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"A" mountain sunset

kids hiking down the mountain with glowsticks

tempe, az

Explored on 8/28/09 #32

The ornimental grass is beautifully illuminated by the setting sun.

Glowstick wall with Tiws and Sofles

I had so much fun with this image


long exposure using a glowstick

glowsticks dancing with a laser pen.

Mais um orly lindo *_________*

Veio da Ci tbm <3

Só que minha vida de escrava do lar acabou com ele =// ai pra aguentar mais uns dois dias passei esse lindo da Kelly que já etava fazendo aniversario aqui hahahah acho ele lindo demais, só os corações branco que foram plantados ai hahahahhaha :D

Por hje é só :) a proxima unha vai ser um adesivo bem lindooooooooooooo *___________*

beijoooo genteeeeeeee :*

This time, I caught the motion I was aiming for. Unexpectedly, in person the spinning green ring looked like a solid sphere. When photographed under a long exposure, though, I think that the wobble became more evident.

Sirynges full of glowstick juice sitting in a glass of syrup. Not quite what I was trying for, needed more light from front and the red flash is off centre. I shot 2 of these, it should've worked out somewhere in between. Heres the other one; Bad medicine #1


For this one I had 1 flash underneath plexi and one slightly below and behind, both ahd a bit

more power than the last shot.


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I was just fooling around with the bicycle again and I noticed that someone had overturned my stock of glowsticks, breaking a few of them.


Well, lemons->lemonade. I wove these things between the spokes of the bicycle wheel and set them spinning. This simple long exposure technique led to pretty cool photo in my own opinion.

Far-fetched? Well, if it wasn't for our dreams we would only get as far as our car or legs would take us and I don't know about the rest of you.....but I would like to travel a bit farther than that.


P.S. My family left me this is what happens when I am left alone!

The final picture of this series. Feel free to share your opinion, advices, impressions & etc.


- Camera phone upload powered by ShoZu

Another long exposure of a glowstick. For this one, I was trying to capture the motion of the glowstick spinning in place. It was harder than expected as the glowstick wandered all over the table while spinning. One of the exposures, though, captured the final stages of deceleration and I thought that it looked really cool.

A cart full of glow sticks distorted.


- Camera phone upload powered by ShoZu

Does this fistful of glowsticks make me look gay?

Long bend glowstick on a turntable...


Tripod & darkness - ISO100 - 30 sec - f/4 - 17mm... (remote trigger)

Here some experiments with glowsticks, a few photos will continue soon

...he doesnt discriminate

long exposure

Straight out of the Camera

No Photoshop

I was going for a heart.

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