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It's hard to see in this photo, but part of the tag is embellished with glitter to look like snow. It looks better in person probably.

Irene and I used the gocco for her wedding invites :)


We make a great team! :D

my first try of gocco screen print

available at my etsy shop

My first Gocco Print!!! Finally!!!

For more about them see my profile :)

Lines & Shapes Vol.3 gather


printsfor Lines and Shapes vol.3

things i made 17 of 10"x22" gocco


gocco | print | serigrafia | 2 screens, 5 colours | Fabriano paper

My latest gocco print.


A little fading on the right edge due to me trying to squeeze as much out of the screen as possible. Otherwise I'm pretty happy with the way this turned out.


You can read a little more about it here>

New! Limited Edition Gocco print in our shop


I liked it so much, I made a second edition in my current favourite combo of red & pale blue.


It's hard to say which I like best...but I LOVE this card stock, it's an eggshell colour with little blue & red flecks that looks just like a speckly egg.

nuevas serigrafias-invitaciones.

version 2!


gocco screenprint (scanned image)

gocco'd card and wrapping paper

This is a print from a gocco, a little japanese gadget that works magic

Durante este Salón del Cómic de Barcelona, tendré a la venta una serigrafía a tres tintas, en el espectacular tamaño de 50x35 (cm), profesionalmente realizada por el taller COLOR DELUX de Valencia, firmada y numerada (en una exclusiva tirada de 50 ejemplares) y que viene en una bonita carpeta de cartulina. Precio, sólo 40 €.


Además, y de forma excepcional, a los compradores del Saló, les regalaré una pequeña serigrafía Gocco, dos tintas, 10x15 (cm), realizada de manera artesanal por mí. De hecho, como se puede ver en la foto de más abajo, aún estoy en mitad del proceso (y eso que he empezado a las 5 de la madrugada).


Las serigrafías estarán en venta en el stand de Dibbuks desde mañana viernes a mediodía.

Y también estaré firmando personalmente allí, junto a Juan Berrio y Fermín Solís, el viernes a las 18:30 y el sábado a las 11:00.

This will be a gocco print soon...

i printed lots of these cards last week and then realised they have tiny ink dots all over them :-(

Gocco printed greeting card


I'm afraid these won't be available online as I plan *fingers crossed* to sell them in some local shops in Glasgow

New gocco print. The pink is hand painted in because I decided it looked a little plain after I was done.

i am so in love with the new toy!

larson loves illustrated animals, so we tried a monkey first! :D

This my favorite design of all my handmade Gocco notecards...

Close up of the print on glass.


Whilst printing on paper I thought I would try the print on a spare piece of glass I had to see how it would turn out. I like the shadow effect of the glass print, but the print is smudged slightly as the glass can't absorb the excess ink

mini gift tags. Jeremy printed and punched all of these. I designed them. :)

I know where my feathered friends have gone in their next lives.

New gocco print available here or email me at

new print, bison in brown & gold.


available on etsy

9 color gocco print on various papers

for more photos email ( or FM me

this is a sketch in illustrator. did the illustration for a while.

maybe i will try to print this. not too sure yet.

I participated in a swap recently and I finally got my package. Yay! This was my piece. The original art was done completely in Illustrator. I then turned the illo into the print you see here. This was inspired by some wonderful photos posted in the goldfish and koi flickr group .


Got some awesome prints in the swap. Was gonna upload a pic but both surlygrrrl and gerrijo already have them up here and here.


Can't wait to frame 'em :)

4 gocco screens

Pencil separations drawn with a light box then shrunk to 50% on a copier.

Hand-painted gocco print from an edition of 40. They're printed onto pages from a book from 1911...I think they're extra-lovely on the pages that have handwritten names on them.


I was so pleased at how crisp & fine the line work turned out. I made a test print before I started & I had to look really closely to tell the difference between the gocco print & the laser print I used to burn the screen. Argh...I love my gocco!!!

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