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Sonnenaufgang am Thielenburger See, in Dannenberg (Elbe). HDR (Photomatix) mit dem Gimp Plug-in G`MIC nachbearbeitet (Dream Smoothing Filter).

An experimental piece. Painterly effects by G'mic

Spotted this lonely bench in the corner of a park,fighting a losing battle against the undergrowth.

Aufgenommen in Lüneburg, bearbeitet mit den Filtern "Dream Smoothing" und "Rodilius", aus dem Gimp Plug-in "G`MIC".

The River Elbe and the Town Hitzacker, in Lower Saxony, Germany.


Sonnenuntergang an der Elbe, bei Hitzacker (Niedersachsen).


Tonemapped with Photomatix, edited with Photoscape, Paint.Net, Zoner Photo Studio Pro and the Filter "Rodilius" from the Gimp Plug-in G`MIC.

Agave parryi with scoria. Painterly effects by G'mic.

Vantaankoski near Haltiala manor. I took this at a family outing characterized by mud. It was late in to the autumn and ground is mostly clay that was well softened by rain and previous walkers and some cyclists.


Treatment I used here is not unfortunately entirely reproducible. I had generated a smallish bug to Dream Smoothing filter which I noticed while doing this image. Most of the image is smoothed with the buggy filter now fixed.


A word of warning. Pretty much everything in the photo is faked so do not visit the site based on this view. You would be sorely disappointed.



Samyang 8 mm fisheye. Three brackets -4,-2 and 0 EV. 0 EV bracet was taken at ISO 400 1/8 sec.


This photo is Creative Commons licensed so you can distribute it freely and you may use it for any noncommercial purpose. CC license also means that you may not use, distribute, abuse or steal this image under any such license that you pay of, namely you may not use or distribute this image under Finnish Copyright Groups Digilupa or corresponding license.



Oscar settling down with a nice stick.

Haven't posted a dog photo for a while so I thought it was high time I did.

East Helgor philosopher Jarkko Tourunen had no Wealth and some considered him poor even by Helgor standards. Jarkko himself never took any heed of the critics. However a story goes around that once Jarkko answered to one leaving from the East Helgor with whispered words


"What you perceive as dark and grim I perceive as light. What you perceive as sharp and spiky I perceive as soft as cotton. The Wealth you seek is only a chain for me and the Envy that burns you and forces you to leave is serenity for me"



Please distribute this image freely under attached Creative Commons license. You may not use, abuse or distribute this image under any such license that you pay of, namely you may not use or distribute this image under Finnish Copyright Groups Digilupa or corresponding license. Also please consider while reading and distributing that there is no Helgor and all references to real people or white lions are purely coincidental.


Litlle pond (lea) in Jasebeck, near the River Elbe, in the nature Park Elbe Shire, in Lower Saxony, Germany.

HDR from five exposures, tonemapped with Photomatix, edited with Photoscape, Zoner Photo Studio 16 Pro and the Filters "Rodilius" and "Dream Smoothing Filter" from the Gimp Plug-in G`MIC.


Auenlandschaft bei Jasebeck im Naturpark Elbtalauen, im Landkreis Lüchow - Dannenberg, in Niedersachsen.

HDR aus fünf Belichtungen, bearbeitet mit : Photomatix, Photoscape, Zoner Photo Studio 16 Pro und den Filtern "Rodilius" und "Dream Smoothing Filter" aus dem Gimp Plug-in G`MIC.


A stream in the Hilo Botanical Garden on the Island of Hawai'i. Painterly effects by G'mic

A creek perspective. Painterly effects by G'mic

A long forgotten beer bottle I came across whilst out walking.

Canon 600d

kit lens

Edits in Dark table, GIMP, gmic. Open source ;)

Sliders Sunday ... HSS! Fiddling around with colours, saturation, some HDR and, a little Droste effect ..!

Many years ago, it was in the family. Painterly effects by G'mic

The Palace of Westminster, London.


The Parliament of the United Kingdom.

Seen from London's Lambeth Bridge.


Para el grupo: La vuelta al mundo

Tema de marzo 2010: Minimalismo

Took a trip out today to the "Beach" near Esch sur Sûre,not the best weather but it always has the best scenery.

Elbhochwasser, am 15. Juni 2013, bei Hitzacker. Einzelaufnahme mit Tonemapping (Photomatix).

