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This milk kheer recipe is the simplest and a classic dessert that is made with only 4 ingredients. The speciality of this kheer is no cashews, raisins or cardamom is needed, it tastes so divine and creamy with milk alone. Do try it for today's varamahalakshmi vrat, serve as a prasad ....

Palkova | Gokulashtami Recipes


Palkova is a delicious sweet made with milk and sugar. The most simplest sweet but a test for your patience. As most of you know Srivilliputhur in TamilNadu is famous for Palkova. It is said that milk is boiled with fire wood stoves and fed with some cashew nut shells. Do try this Palkova for this Gokulashtami and offer to Lord Krishna.

Aval Kesari or Poha Sheera is a sweet made with aval or flattened rice. Usually kesari is the most simplest and popular sweet prepared for almost all auspicious occasions throughout India. Only the name changes as Kesari bath in Kannada, Sheera in Marathi and Kesari in Tamil. Try this Aval kesari for this Gokulashtami / Janmashtami which falls on 25/08/2016 this Thurday and offer to Lord Krishna as Prasadham who is very fond of Aval.