجهاز اخوي


جهازه اسرع من جهازي بكثير


هو فتح اكسبلورر وانا فتحت كروم


وحطينا على نفس الموقع


ومع بعض ضغطنا الانتر


والله بدون ما اكذب عليكم انا فتح معاي وكل شي وهو لسى صفحه بيضا ينتظر


وتقدرون تجربون بعد ما تنزلون قول كروم


وبرضو لان كثير اشتكو لي ان الصورتبعي ما تفتح عندهم


اقول لهم حملو قوقل كروم وراح تفتح زي اللوز <<< على قول وااحد من الشباب هههههههه


ما اطول عليكم


هذا رابط التحميل المباشر :-


هنا رابطهم على اليوتيوب فيها دعايات وشروحات لهم


فيه خصائص من كثرها الى الحين ماشفتها



طريقة نقل المفضله الى متصفح كروم

عند تحميل متصفح كروم قم بفتحه

بعدين في فوق رسمة مفك

اضغط عليه بعدين روح الخيارات

بعدين عناصر شخصيه

بعدين استيراد البيانات من متصفح اخر

بعدين اختار نوع المتصفح الي انت كنت تستخدمه من اول

وحط على المربعات كلها صح عشان ينقل كل شي عليه

واضغط استيراد

وراح تظهر لك تحت المفك رسمة ملف اسمه الاشارات الاخرى



طريقة اظاهر الاشارات الاخرى

الي تعرفونها باسم المفضله

روح لرسمة المفك

بعدين الادوات

بعدين عرض شريط الاشارات دائما


طريقة حذف الاشياء الي دخلت عليها والباسوورد واي شي خاص

الي تعرفون اول باسم الهيستوري

او الكوكيز

روح للمفك من فوق <<< حسيت اني سباك هههه

بعدين الادوات

بعدين محو بيانات التصفح

بعدين حط عليها كلها صح واضغط محو بيانات التصفح


وفي خاصيه مره خطيره وعجبتني مره

الي هي

لو دخلت مثلا على صفحه مكتوبه بكلام غريب

مثلا نقول روسي

تجيك نافذه فوق مكتوب فيها ان الصفحه هذي مكتوبه بالروسي هل تبغاني احولها لك الى العربيه او لا

طريقة تشغيل هذي الخاصيه

روح للمفك الجميل من فوق

بعدين الخيارات

بعدين الخيارات المتقدمه

بعدين انزل شوي وتحصل مكتوب عرض ترجمه للصفحات المكتوبه بغير لغتي

حط عليها صح وراح تشتغل الخاصيه معاك


هذا الرابط اذا بغيت تغير شكل المتصفح كروم

وايضا هذا



اي سؤال بخصوص المتصفح انا حاضر هنا على الفلكر او الي ماعنده فلكر على الرابط التالي :-


Google Android Amigurumi created by Xuan Nguyen of Fat Face & Me.

The new Google offices in Los Angeles are right in the heart of Venice. After passing through some hardcore security, you walk down this hallway, which I guess is a bit like dying and going to Google heaven.


You probably know about all the various Google doodles that decorate the home page. I heard the first one was of Burning Man. I didn't see that one on the walls... but maybe you can!


- Trey Ratcliff


Read more here at the Stuck in Customs blog.

I think he was having trouble with his googles

Really like todays Google Doode, even more so when you realise it was drawn by a kid for their competition.

Mượn Google Để đăng hình :))


Cho nó có tý sáng tạo :))

My new HP nx9030 running Mandrake 10.1 official, with some Google goodies I got today.

Daily Practice


As I was scanning some of my journal pages I found this one and thought I'd post it before I begin posting those from the trip.


I found this site using Google Maps (I can't recall at the moment where in Italy it was, but it was from the street scene view along the coast of Northern Italy. I sketched it while waiting to leave for Italy, and painted it at RDU while waiting for my plane ... so it could be said I was practicing for the trip! LOL


Right now, it's 10 pm Italy time, 4:00 EDT .. and my poor body isn't sure whether it should sleep or eat ... ! I think a nap is in order.


Funny thing, too. I ran a few errands and the elderberries now in blossom here were also in blossom in Tuscany. I LOVED seeing all the plants in Tuscany that we have here in North Carolina!


Floral connections for sure!

Google Maps Street View 2014 Vauxhall Astra Design

Photo montage concept Google search page.

Picture took by glaak, and


* Original post on Google Talk's blog:



* Article on glaak's blog about it:


Sugar factory, Billings, Montana on my Pan-American Trek using Google Street View.


At the headquarter of Google in Mountain View, California- Silicon Valley. This bikes are for the Google staff.

I prefer to be a plasterer in Google

Google and I have done stuff together in the past and will be doing more in the future. Today, Google Japan will send 10 lucky readers this Android Mascot.


The original article for this images lives at

Having a cuppa on the patio yesterday when I noticed this helicopter buzzing around. Have I been Googled? That looks a big camera!? If so ... I am glad I had just finished the garden and was not indulging in a bit of nude sunbathing :o (I hasten to add I don't anyway LOL.) Have a good Friday and a lovely weekend all :)x


This is the "Auto Awesome" feature of Google+. I don't normally like over-done HDR, but this is nice.


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