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Goldfinch - Carduelis Carduelis


Landed so close to me I couldn't fit him into the frame. No time for a second shot.

Goldfinch - Carduelis Carduelis


Goldfinch - Carduelis Carduelis


Not sure what the plant is

The sun came out today and I spent some time in the garden with my camera, I should have been getting on with my chores, but the weather was just too beautiful :)


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Goldfinch in the late evening light at freezing rain was falling.

Happy Easter to all my contacts..

Male Lesser Goldfinches in the eastern part of their range in the U.S. tend to have black backs. Along the West Coast, their backs are green, with only a black cap. Elsewhere, the amount of black varies, with many birds having partly green backs. South of central Mexico, all of the males are black-backed.(

American Goldfinch (Carduelis tristis) male in the mixed woods on the edge of the boreal forest north of Thorhild, Alberta, Canada.


29 May, 2017.


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For many wildlife photographers setting off in the morning with a target species in mind and a target image in mind very often ends in disappointment, fortunately I was very lucky to achieve my goal yesterday in both regards.

Luck plays a massive part in any form of wildlife photography where you are relying on your subject to do exactly as you want it to say I was delighted would be an understatement

A lovely pair of goldfinch moving along the hedge feeding on lots of leaf buds. this male had the most striking colours in the beautiful spring sun.

Goldfinch - Carduelis Carduelis


Another shot from my Small Garden Birds in flight project, a Goldfinch this time, hoping to catch these in a mid air battlle!

Full frame shot I'm off for Kingfishers tomorrow it was today but too much rain thankfully got it changed :)

Another of the woodland birds at Millers Wood from my photoshoot last week.

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Flickr is driving me mad for months having issues logging in then today no delete edit or share grrrrrr !!!

This should be a short week with Thanksgiving to look forward to on Thursday. Hopefully, in between cooking and consuming, there should be a bit of time for painting.


The painting above is based on a photo reference, and I painted it using last week's techniques so that I can keep reinforcing the lessons I'm learning. I kept the scene a bit more simple than those done earlier to focus more emphasis on the goldfinch.


I'm not seeing many of these at my feeders these days. I suppose having 6 rollicking cats around doesn't make the birds feel welcome -- or safe. Makes me a little sad as I've enjoyed their company too. Maybe, once the kittens get older, we can all reach some kind of truce.


Have a good week!

Beautiful Goldfinch visiting my garden I'm very pleased he did!

I think I put him off his food ;-P


Taken earlier in the year at Miller's Woods in Sussex.


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Many thanks to all those who comment on my photo's and/or add them as favourites.

Goldfinch at Uphill, Weston Super Mare, South West England.

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