Der "Ölfilter Effekt" stammt aus dem Gimp Plug-in G`MIC.


Hitzacker, Lower Saxony, Germany, on June 15, 2013.

Indulging my inner Fauve. Painterly effects by G'mic

Super-Takumar 28mm 3.5

m42 adapter

Canon eos 600d


edits in gimp gmic,

open source ;)


slight colour shift?

A cartoon-like take on Autumn roots and leaves. It really is best viewed fullscreen to see the full effect. For comparison the original image can be found here.


I expect I'll be in 'purist'-trouble with this one! My only defence is that this style of image has been on my wishlist for a while and I shot the original image with this transformation in mind. I am quite made up with the final results which remind me of an image out of a cartoon. From what I have seen woodland is a particularly good partner to this technique.


Of course all the credit for the image goes to the G'MIC plugin for GIMP which has been kindly packaged up by Partha. I simply exported from Lightroom, uploaded to GIMP and then used the default settings on the GMIC dream-smoothing filter. Similar effects can be generated in Photoshop with the oil paint filter. The image resolution was 2048x1365 pixels which does affect results. The maths and image processing techniques driving the transformation must be pretty fascinating.



Canon EOS 5D Mark II

EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM@28 mm

0.8 sec at f/8.0



Now also posting on 500px.

History of Helgor remembers the fisher Simo Aerikkainen as the Wealthiest fisher of all times. Aerikkainen had excellent grasp of Wealth and on the barren shores of the Helgor he was able to raise a fortune even with a traditionally low profit industry. Aerikkainen had the boulders moved a few meters from the shore to create a rudimentary breakwater and listed the construction site to the books of his Fishing company as capital. With he's company now capitalized Aerikkainen acquired Wealth in the name of the company which he used to buy futures from near by fishers.


By packing the futures from the actual fishers to the futures of he's own company Aerikkainen created a new investment instrument which was at the time was complimented of it's excellent safety. Was it not tied on to the future fish catch but also to the actual infrastructure of the fishing industry while showing real promise of growth through the start up company of Aerikkainen. Eager investors flocked to the new investment instrument.


After three years of constant exponential rise the Fish industry bubble collapsed with the mysterious publishing of this image of the harbour of Aerikainen. Since the harbour and capital it represented was the bases of the Fish futures the investors tried to salvage what they could. At the time of the crash the amount of Fish futures represented 63 times the fish stock of the world seas. Within three months the actual fish stock from the near by sea was totally depleted when fishers trying to avoid bankruptcy desperately tried to meet their commitments.


While the company of Aerikkainen had invested heavily on the fish futures Aerikkainen was the only one who had personally used Fish Default Swaps (FDS) against the constant market rise. While rest of the Helgor was cleaning the rotting and smelling piles of fish from the piers, Aerikkainen moved to the Mediterranean to enjoy the fortune he made. Even this day the waters remain empty and the environment has not recovered.



This photo is Creative Commons licensed. You may distribute it freely for any noncommercial purpose but please attribute the author. You may not use, abuse or distribute this image under any such license that you pay of, namely you may not use or distribute this image under Finnish Copyright Groups Digilupa or corresponding license. Also please understand that the story attached is just a story and it has no relation to real persons, investment bubbles or credit crises.


As inspired by JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings....

Kookoo's Nest, Dumaguete, Philippines

I think the bridge is out ... Painterly effects by G'mic

Canon 600d

contax/yashica to eos adapter

Carl zeiss planar 50mm f1.7

gmic filter + grain

A Great Northern City and Port

This is an older picture of Raven Wings that has been taken on October, the 24th 2014. It has been edited with G'Mic and Gimp. Please notice the floating muffin. Raven has magic levitation powers...


The excellent results of Raven's Friday photoshoot can be viewed here: friday night.. and here later friday....


Press L to see the big picture.

Sky from

HDR effect via GMIC Dodge Sketch as a soft light layer, with GMIC Mighty Details thrown in too.

Another beautiful day at the Nashville Zoo! painterly effects by G'mic.


Organ Loft of Chester Cathedral

Manny just won!. Alcoy Beach, Cebu, Philippines. HDR and orton. We stayed here for Holy Week.

A captured moment at Newcastle Upon Tyne's Central Railway Station.

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