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EDM day 13: Toilet paper role. Oh , toilet paper roles....more than 1 ....I only drew 1....

Spotted on the canal bank. Chester sept 2019

Air roots of a Marsh Cypress

(These trees usually grow in swampy places, which are under water during certain periods of the year. The air roots, which are sticking out of the water, help to survive during heavy floods.)

Mrs. Krach picked up a new toy for Halloween ... gonna have some real fun with this.


Of course while she was out weeding in the garden, I had to get down real low with the 14mm lens here ... she was disturbed as all she saw was by butt sticking out of her garden ;)


Captured at f/16 and then added in some blur with Photoshop.


Also took this capture at f/1.8 ... that one turned out pretty neat too and may post that version too.


This poor gnome has been the first casualty of T-Rex ...

Step into a world of magic!

Ha Ha Ha Hee Hee Hee, I'm the laughing gnome and you can't catch me!

You can never be too old for Halloween ... dear old Dad here dressed up as a garden gnome :)


Captured by bouncing the flash and CTO gel giving some warm fill light against the blue hour sky.

Because I love gnomes.

Amsterdam - Ceintuurbaan.

The house with the gnomes / hobgoblins.


The "Huis met de Kabouters" is a 19th-century building, so named because the facade is decorated with two figures of gnomes.

The richly ornate building dates to 1884. It was designed by A.C. Boerma in a mix of architectural styles.

The gnomes along the edge of the roof, each measuring two and half metres in height, appear to be tossing a ball back and forth. According to local legend, the ball switches hands from one gnome to the other at midnight daily.


Het is niet bekend waar de kabouters symbool voor staan; er worden verschillende verklaringen voor gegeven. Mogelijk representeren ze de twee aannemers die samen aan het gebouw werkten, of symboliseren ze de opdrachtgever, die Van Ballegooijen heette (Wikipedia).

I was in the garden with my camera when I caught this gnome making off with a bouquet. You never know when a camera will come in handy. 😲

At last the long wait is over. The much anticipated HBO series Game of Gnomes returns tonight and we will finally find out.....What?.....Game of Thrones?.....Never mind.....


Curiosity got the better of her and she decided to in for a peek. In the blink of an eye, the little adventurer was gone and never returned. I searched high and lo , but as it turns out this door was an entrance only. There does exist a matching door in another land and it is the only exit. I wonder what kind of journey she will take and when we will see her again... I sure will miss her.

But I am certain she will show up on our flickr streams again someday, in an enchanting world far away from here.


Door inspired by the keeper of the matching door. :)

The "Mushroom Houses" of Charlevoix, Michigan are an amazing collection of unique homes designed and built from 1918-1975, by self-taught architect Earl Young. The homes, also nicknamed "Gnome Homes", are constructed of local materials like limestone, boulders, and field stone, with cedar shake roofs. They are designed to blend into the landscape. Young built 26 of these homes, and four commercial buildings in Charlevoix.


This house, and other Mushroom Houses, are on Park Street, built with a view of Lake Michigan.

Taken in a park by the lake (Lake Charlevoix) in Boyne City, Michigan.


This guy really wants to get together with Gnorman and see what trouble they can get into.

It has been unseasonably warm, so Fionna and I went for a walk. We came upon this strange little door and she was sure she heard tiny voices coming from inside.


A set of garden gnomes with a twist. I tried to visually infuse a more "common" and humorous real family character. Mom & dad's little secrets - and teen rebellion. These will launch on Nov 5th round of The Mens Department.

A clay gnome by a local member of the Southern Arizona Clay Artists.

Vandaele M © 2015

Please do not use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my written permission.

I realy liked this little garden:-)

This one is taken last year at the event "Bloem en Tuin" at Nuenen near Eindhoven. This is the largest outdoor event in the Benelux countries. This year you can visit this till 21 july:-)



Lovely knit gnome hat and Miss_Modular, neuart

So here is a something a bit more quirky from me. The current lockdown is having a prefound effect on everyone right now and a part of my life that is effected now is the ability to head out and capture a sunrise or sunset which in the grand scheme of things is nothing. So I am turning my hand to capturing different things and this is my garden gnome standing on the lawn which I took using Tamron 24-70mm 2.8 lens. So stay safe everyone things will hopefully get back to normal soon.

I love gnome!!!!

Medievel Faire, Cashmere, WA


Part of a huge number of mushrooms that were growing in a "required tree" area in a Houston parking lot. Just happened to have a camera in the car and took advantage of the opportunity. We're actually getting rain in Houston and perhaps this may become a very common sight again.

San Marino, California

smile on Saturday hair style

Imaginext figure from the Series 6 blind bags. His accessories are the gnome mask, mushroom shield and a scythe. I found him at Target.

Saw these in the garden centre of a Waitrose supermarket. I like garden ornaments, but not really Gnomes.

2.5" tall to make..needed to break the mold of collage for a bit!~

A present bought for my mothers birthday. She likes to knit and my old man likes to laze around all day. I sent this picture to my sister who said they will kill me. Social distancing has its advantages

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